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You’re sitting beside the new kid and you want to make friends with him/her… You’re finally getting the chance to talk to your long-time crush…You’re eating lunch with your officemates at work and are bored to death…How do you start that small talk to get to know each other or enjoy your time or just to skip the awkwardness?

If you really want to make a great, first impression or you just want to have a fun chat with your pals, all you need to do is be yourself. If you feel that isn’t enough, get some awesome advice on how to start that conversation that will change your life by following this link to get some awesome ideas on conversation starters!

Great Conversation Starters

We also have here a selection of funny icebreaker questions that will definitely earn you some friends no matter the time, place, and people you’re with!

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25 Funny Icebreaker Questions For Adults

These questions will make for interesting stories from your friends. You’ll both be laughing at how ridiculous each other’s answers/experiences are!

  1. If today was the last day of the world, who would you spend it with, and why?
  2. Does your car have a name?
  3. How did you actually spend your first salary ever?
  4. Who was your ultimate celebrity crush growing up?
  5. Have you ever been geographically lost?
  6. If you had to pick the only food you’d eat for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?
  7. What was the worst job you’ve ever had in your life?
  8. Which of your senses could you afford to lose?
  9. If you were forced to compete in the Olympics, which sports competition would you join?
  10. If you were to create a new holiday, what would it be, and why?
  11. How do you spend most of your time online?
  12. If you could choose an age that you’d be stuck at forever, what age would that be?
  13. If given the chance to change your name, what would be your new name?
  14. What do people think you do at your job and what do you actually do?
  15. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?
  16. Have you ever gone to work or to class drunk?
  17. What are you most passionately against?
  18. When can you say that a person is already an adult?
  19. What’s your craziest experience at work?
  20. If money was no object, what would be the very first thing you’ll do right now?
  21. If you could be any historical figure, who would you be and why?
  22. Do you think you have a chance at becoming famous?
  23. How rich do you want to be?
  24. What is your favorite weather and why?
  25. Have you ever hated someone who’s already dead?

25 Funny Icebreaker Questions for Teens

These silly questions will turn a normal teenage hangout into a funny memory they’ll cherish forever!

  1. What are your top three emojis on your phone right now? Show us!
  2. Who is your favorite vlogger?
  3. Do you think you can survive one week without your phone?
  4. Book or Movie?
  5. If your life was a Disney movie, what would it be, and why?
  6. Has anyone told you you have a celebrity look-a-like?
  7. Why do you think dogs smell other dogs’ butt?
  8. Share to me the best knock-knock joke you have!
  9. What was the scariest and silliest thing you’ve done just for fun?
  10. Do you have any really weird food cravings?
  11. What occupies most of your time on a day to day basis?
  12. What’s the weirdest way you have ever met a person?
  13. Where is your friends’ favorite hangout place and why?
  14. What is your favorite scary movie?
  15. Which household chores do you enjoy? (If you do any!)
  16. Pen or Pencil?
  17. Are you afraid of clowns?
  18. What’s the best food you have ever eaten?
  19. Have you ever regretted any advice you’ve given to a friend?
  20. What is the silliest problem you’ve ever had?
  21. What do you think about Taylor Swift?
  22. What do you think about the Kardashians?
  23. What’s the craziest thing you’ve recently discovered online?
  24. What gives you goosebumps?
  25. What is your favorite drink at Starbucks?

25 Funny Icebreaker Questions For Kids

These child-friendly questions will entertain you and the little munchkins as they try to make friends, probably for the first time ever in their lives!

  1. What is your funniest vacation memory?
  2. If you were to turn into a superhero right now, what powers would you like to have?
  3. If you won a million dollars, what would you do?
  4. What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?
  5. What’s the story behind your nickname?
  6. Do you have a scar? How did you get it?
  7. Which game do you think you are totally good at?
  8. If you were to pick, no phones or no toys?
  9. What is the color of your toothbrush? Did you pick it?
  10. Do you have a favorite YouTube Channel?
  11. What’s the silliest dream you’ve ever had?
  12. If you could travel to Disney World right now, who would you want to go with?
  13. Which ice cream flavor are you?
  14. What’s the craziest prank you’ve ever done in school?
  15. Have you ever lied to your parents?
  16. If you could be anyone’s pet, whose pet would you be, and why?
  17. Do you have a funny camping memory?
  18. Do you enjoy studying?
  19. Who taught you how to swim?
  20. What is your favorite joke?
  21. Have you ever peed in your sleep?
  22. Cake or ice cream?
  23. Do secretly sing or dance in the shower?
  24. What is your idea of the perfect meal?
  25. What is your least favorite subject and why?

The way we talk to our friends, our co-workers, or others, in general, creates a big impact on how our day goes. We should not be content with normal small talks. Let’s get crazy and feel free enough to talk about anything under the sun!

Life’s short so what are you waiting for? Start connecting with others with more awesome ice breaker questions!

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