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Sweet Potato Puns

Sweet potatoes are awesome as snacks. On the other hand, sweet potato puns are awesome wordplays that will make you laugh! With sweet potato puns, you’re not only talking about taste, talking about sweet acts that can also make people swoon!

Check out the sweet potato puns below to understand what we mean! Enjoy our collection of potato jokes!

1. A potato gave a gift to his girlfriend. She said, “Aww, why are you so sweet?” He said, “It’s just the way I yam.”

If only all guys were as naturally sweet as sweet potatoes!

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2. Did you hear about the sweet potato truck that crashed on the interstate? It caused a huge traffic yam.

How do people explain that to their boss when they come in late to work?

3. An hour before 5 in the morning is the best time to cook a sweet potato. Because it’s For a Yam!

4 AM is potato clock! But if you want to, go ahead!

4. I yam always very happy to eat sweet potatoes.

There’s just something about carbs that makes me so happy! A load of potatoes for everyone!

5. Did you hear about the guy who stole all the yams? He was sentenced to eternal yammnation.

Does that mean he’ll only be eating yams in hell?

6. What do you call yams that are nice to everyone? Sweet potatoes.

They’re total sweeties! I bet they are the kings of the potato farm!

7. What do you call a first aid vehicle made out of potatoes? A yambulance.

Why would a first-aid vehicle be made of yams?!

8. What do you call a yam with a broom? A sweep potato.

It’s nice that it’s being useful!

9. What kind of potato do you want to take home to your parents? A sweet potato.

You’ve got this! Your mother potato and father potato will love the sweet one!

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10. Why does everyone love sweet potatoes? They’re yammy.

Yes, they are! Just put them in some hot water.

11. What’s a sweet potato’s favorite horror film? Silence of the Yams.

Who knew yams can be so terrifying?

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12. The sweet potato came to make yam-ends.

When you’re at fault, you should know how to say sorry and make amends!

👉 Did some of these sweet potato puns make you feel like you were solving riddles? Figuring out the punchline makes it funnier! Try out any of these riddles and see how hard you can make people laugh or groan!

Potato Puns Love

Anyone who loves food puns will appreciate clever potato puns love. It’s like combining your love for potatoes and romance! If you want to make someone feel as if they’re like melted butter over hot potatoes, win them over with any of these potato love puns! Enjoy these funny potato jokes!

1. I love you a tot, you attractive potato!

You should say I love you a lot more! Especially to your potato head!

2. I miss you! I’ll see you tater!

I can’t wait to see you later! You’re my favorite of the potato factory!

3. My love for you sprouts more and more every day!

Just like how potatoes grow! This saying destroys any bad mood!

4. We’re a perfect mash.

I can’t believe we both like mashed potatoes! We must be a match made in potato heaven!

5. You’re the tater to my tot. I miss you a lot!

One can’t be without the other. That’s how we are!

6. The potato told his girlfriend that she’s his lucky starch!

I want to find someone that feels like my lucky star!

7. Roses are red, potatoes are brown. You are my favorite spud in the whole town!

Do you think I’m a stud? Glad to know I’m the spud for you!

8. The potato said time fries when you’re having fun!

This is how I feel when I’m with you! Time flies by so fast!

9. The potato had so many peelings when it was dating.

You can’t avoid having feelings when you like someone!

10. The regular potato wanted to wear mashing outfits with its partner.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s cute to wear matching outfits!

11. If you were a potato, you’d be a sweet one.

High five! Who wouldn’t want to be told they’re like your beloved potato dish?

12. What did the potato lover say when he saw his girlfriend in a sexy outfit? You’re just like potato salad because you’re making my mouth water!

That is so cheesy! Hope the girlfriend likes it!

13. Be a pouch potato with me!

That’s a lovely but powerful potato joke. Maybe it was even written by Edgar Allen Poe-Tato?

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Potato Chip Puns

Even though potato chips are considered junk food, many people still love them which is why there are so many potato chip puns! Who knew jokes and puns about potato chips can be so hilarious?

Grab your favorite potato chips while reading this bunch of potato puns!

1. What do you get when it rains potatoes? Spuddles.

Why does this make me think of all the french fries I can make?

2. What do potato chips yell out when they’re celebrating? Chip, chip. Hurray!

I want to try this too while I’m eating chips!

3. Did you hear about the spud that started practicing Buddhism? He became a chip-monk.

That’s for the Buddhist potatoes!

4. Don’t be such a chip-skate.

How can you be so cheap that you don’t won’t buy potato chips for your friends?

5. My friend has a job at the potato chip factory. He’s a Lay-borer.

What do you call someone who has a job at a Pringles factory?

6. What do you call a judgemental potato chip? A shallow fry!

I don’t care if they’re judgmental! At least potato chips are great for snacking!

7. What do you call a millennial who eats potato chips? A chipster!

Just think of hipsters eating potato chips!

8. I bought the potato at a chip price.

Hope it still tasted good even if it was cheap!

9. What did the computer need to run the gardening app? A potato chip.

Lol! A cute, amorous potato chip.

10. “I value our friendchip”, said the Pringles potato chip to the Lays potato chip.

I value my friends and my stash of potato chips too!

11. Let ’er rip tater chip!

That’s what you say when you know your potato chips smell a little weird but you’ll open the bag anyway.

12. Ruffles may have ridges, but everyone loves a good Lay.

Are we still talking about potato chips?

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Funny Potato Puns

Potatoes are great material for jokes. Just think about the whole debate of pronouncing it as potayto or potahto. It doesn’t really matter, but it’s still hilarious if you think too much about it. If you’re looking for food puns to make people laugh, funny potato puns are perfect because everyone loves potatoes!

1. Why do potatoes make good detectives? Because they keep their eyes peeled.

They’re always on the lookout! That’s bad news for all the criminals and killers of potatoes!

2. What do you call a baby potato? Tater tots!

If toddlers are tots, it only makes sense that there are tater tots!

3. What’s a potato’s favorite TV show? Starch Trek.

This movie is about going on a trek to find potatoes you have never seen before!

4. What does a potato say on a sunny morning? What a mashing day!

I love smashing days myself too!

5. What do you call a stolen yam? A hot potato.

Careful! You might get burned when you touch a hot potato!

6. What do you call a potato at a football game? A spec-tater.

Spec-taters can get unruly sometimes too!

7. What do you call a potato that’s reluctant to jump into boiling water? A hesi-tater.

I would hesitate to jump into boiling water too. It’s called your survival instinct kicking in!

8. What do you call a potato that smokes weed? A baked potato.

The baked potato didn’t even know what was going on.

9. Did you hear about the potato that got its head chopped off? It was decap-potatoed.

Why is this news? This happens to most potatoes.

10. What do you call a lazy spud? A couch potato.

You know this doesn’t apply to potatoes only. You can also call people couch potatoes!

11. What do you call a baby potato? Small fry.

What a cute small fry! That’s what I’m going to write in the comments next time a friend with a cute baby posts a picture on Instagram.

12. How was your day? It was a total disas-tater.

It’s okay. Everyone has bad days sometimes.

13. Do you know the difference between pea soup and mashed potatoes? You can mash potatoes but you can not pea soup.

Well, that joke is for you, you average potato.

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