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They say guys fall for how a girl looks but real men are a lot like ladies. Everyone is just looking for a connection, a spark that makes you feel alive. More often than not, you know when you click with the right girl when you both enjoy each other’s company. Guys look for more than just a pretty face!

In order to make a guy notice you and crave your presence, you should be sweet but also funny and smart. Girls who only talk about themselves or are too conscious and just end up clamming up the whole time which is a total turn off for guys!

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Here are some of the best ideas for pick-up lines that you girls can use to get guys!

Funny Pick-Up Lines for Guys

Boys love a girl who is full of wit and humor! Make your guy laugh and fall in love with you at the same time with these funny pick-up lines!

1. Did you know that I have been looking for you all my life?

You can tell this to a guy you’ve just met and feel like you both click perfectly! He’s gonna laugh (but secretly get flattered) at the exaggerated expression of happiness you’ll make.

2. Oh would you look at the clock! I think it’s time for that awesome first kiss, darling.

Only the most confident girls can pull this one off. If you think you can, by all means, go for it!

3. You must be a time traveler because I swear you look like my future husband!

Make sure to make it sound that you’re just kidding because you don’t want to end up pressuring the poor boy.

4. I am innocent… until proven naughty!

Let him in on your funny side to make him feel comfortable around you.

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5. Oh no, I lost my phone number, can I please have yours?

With your puppy dog eyes, his digits are yours, babe!

Raunchy Pick-Up Lines for Guys

You think only guys have the right to be naughty and vulgar? Well, girls can do that too! Try out these raunchy pick-up lines that will suggest to your guy that you are on for a sexy time tonight!

1. It looks like you have a rock in your pants, want me to take it out?

Need I say more? You’ll leave him dumbfounded.

2. Ooooh, this cake is the yummiest! Well, second in line next to you, babe.

You can replace cake with any food you’re eating at the moment.

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3. Let’s go out to dinner and then you can be my dessert afterwards.

He’s gonna go crazy thinking about fastforwarding to after the meal.

4. I had a pet pony when I was young. Wanna pretend you’re him so I can ride you?

Trust me, he’s going to be on cloud 9 fantasizing about you tonight.

5. Aside from cherries on top, I also like you on top.

Your naughty pick-up lines gaming is at its finest, lady!

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Good Pick-Up Lines for Guys

In need of pick-up lines that work anytime, anywhere? Try out these good pick-up lines that are guaranteed to make the boys go crazy about how great of a company you make!

1. You might think I’m made of sugar, spice and everything nice. I don’t agree. As far as you’re concerned, I’m made of girlfriend material only.

Tell this to the guy you want to be your next boyfriend.

2. Honey, you must be French because Eiffel for you!

Working on your pun is very effective to get the guy!

3. If you were a Netflix show, I’d watch you for hours.

A bit of a creepy flattery but it’ll work especially if both of you love some Netflix and chill!

4. You must be a cat because, boy, you are puuuuurrrfect!

Cats are flirty just like that.

5. You must be a dictionary because you give meaning to my life.

Aww! Works every friggin’ time!

Dirty Pick-Up Lines for Guys

Are you down for some hot and perverted conversation that could end in some kissing, groping and more? Here are some dirty pick-up lines that could definitely turn guys on!

1. If you were a cake, I’d like to have a huge piece of you.

How huge exactly do you want it? Wink, wink!

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2. Your shirt looks so nice on you! I bet it looks better off of you.

A great way to suggest to your guy to give you a peek of his awesome abs.

3. You might think I’m nice but once it gets dark, I can be naughty, too, you know.

His mind will be wandering in forbidden places.

4. Why are you keeping a long and hard thing in your pocket? Let me help you with that.

Way to go, girl! Grab that stuff!

5. My friends tell me I’m a great baker. Wanna taste my buns and my pie?

You’ll be rewarded with a big YES and a huge smile.

Flirty Pick-Up Lines for Guys

As guys woo girls to catch their attention, you girls can also flirt around with guys through your words. It’s time to go fishing for some hot dudes. Set the bait that guys will notice with these oh-so-fine and flirty pick-up lines that you can use!

1. You must be a keyboard, because you’re just my type!

Make sure to let the guy know how you feel. Confirmation is key in order for him to make the next move.

2. I woke up today praying for a miracle. You answered my prayer, dude.

Its seriousness can make guys crack up with the right execution.

3. You like my lipstick? Come ruin it anytime you want.

Another subtle way of inviting him in for a kiss or two or three!

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4. What’s your internet service provider? I feel a strong connection between you and me!

You’re definitely going to make him smile with this one.

5. I’m NOT flirting with you. I’m just super nice to super attractive people.

Feed his ego and make him feel like the apple of your eyes.

Best Pick-Up Lines for Guys

Girls who know their way around guys will definitely be able to take home any guy she has eyes on with her looks, grace and words. Use only the best pick-up lines on your next night out at the bar with your girls!

1. Can you find me a map? I just got lost in your eyes.

Can you hear the crowd cheering for you on this one?

2. Your pants will be on sale later because it’ll be a hundred percent off tonight!

Way to be subtle, darling. Boys love nice girls who can be naughty sometimes.

3. You made my heart skip a beat when we first met.

Just a pretty simple line that makes guys fall head over heels for girls who have the courage to say what they feel and seize the day.

4. Romeo got nothing on you, babe!

This is the ultimate compliment to tell a lover. Juliet will envy you for being so brave to take the first move.

5. I think we were made for each other; we were born to become best friends and lovers!

This line will take your relationship to the next level!

Girls can also be the ultimate Casanovas with the right timing and awesome pick-up lines that’ll help them win the attention and hearts of any guy you want! Last piece of advice? As cliche as it sounds, just be yourself and wear that crown proud and high, Queen! Whoever says that only guys can make a move? You forge your own destiny in life and in love!

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