Your favorite weekday reveals who you are! What's yours?

Everyone has their own weekday. Find out what yours can tell about you!

Every day of the week has its very own personality. Which weekday is most like you? Find out now!

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A week has seven different days. *“Wow, what news that is!”," you may be thinking. But what you didn’t know is that each day of the week has its own unique characteristics and personality.

What your favorite day of the week reveals about you.

Did you know that your favorite day of the week can reveal a lot about you? But more than that, every person resembles a day of the week in a very special way!

Take this quiz to find out which day of the week is most like you and what that says about your personality! Are you like Monday – dutiful and ambitious? Or are you more of a Sunday person?

There’s only one way to find out: Take the quiz now!

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