Vikings Quiz: Which Vikings character are you?

Which Vikings character are you?

Find out which fearless warrior, wise leader, or legendary explorer from the Vikings TV series you are most like!

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In 2013, the History Channel released their hit series Vikings, following the story of a legendary Norse warrior named Ragnar Lothbrok and his quest to explore and conquer new lands. This action-packed and historical drama is filled with complex characters and moral dilemmas that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The characters in Vikings are complex and multifaceted, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. From the cunning and ambitious Ragnar to the fierce and loyal Lagertha, there is a character for everyone to identify with.

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Vikings character quiz

Take this personality quiz to find out which of these incredible characters you are most like. Are you a fearless warrior like Ragnar or a wise and compassionate leader like Lagertha? The answer may surprise you! As you answer each question, think carefully about your own personality and behavior, and choose the answer that best reflects who you are.

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer – this quiz is simply meant to help you discover which Vikings character you are most like. By the end of the quiz, you will have a better understanding of which Vikings character you are most like, and you will learn more about your own strengths and weaknesses.

So, why wait? Take the quiz now and discover which Viking warrior you are!

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Vikings cast

Vikings features many fantastic characters, each with their own unique personality. From Ragnar Lothbrok, to Lagertha, Rollo, and Floki, there’s a character for everyone in this show. The series follows the adventures of a group of Norsemen during the Viking Age and explores the complex political and personal relationships between the characters as they seek to expand their power and influence. With a diverse cast of characters and a captivating story, Vikings is a must-see for fans of historical drama.

Here are some of the most popular characters from the show:

Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok (portrayed by Travis Fimmel) was a legendary Norse hero, a family man, and a conqueror. He was flawed, sometimes succumbing to despair and impulsivity, but also compassionate and brave. He held Odin as his patron god and often referred to the gods and fate. His legend was so strong that his sons forbade the election of another king in his ten-year absence.

Bjorn Ironside

Bjorn Ironside (portrayed by Alexander Ludwig) was a great warrior, determined to prove himself and show loyalty to his father. He was able to survive in the wilderness, outwit and overpower a Berserker, and gain the respect of Norse society. He was often linked to the Norse god Baldr.


Athelstan (portrayed by George Blagden) was a kind, gentle person with a vast knowledge of the world and an open mind. He was torn between his old religious beliefs and the new cultural traditions he encountered with the Vikings. He was an expert on the Norsemen and met challenges with his intelligence, survival instincts, and cultural knowledge.


Floki (portrayed by Gustaf Skarsgård) was an eccentric and joyful man with a zany air about him. He was sincere in his loyalty to Ragnar and respected for his intellect and wisdom. He was very dedicated to his work and found joy in their plunders. He believed Norse gods and Christianity were on a collision course and viewed many events as having religious or spiritual significance.


Lagertha (portrayed by Katheryn Winnick) was a fierce and ambitious shield maiden known for her unyielding protection of those she cared about. She was married to Ragnar, but the marriage eventually fell apart due to Ragnar’s extramarital affair. She was a formidable shield maiden and skilled warrior but also a loving mother and devoted wife.


Rollo (portrayed by Clive Standen) is a fierce warrior but also lonely and desperate for love and admiration. He betrays his brother out of jealousy and responds to despair with excessive drinking. Despite renouncing his Viking culture, he still helps his nephew Ivar.


Ubbe (portrayed by Jordan Patrick Smith) is a compassionate and intelligent character, the most honest and moral of his brothers. He adores his father and elder brother, is protective of his younger brothers, and is a skilled warrior. His impulsiveness leads to poor decisions, but he is still a Viking at heart. He becomes more like his father, emerging as a capable and intelligent leader.

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Ivar the Boneless (portrayed by Alex Høgh Andersen) is a character known for his ruthless, sadistic nature and thirst for violence. He was loyal to his parents but had a dark side. He was a skilled warrior and believed he was justified in his actions. His delusions of grandeur made him dangerous, ruthless, and bloodthirsty.


Hvitserk (portrayed by Marco Ilsø) is a complex and confused character shaped by trauma. He desires peace but also craves the thrill of battle. He is loyal to his family but indecisive and fearful of being overlooked. Despite his flaws, he seeks redemption.


Sigurd (portrayed by David Lindström) is a character known for his cruel and sadistic nature, taking pleasure in causing pain and destruction. He is jealous of his brothers and holds a grudge against his father for favoring his brothers over him. He is a skilled warrior but also prone to making rash decisions. His rivalry with Ivar leads to his downfall.

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Vikings: Valhalla

Vikings: Valhalla is the sequel to the History Channel’s Vikings. Set one hundred years after the events of Vikings, the show tells the story of the end of the Viking Age.

Tensions between the Vikings and English royals reach a boiling point. Leif Erikson, Freydís Eiríksdóttir, and Harald Hardrada embark on an incredible journey that takes them from Kattegat to England while they fiercely battle for both their safety and glory.

This series is notable in showing the end of one era – the Viking Age – which was marked by The Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.

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