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You only live once, so you better treat each moment like it’s your last. Party hard and make each minute count. You don’t have to take life so seriously, the rest of the world couldn’t care any less. If you’re still in college, you might as well take it from those who’ve already graduated and say that college is the biggest party you won’t want to sit out of!

What is a college dorm party?

A college dorm party is a normal and social yet casual gathering for college students in universities. To make a college dorm party possible, you will need to make sure that It is illegal to throw a party at your dorm. Sometimes, some dorms don’t allow students to hold parties in their dormitories because of obvious reasons like noise complaints, distractions, and other reasons connected to the welfare of the students.

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Nevertheless, students love parties because they are the perfect setting to recharge their social batteries and simply enjoy themselves amidst the pressures of their studies and responsibilities in university.

Fun College Party Themes

If you want to experience the best college party life, you must organize the best college parties imaginable and give your fellow university students the best time of their lives. To organize and plan the best college party, you will need to choose the perfect party theme that will excite and add thrill to the mundane and sometimes monotonous lives of college students.

Having a hard time thinking about which party theme to choose for your party? Well, you don’t have to think too hard because we’ve listed out the best party themes you can choose from:

1. Disney Princess Party Theme

Even if you’re in college, you will never be too old for a Disney Princess party! Disney is for all ages and genders. The rowdiness and craziness of college kids won’t make this an exclusive party for girls because college kids are usually very daring and are ready to crossdress without feeling awkward. So go ahead and throw a Disney Princess Party and see all your college friends wear their prettiest gowns.

On your part, you should be able to prepare your dorm room into the perfect Disney Princess venue with all the available party supplies you can get online. Don’t feel the need to make it a very mature party; purchase the party stuff you will need to make it a fun party like party hats, confetti, banners, piñatas, and more.

No one is ever going to be too old for balloons, so check out these Disney Princess balloons for your Disney Princess-themed college dorm party:

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2. Star Wars Party Theme

Who else can teach college kids better than Master Yoda himself, right? Treat your college friends to a dorm party that’s going to be out-of-this-world. It’s going to be no small feat to turn your dorm room into a spacecraft fit for stormtroopers. We suggest diming the lights a bit by buying lots of glow-in-dark stars, monochrome lamps, and lightsaber toys to set the vibe within the venue.

You can also ask your guests to come in their best Star Wars costume to complete the party’s feels. You might think it’s a bit over the top, but college kids are truly up for anything, even costume parties!

Eager to perfect your Star Wars Party setup? Check out this awesome Star Wars Birthday Party Decoration Set:

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3. Harry Potter Party Theme

The original Potterheads are likely college graduates by now, but since Harry Potter is a classic, it should never go out of style! Make the dreams of any muggle-born come true by throwing a Harry Potter dorm room party. That being said, get your wands ready to turn your dorm room into a replica of the great hall inside Hogwarts Castle.

To make the venue as magical as Hogwarts, you will also need the house banners, a fake TriWizard Cup, dress robes, fake wands, and more, along with the beers and other usual party supplies you will need! Of course, to remind everyone of how magical your party was, check out and purchase these party favors for your wizard guests:

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4. Frozen Party Theme

Release Queen Elsa in you and turn your dorm room party into the coolest Frozen-themed party! Ask your guests to show up in their most rad Frozen costumes and turn your dorm room into a winter wonderland that will ironically melt the guests’ hearts. Go all out by downloading the entire Frozen 1 and 2 soundtracks and filling the entire dorm with everybody’s favorite songs like “Let It Go”, “For the First Time in Forever” and “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman”.

You can rent a snow machine to fill your room with fake snow if you can. Crank up the AC and make everybody shiver. Serve some blue drinks and make a DIY Snowman that looks exactly like Olaf! Looking for some Frozen party supplies that will make your party much easier to set up? Check this set from Amazon:

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5. Black and White Party Theme

Nothing is classier than a black and white party. You can never go wrong with these two colors. Almost everyone loves them and has black and/or white clothes, so you can require people to show up in their best black and white outfits during your party. This is going to do wonders to the pictures you’re going to take during the party!

You can try decorating the place using the two colors and make sure everything is picturesque and aesthetic for the party. If you’re having a hard time planning the decorations for this black and white party, worry no more, we have picked out the best black and white decoration sets online:

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6. Greek Toga Party Theme

If you’ve seen the American Pie series, you must have dreamt of being invited to a Greek Frat party even once in your life! College has a classic reputation for fraternities and sororities since these organizations are usually named after the Greek Alphabet. The first-year college students will try to get into said frats and sororities during the start of their college life. That’s why if you’re a freshman and you get invited to one, you’re going to expect a lot of fun!

If you’re the senior tasked with planning it, you’re in for some high expectations for the party you’re going to throw. It must be hot, crazy, exclusive, and overflowing with booze! Don’t forget to remind everybody to wear their greek togas!

College Dorm Party Decoration & Activity Ideas

Aside from the party themes, you should be able to incorporate some unique and awesome decorations! The perfect decorations and activities will add to the overall vibe of the party you’re organizing. You should also plan some activities that will keep people entertained and totally occupied during the party.

Here are some of the must-have party items for various college dorm party activities that usually involve alcohol and some happy drunkenness:

1. Beer Pong Set

Beer Pong is one of the go-to college party games. College kids love to make contests out of shooting ping pong balls into cups, and the team who loses will take a shot! This game definitely gets everyone to gather around a long table with beer cups and ping pong balls.

Each end of the table has a set of cups filled with beer, and each team will have a player per round. The player will try to shoot the ping pong ball they are holding into the other cups from the other end of the table. If the player successfully hits the ball into a cup, the other team’s player should take a shot. This game goes on until everyone’s too drunk to function.

Check out this beer pong set from Amazon:

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2. Waterproof Playing Cards

College parties are notoriously known to be quite wild. College kids seem to party like it’s their last day on earth! Activities during the party are usually drinking games, pool, cards, and more.

If you want to play cards during your wild college dorm party, you better ensure that the cards you’ll have are waterproof and won’t get ruined because of the beer or any liquid that may be sloshed towards you or your cards during the games.

Here is a deck of affordable waterproof playing cards that you can get from Amazon:

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3. Red Cups

You’ll always see red cups sprawled everywhere at any typical college party! Red cups are college party basics! Playing beer pong and drinking any alcoholic beverage won’t seem as fun if you’re not using red cups.

For your next college dorm party, make sure you stock up on the disposable red cups that you can buy from Amazon:

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No one looks back on their college life and fondly remembers the nights they spent asleep, so get off your ass, and party like the sun won’t be shining tomorrow!

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