Genshin Impact: Which girl is your soulmate?

Genshin Impact features a lot of potential waifus. But which girl is your true soulmate? There is only one way of finding out! Take this quiz now!

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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action roleplaying game developed and published by miHoyo. In Genshin Impact, you control many characters in a fantastic world full of magic and great characters. Its art style resembles The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in many ways with its vibrant colors and cell-shading. So it’s just gorgeous!

If you’re in love with anime and breath-taking characters, you’re in for a treat when playing Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact female characters

Genshin Impact has many characters, as already mentioned. But especially the female characters are just eye-candy! Take this quiz now to find out which of the many Genshin Impact girls makes your soulmate and be your perfect waifu!

Which character is your Genshin Impact waifu?

By taking this quiz, you’ll find out which female character of Genshin Impact has the biggest potential of being your waifu (or even main in the game?)!

Will it be your favorite or is it a hidden gem you didn’t expect? There is only one way of finding out: Take the Genshin Impact: Which girl is your soulmate? quiz right now!

And don’t forget to share your result with all your friends to make them jealous! UwU

What is a waifu?

You don’t know what a waifu is? Okay, let me explain it to you.

Waifu is a term used for fictional characters, more often than not from anime or manga (or video-games with the same aesthetic), which someone has great affection for. Sometimes even romantic affection, to be precise!

Find your girlfriend now!

Genshin Impact is full of characters with girlfriend potential, so don’t hesitate any longer and find out which character is most suited of becoming your future significant other!

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Your girlfriend is in tears. How do you try to console her?

  1. I passionately kiss her and tell her that everything will be okay.
  2. I hug her and press her against my chest.
  3. I go to the kitchen and cook her favorite dish.
  4. I tuck her in, turn on the TV and snuggle her.
  5. I have no idea.

How tall do you like girls?

  1. Smaller than average.
  2. Average.
  3. Taller than average.
  4. I don't care.

How would your mother describe you?

  1. Disappointing
  2. Creative
  3. Funny
  4. Handsome
  5. Intelligent

In Genshin Impact, there are several elements. But which of the classic 4 do you like most?

  1. Water
  2. Earth
  3. Fire
  4. Wind
  5. 🤷‍♂️
    I don't care.

Which hair color do you find most attractive?

  1. Blond
  2. Brown
  3. Red
  4. Black
  5. I don't care.

Which of these words sounds best?

  1. Clandestine
  2. Petrichor
  3. Sumptuous
  4. Lassitude
  5. Blizzard

Which season is the worst?

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Fall
  4. Winter

Describe your soulmate with one word.

  1. Beautiful
  2. Intelligent
  3. Funny
  4. Creative
  5. Athletic

Love is often about luck, so pick your lucky number.

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 4
  6. 5
  7. 6
  8. 7
  9. 8
  10. 9

Pick your perfect date.

  1. Picknick in the park
  2. Hiking
  3. Fancy dinner
  4. Netflix and chill
  5. Going to the amusement park

If your soulmate had a theme song, how would it sound like?

  1. Childish
  2. Weird
  3. Upbeat
  4. Soothing
  5. Majestic

Everybody has at least one bad trait. Which one would be most prominent in your girlfriend?

  1. She can be quite explosive.
  2. She is a little bit lazy.
  3. She can be quite rude.
  4. She is really bad with money.
  5. She creeps me out sometimes.
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  1. Amber

    Your soulmate is Amber!

    She's perky, straightforward, and always ready for a challenge. She's very passionate about everything she does.

  2. Klee

    You pervert!

    Klee is an outgoing and playful girl. But she's also very destructive, and energetic since she's still a child.

    Yes, she's still a child so wait another 10 years before making her your waifu!

  3. Mona

    Your soulmate is Mona!

    She's very skillful and proud, mysterious and intelligent. She's very picky when it comes to eating and with which people she spends time. She's also not good with money.

  4. Lisa

    Your soulmate is Lisa!

    She's a very intellectual and charming woman. Lisa loves to take naps but still has everything under control. But she's also very flirtatious, so keep an eye on her!

  5. Rosaria

    Your soulmate is Rosaria!

    Rosaria is a very unusual person with a cold manner. She can be unpredictable and secretive. So she is a very challenging waifu, but I bet you're in for this challenge!

  6. Ningguang

    Your soulmate is Ningguang!

    She's a very elegant and mysterious woman that works very hard to achieve what she wants. Ningguang is pretty witty but also quite ruthless.

  7. Beidou

    Your soulmate is Beidou!

    Beidou is a powerful woman that needs a strong person by her side. But not particularly strong in terms of physical strength. She's a reliable girlfriend that loves to travel but also breaks the rules often. She loves to eat hearty meals; keep that in mind!

  8. Jean

    Your soulmate is Jean!

    Jean is devoted to her duties and guards those she loves with everything she's got. She's extremely busy, so she needs a person with enough hobbies. But she also tends to exhaust herself, so maybe you could be her bastion of calm.

  9. Hu Tao

    Your soulmate is Hu Tao!

    Hu Tao is a quirky and cheerful girl that loves to prank others. With her humor, it's easy for her to win someone's heart. She loves spooky stuff a lot and hates just to sit around. You have to be a bit outgoing for her!

  10. Xinyan

    Your soulmate is Xinyan!

    Xinyan has a fiery personality and loves to stand out. Some people find her a little bit weird or even terrifying. She loves loud and heavy music and trained herself how to play. She is very supportive of others, especially if they have the same interests as her.

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