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Parties are sometimes planned around a certain color scheme that’s usually a celebrant’s favorite color or a certain color palette that works for the party you’re trying to plan. Some people might opt to choose intricate and complex party themes but the good old theme colors are still in after all these years! So don’t you ever think that an all-pink or all-white party is ever out of style.

What is a Black and White Party?

A Black and White Party is a party wherein the decorations are all black or white and the guests are also instructed to wear their best black and white outfits to keep up with the theme. Among all the colors used as themes for parties, the most classic and timeless will forever be either or both black and white.

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In the olden days, there were lots of negative events associated with black and white. In our modern times, gone are the archaic connotations and superstitions about black and white. With black for elegance and white for simplicity, you won’t ever have to second-guess these two colors.

Best Black and White Party Decorations

The most important element of any black and white party are the decorations that’ll make or break the theme of the party. Keeping up with the theme of your black and white party will be tough, especially when your venue has a lot of multicolored items or wallpaper. Nevertheless, you gotta work with what you got so you need decorations that’ll make your venue exude that black and white vibe!

Here are some of the best-selling Black and White decorations from Amazon:

1. Black and White Paper Decorations

Available on

Creating decorations out of papers like flowers, garlands, tassels, banners and pompoms might sound and look easy to make but why would you hassle yourself when you can purchase them, save time and be assured that the results will be fantastic? Check out this Black and White Paper Decoration Set from Amazon:

This decor set comes with various pieces of black and white paper fans that you can simply open and hang up in your venue. It also comes with banners, garlands and pompoms that are pre-strung and just need some simple assembly in order for you to use. Of course, black and white latex balloons with ribbon ties complete this set.

2. Black and White Unisex Birthday Decorations

Available on

Turn any birthday party into a black and white party that the guests will never forget because of the awesome and well-picked decorations that compose this set. The natural palette is going to be perfect for both genders, so you don’t ever have to worry! Check out this Black and White Unisex Birthday Decoration Set from Amazon:

This decor set comes with a premium quality Happy Birthday banner, black and white latex balloons with some balloons that also have foil inside them, a very stylish silver-black foil fringe curtain that will definitely be perfect as a backdrop, and some black and white paper pompoms.

3. Striped Black and White Disposable Dinnerware Set

Available on

Other than the actual decors for the venue, a perfectly organized black and white party should also include black and white utensils, plates and paper cups! Yup, you read that right. It’s always better to plan the party supplies up to the smallest details. Check out this Striped Black and White Party Tablewares from Amazon:

This party dinnerware set comes with paper plates, napkins, cups and cutlery for 48 guests. The plates are particularly exquisite with the golden celebrate text printed on them. What makes these party supplies so great is that aside from being of premium quality and are too cute to eat with, they’re also very quick and easy to clean and dispose of so you don’t have to worry about the aftermath of your party.

4. Black and White Party Balloons

Available on

What’s a party without balloons, right? Say goodbye to boring-looking balloons that will easily pop and say hello to these high-quality black and white latex balloons and black confetti-filled, see-through balloons with their long necks that make them easier to tie:

These trusty balloons are guaranteed to last during the duration of your event and are suitable for various types of parties like suitable for baby showers, graduations, weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, luaus, tropical parties, holidays, and anniversary engagements.

Best Black and White Party Dresses

Aside from the decorations, another factor that will complete your black and white party are the guests’ outfits which should obviously be black, white or both. The most important thing to remember is to give the notice about your outfit requirement ahead of time. You might think that everybody has black and white outfits but people always wanna look their best during parties so you gotta give them enough time to plan, shop or borrow what they’re gonna wear!

Here are some of the best-selling Black and White outfits from Amazon:

1. Polka Dot Dress

Available on

When it comes to black and white parties, polka dotted outfits are an obvious option. If you’re a big fan of classic styles and quite possibly dalmatian puppies like Cruella deVil, you will surely love this polka dot dress from Amazon:

This short polka dotted dress with the cross v neck and the ruffle cap sleeves is the perfect fit for casual and more formal events. It’s fully lined for comfort and is guaranteed to have a non-itchy fabric.

2. Black and White Pencil Dress

Available on

If you’re looking for a more formal look that you can wear in the office during the day and just head straight to a balck and white party afterwards, this is the dress for you. This dress features a keyhole detail and round neckline which will make you look professional. Its slim-fit style will accentuate your curves perfectly and make you look elegant and chic:

What’s so great about this dress is that you can wear it everywhere! Whether you’re going to work, church, or at a party, you’ll never have to worry about being over or under-dressed.

3. Black and White Summer Cocktail Dress

Available on

Trying to look oh-so-feminine yet still elegant at the same time has never been so easy. This A-line embroidered cocktail dress is perfect for a casual summer party outdoors or indoors. Wearing this dress will definitely make you effortlessly gorgeous. Check it out on Amazon:

This dress has a crew neck, a lace patchwork, and a zipper at the back. It is also solid, sleeveless, knee-length and is made of polyester and spandex.

4. Black and White Vintage Dress

Available on

If you’re the conservative and classic type of gal, then this long drape dress is the perfect option! Reveal the classy little missy in you with this pleated dress with a fashionable keyhole neck style. Its A-line cut will work best with curvy girls but it can also flatter all body types. Check it out on Amazon:

Nothing will ever fit you more like a glove, and it will also give you that feminine and elegant look that you need for the party. Pair it with some pearls and a perfectly coiffed hairstyle, and it’ll be like Audrey Hepburn came to life!

In this world of technicolor madness, a black and white party might be just what you need! Add some elegance and minimalism to whatever celebration you’re planning to throw by turning it into a black and white event that will definitely be something you can’t wait to post on your instagram!

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