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Funny Bird Puns

Birds’ jokes and puns shouldn’t fly over your head. They work best when based on something simple. If you and your friends have a sense of humor, you’ll appreciate these funny bird puns that we’ve collected!

1. What do you call a bird who wins Jeopardy? A know-it-owl.

Nobody likes a know-it-all, but everyone loves a Jeopardy winner!

2. One of the worst bird insults you can tell someone is that they can be a bit of a goose.

No one likes being told they’re daft as a goose!

3. What bird movie won an Oscar award? Lord of the Wings.

They were looking for the one wing to rule them all!

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4. What do you get if you cross a duck with a firework? A firequaker!

I think that will be so noisy!

5. What do you call a crate of ducks? A box of quackers.

Where can I find a box of crackers?

6. The baby owl stood in front of the judge, saying, “I am talon you. I didn’t do anything.”

The judge didn’t look like he believed what the baby owl was telling.

7. How does a funny chicken get strong? It tells jokes while egg-cersizing!

We all need to exercise more!

8. What do you get when you teach a turkey witty comebacks? A turkey who roasts you!

If you get sick of the turkey’s comebacks, you can always turn it into roasted turkey! That’ll shut him up!

9. The mockingbird is such a rude bird.

It always makes mocking and condescending remarks!

10. How do blackbirds stay together in a flock? Velcrow.

They’re a bunch of b

N e w !
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11. I got into a fight with a bird while I was down south. I have no eggrets.

You can’t live with regrets!

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12. Why can’t turkeys go to church? They use fowl language!

If I use foul language in church, I’ll definitely get kicked out!

13. My friend wanted to have an eagle for a pet. I said, “Don’t you know that’s illeagle?”

It’s illegal to have pet eagles!

14. What’s the turkey’s favorite Halloween costume? A gobble-in.

Gobble gobble!

15. Why do hummingbirds hum? Because they don’t know the words.

It’s the same for people! We hum when we can’t remember the lyrics to a song!

16. I saw a bunch of birds playing hide-and-seek.

They were flying all over the place!

17. What do you tell the bird that lost during the contest? Better luck nest time!

Losing is a chance to learn and grow!

18. The little boy cried because the robber ducky stole the soap during their bath.

That rubber duck was quite naughty!

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19. The sick bird has had a cough and colds the last few days. It must have bird flu!

That’s too easy!

20. There are birds that spend all their time praying to God. The bird community calls them “Birds of Prey”.

Because they like to pray!

21. You’re just a one chick pony!

That pony only lets one girl ride it.

22. You can have one day chicken, feathers the next.

This means you can have success one day and failure the next day. Life is weird sometimes.

23. I quit cold turkey! Now I only eat hot turkey!

Hot turkey is so much more satisfying!

24. I tried to start a flightless bird zoo. The business never took off.

Of course, people want to see birds flying!

25. What is bird hookers’ favorite type of bird? A cockatoo!

Say that again one more time!

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Bird Name Puns

Have you ever thought of famous people as birds or the other way around? Once you think about it, you’ll find it quite hilarious coming up with bird names! You and your friends don’t have to be avid bird watchers to appreciate these witty bird name puns!

Bird pun fans or not, these hilarious bird famous names will make you chuckle!

1. Baquack Obama

He’s a former president of the birds!

2. Chandler Wing

A lot of chicks flock to Chandler! He’s quite popular!

3. Dame Judi Finch

Judi Dench is a wonderful actress. I hope my pet Dame Judi Finch can be as entertaining!

4. Kanye Nest

The birds love Kanye Nest! They have a nest syndrome!

5. Aretha Frankhen

This bird queen demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

6. Colin Fowl

Colin Fowl is a bird actor that had a bad-boy image before.

7. Crow DiMaggio

Many think he’s the best baseball player among birds!

8. Crowy Deschanel

This bird has got a quirky personality!

9. Courtney Dove

Courtney Dove is a bird rocker that birds into rock music know!

10. Lark Ruffalo

I remember this bird taking on the role of the Incredible Hulk.

11. Duck Norris (Squawker Texas Ranger)

He’s the ultimate action star among birds!

12. Mark Duckerberg

I heard he invented Beakbook aka Facebook for ducks!

13. Sheryl Crow

Believe it or not, this is not a pun. There’s really a singer named Sheryl Crow!

14. Lark Wahlberg

Reminds me of Mark Wahlberg!

15. Jimmy Talon

Birds love his late-night talk show!

16. Chick Jagger

Chick Jagger is a rock star! All the birds love him!

17. Joaquin Phoenix

He’s the phoenix with a broken wing!

18. Macawly Culkin

He’s the star in the bird film, Nest Alone, which is all about a young bird being left all alone in the nest during Christmas!

19. Wolfgang Duck

He’s a famous bird chef!

20. Wrenee Zellweger

I loved her when she sang, “Owl By Myself” in the movie, Bridget Jay’s Diary!

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Bird Birthday Puns

One great thing about birds puns is how you can easily use them for birthday greetings! Obviously, “Happy bird day” comes to mind, but there are a lot more bird birthday puns you can use to make your friends smile on their special day!

1. Talk birdy to me, birthday girl!

Oooh, I love it when you talk sexy!

2. Happy bird day to you!

Tell me. Do you love birds?

3. Bird on the street is like bird puns for kids.

Word on the street is it’s your birthday!

4. Happy bird day to my tweetheart!

Aww…that hit right in the heart!

5. You have to learn the bird-nacular to wish someone a happy bird day!

It’s great to know how to say happy birthday in different ways!

6. Subtle bird puns fly right over my head, but I’m wishing you a happy bird day!

May you soar like a bird!

7. Hope you have a flocking fabulous birthday just like a pink flamingo!

Let’s have some pink champagne to celebrate!

8. Stay coo on your birthday!

It’s your birthday! Stay cool and have a blast!

9. Go shawty, it’s your birthday!

We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday!

10. Happy birthday to one cool chick!

We’re gonna have a birthday party for cool kids!

11. Here is your birthday pheasant!

Thanks, I’d rather have a regular birthday present!

12. Have an egg-cellent birthday!

I will have an excellent day!

13. Owl be thinking of you on your birthday!

That’s so sweet of you!

14. She got a lot of birthday caw-ds!

What accent is that?

15. A-parrot-ly, it’s your birthday!

Wishing you another great year!

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Bonus: Hilarious Bird Puns

Don’t go flying off yet! We have more owlsome bird puns that you can use the next time you meet with friends. Whatever bird species you’re into, we have various bird puns based on the different types of birds that will get you and your friends quacking away in no time!

Take a look at more hilarious bird puns!

1. Why didn’t Mozart like the bunch of chickens? Because they run around going “Bach Bach”.

All their clucking sounds can become annoying after a while.

2. Did you hear about the grumpy owl with an upset stomach? He had irritable owl syndrome.

We can all relate to a bad case of diarrhea. Who wouldn’t become an angry bird?

A parrot inside a jail gives a whole new light to the word jailbird!

4. Why did the pelican need to borrow money after seeing the doctor? He had a massive bill.

Pelicans are a kind of aquatic bird and are known for their big bills. I didn’t know they meant they had bills to pay!

5. She got a birthday caw from her dad who was away on a business trip.

He was up in the mountains, and it was quite tricky getting a phone signal!

6. If birds could speak a different language, geese would be fluent in the Portugeese language.

Are there more birds in Portugal then?

7. Why did the turkey cross the road? Because he wasn’t chicken!

He’s brave AF!

8. What do you say when a turkey is irritating you? Go pluck yourself!

Watch your language!

9. What is a female bird’s favorite thing to read? Cawsmopolitan!

They feature a lot of chicks in their magazine!

10. It was so cold that the eagle was forced to say “Birrrrrrd.”

Makes me want to take a warm bath!

11. There are many baby birds and bird fathers that are quite alike. Like feather, like son!

It must run in the family!

12. There’s an owl who knows magic tricks. His name is Hoodini.

That sounds amazing!

13. If you are on the waters and a bird ends up showing aikido skills, its name sure will be Steven Seagull.

He’s quite the action star!

14. Where do birds go to invest money? The stork market!

It’s always good to diversify. Don’t keep your eggs in one basket!

15. What do hens do when they want to stay in?

They watch chick flicks!

16. What do you call a sad bird? Bluebird!

They don’t look sad though! They’re beautiful birds!

17. Without feather ado, let me introduce my favorite actor, Quackie Chan!

Did you know he performs most of his stunts? He’s a legend!

18. The type of bird that goes to Duckingham Palace is really into bird royalty.

Bird royalty fascinates them!

19. What do you get when you cross a bird with a comedian? Jay Leno.

Have you heard of Jay birds and the comedian Jay Leno?

20. That bird convict will definitely serve pigeon time.

They’re talking about serious prison time!

21. Did you hear the one about the crow and the telephone pole? It wanted to make a long-distance caw.

There’s something about long-distance calls that makes you feel special!

22. The baby bird asked its mother how much farther they had to fly. The mother bird said, “Just a bit feather.”

Migrating to a place with a warmer climate must take a lot of distance.

23. After several fowl balls during the baseball game, the flock of birds won the game in one fowl swoop when their batter hit a homerun!

This game sounds exciting! That’s why baseball is my favorite game!

24. I think a dove is a beakon of hope!

A dove also symbolizes peace and innocence!

25. What’s a bird’s best subject? Owlgebra!

I didn’t know birds are good at math!

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