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Japanese name generator

O Japan, you wonderful and magnificent country. I bet you’re a big fan of Japan and Japanese, right? I surely am. The sound of this foreign language is just something extraordinary. And Japanese people have beautiful names too!

Do you want your very own and unique Japanese name? Then you’ve come to the right spot. Take this quiz to find out what your name as a Japanese would be!

I will only take you 10 questions to find your Japanese name!

This quiz features handpicked Japanese names. If you prefer random and personalised ones, you should definitely check out our brand new Japanese Name Generator!

Japanese names

Japanese names often have a lot of meaning. Because of that, Japanese names are usually written in Kanji, which are Chinese letters with a lot of symbolism. But since you probably can’t read those, we’ll use Romaji (the Latin alphabet) instead.

This generator will provide you with a Japanese prename and a Japanese surname. But bear in mind that in Japan, you usually say the surname first and then the prename. We’ve ignored that rule for your convenience. So if you want to stay true, just change the order of your newly received name!

Name generator

Name generators are fun, aren’t they? If you enjoy this one, I’m pretty sure you’ll also love our other name generators as well! Go check them out!

Which gender do you identify as?

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. Queer

Which gender should your name reflect?

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. None
  4. I don't care

Which season are you born in?

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Autumn
  4. Winter

Which Japanese regions do you like most?

  1. Hokkaidō
  2. Tōhoku
  3. Kantō
  4. Chūbu
  5. Kansai
  6. Chūgoku
  7. Shikoku
  8. Kyūshū

What is the best thing about Japan?

  1. The cities
  2. The country
  3. The people and their culture
  4. The food
  5. Anime!
  6. Everything!

Pick one.

Of the following, what is your biggest fear?

  1. Spiders
  2. Falling
  3. Darkness
  4. Enclosed spaces

Of the following, which Japanese dish is your favorite?

Which of the following is most important to you?

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. My pets
  4. All


  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Stars
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  1. Arashi Sato

  2. Daihachi Tanaka

  3. Eiji Ito

  4. Futoshi Yamamoto

  5. Genjirō Watanabe

  6. Goro Goto

  7. Gota Yamada

  8. Hideo Yamaguchi

  9. Hideki Matsumoto

  10. Kagemori Kimura

  11. Keiji Takahashi

  12. Jin'ichi Kondo

  13. Noboru Ishii

  14. Noriaki Mori

  15. Reiji Abe

  16. Ryu Ikeda

  17. Taichi Fujita

  18. Takeshi Yamashita

  19. Wataru Okada

  20. Yoshimitsu Kobayashi

  21. Akane Sato

  22. Asuna Tanaka

  23. Emi Ito

  24. Eri Yamamoto

  25. Fukumi Watanabe

  26. Hanako Goto

  27. Hatsumi Yamada

  28. Hitomi Yamaguchi

  29. Itsumi Matsumoto

  30. Mariko Kimura

  31. Megumi Takahashi

  32. Mei Kondo

  33. Mimori Ishii

  34. Natsume Mori

  35. Ran Abe

  36. Kimiko Ikeda

  37. Sakura Fujita

  38. Tamiko Yamashita

  39. Yumie Okada

  40. Yuri Kobayashi

  41. Aki Sato

  42. Chihiro Tanaka

  43. Haru Ito

  44. Hatsu Yamamoto

  45. Hinata Watanabe

  46. Ibuki Goto

  47. Yoshi Yamada

  48. Itsuki Yamaguchi

  49. Kagami Matsumoto

  50. Kaoru Kimura

  51. Midori Takahashi

  52. Misao Kondo

  53. Nagisa Ishii

  54. Natsuo Mori

  55. Rei Abe

  56. Ren Ikeda

  57. Ryō Fujita

  58. Shigeri Yamashita

  59. Takemi Okada

  60. Tsubasa Kobayashi

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