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You can't be a true rapper without a proper name! Get your rap name here!

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Rap name generator

Every upcoming rapper needs a good name – a name that reflects their very essence. Or not. Actually, most rappers have quite simple, sometimes even weird names. This Rap name generator will give you what you’re looking for! Redo the quiz for more great rap names!

How to come up with a rap name

Coming up with a rap name can be quite tricky, but it doesn’t have to. But we have some advice that might get you on track: - Use an adjective that describes you - Use a part of your name; maybe just a single syllable, and create a pun with it - Think of something you really like, be it something to eat, an animal, whatever - Or simply take this quiz!

Random rap name generator

This Rap name generator isn’t completely random since it’s a quiz. But of course, it’s possible to get random results. To achieve that, just tick the answers however you want. Well, that was simple, right? And because this quiz – as opposed to other online rap name generator quizzes – has a ton of results, you’ll definitely find something you like!

How to become a rapper

The best way of becoming a rapper is by practicing and creating an individual sound. A good way of writing compelling lyrics is to analyze the classics – and I mean rap classics and lyricists! If you learn the poetic rules, you’ll have a much easier time writing great rap songs! Keep at it and write a lot.

After your first few gigs, you could start working on your online appearance. Record your first demo tracks and start marketing. You can do it!

Name generator

Name generators are always great fun. Even if you don’t want to become a rapper, you can have a really good time with this fun quiz!

Which gender do you identify as?

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. Queer

Which gender should your rap name reflect?

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. None
  4. I don’t care

Which of the following rappers would you love to do a rap battle with?

  1. Eminem
  2. Jay-Z
  3. Drake
  4. Kanye West
  5. Lil Wayne
  6. Lil Dicky

What would you rap about?

  1. Sex
  2. Success
  3. Regular stuff
  4. Love
  5. Social issues
  6. Whatever I want

What's your favorite food?

  1. All of the above

If you were a rapper, what would be your second occupation?

  1. Actor
  2. Dancer
  3. Gangster
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. DJ
  6. None of the above

What are you most proud of?

  1. My background
  2. My body
  3. My personality
  4. My wallet
  5. My skills
  6. Nothing

How do you respond to problems?

  1. I get mad
  2. I stay calm
  3. It depends

How skinny are you?

  1. Absolutely not skinny
  2. Average
  3. Very Skinny

How tall are you?

  1. Tall
  2. Average
  3. Small
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  1. Big Randy-O

  2. Lil Andy Andy

  3. Iron Pump

  4. Wally Wallet

  5. Lanky H8

  6. King Dirt

  7. Lovely Lou

  8. Fat Fred

  9. Tall Wall

  10. Averick

  11. Big Susi-Sue

  12. Lil Lulu

  13. Tread Milly

  14. Cashley

  15. Skinny K8-E

  16. Queen Dust

  17. Love Lee

  18. Frida Fero

  19. Great A

  20. AV-Ridge

  21. Great Bear

  22. Lil Hamster

  23. Jump Rope

  24. D-Dough

  25. Skinny The Gr8

  26. Dirty 30

  27. G-Love

  28. Chubby Chub-Chub

  29. Giant G

  30. AV-Rage

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