Earth Day Quiz for Kids 🌍 How well do you know our planet?

Earth Day Quiz for Kids

How much do you know about our planet? Will you be able to answer everything correctly? Find out with this amazing quiz!

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Earth Day quiz for kids

This Earth Day quiz is a great way for kids to test their knowledge about our planet, the environment, climate change, and pollution!

Find out how much you know! I’m sure you will learn something new! At the end of this quiz, you’ll get the answer to every question.

What is Earth Day, and when is it?

Earth Day is an annual event held every year on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It is now over 50 years old, as it was first celebrated in 1970!

The date of April 22 was selected because it was convenient for students, the primary target demographic of the original Earth Day, to participate because it was in between Spring Break and Final Exams in the United States.

Think you’re an Earth Day expert? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

Earth Day activities for kids

You can do a lot to help your kid understand what Earth Day is about. You can also do fun activities, so your child learns to respect and appreciate mother nature, animals, and plants alike.

Find your green thumb: Take this quiz now!

Fun activities could be:

Earth fun facts for kids

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Embark on a cosmic adventure: Discover your true planet with our quiz

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Let’s see how much more do you know about the Earth by taking this amazing quiz!

Make everyday an Earth Day, Earthlings!

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