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So there is this one girl who is amazingly fascinating to you, and you just can’t figure her out. Is she just being nice, or is she flirting with you? Things get really tricky if she is sending mixed signals.

Not all of us are pick-up artists with a sixth sense of whether or not a woman thinks you are hot. However, some women simply cannot be figured out. This guessing game of whether or not someone likes you can be extremely tiring. But certain signs can tell you whether a woman likes you or not.

Always keep in mind that everyone is different. These are all just mere indications, so they do not have to be 100 percent correct.

But the more of these points apply, the more likely it is that she actually thinks you are great and maybe even wants you. But don’t take it all to heart and stop overthinking each of her gestures. This will only drive you crazy.

Just let it go and enjoy the ride. To win a heart is like a dance that is supposed to be fun.

25+ signs she likes you

Don’t be afraid of the sheer number of points below. There are numerous signs of whether a woman finds you attractive. The catch with the whole thing is that some of the following signals may apply accidentally, or you may just be interpreting too much into her actions.

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However, if a significant number of these apply to the girl you like, then chances are she has feelings for you. So go ahead, take a look, but don’t drive yourself crazy.

1. She likes to talk to you

This one can be difficult to interpret. Some girls who are into you smile all over the face when they talk to you, while others get overwhelmed by their nervousness and prefer to avoid the situation.

But also pay attention to whether she seeks the conversation with you on her own or whether you are always the one who starts it. Is she just standing around waiting to be talked to? And when you speak to her, does she smile or seem to enjoy it? Does she behave differently than usual?

2. She’s always around

And with this, I mean in situations where she does not need to be near you. Is she usually less than five meters away from you during a break at school, at university, or in the office? Without you having made an appointment or anything like that with her, she seems to be always around? Coincidentally, she’s also at the concert or at the bar, which you mentioned in passing, being there on the weekend?

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This can very well suggest that she likes you. It is only logical that people who find you attractive also seek your company—this way, women want to give you the chance to talk to them.

3. She laughs at your jokes

Even if you make a joke that you hardly find funny yourself, is she the first to start laughing? Almost every sentence you utter that doesn’t seem serious makes her giggle? It’s a pretty clear indication that she likes you if it is that way.

4. Pay attention to her eyes

Does she avoid eye contact? Some girls find it uncomfortable to look their crush in the eye or be caught looking at them. Others consciously look for your gaze and then keep it upright. If she even smiles, it is a pretty clear signal that she is interested in you.

5. She notices your presence

Even if she changes her behavior inconspicuously when she notices that you are entering the room, it can say a lot. Suddenly she sits upright, moves more gracefully, or smiles at you obviously and greets you warmly? Then it can all mean that she likes you a little bit more than other people.

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6. She smiles warmly at you

As mentioned in the last point, a smile that comes from the heart can mean a lot. But only if she smiles at you honestly and warmly. So that she gets tiny wrinkles around her eyes, either she is generally an amicable person, or you are her motivation for smiling that way.

7. She touches you

If she touches you frequently, especially casually, seeks physical closeness, or even likes to hug you, she’ll probably like you very much; unfortunately, this can also be purely platonic. That very much depends on how she touches you.

8. Pay attention to clues from her friends

If her circle of friends somehow behaves differently around you or asks what you think of her, it may mean they know more. If her friends leave you room to talk, for example, sit back and no longer take in the girl you are interested in, it may mean that she has told them about you or speaks about you regularly and that her friends want to help her to conquer your heart. If her friends giggle, smile, grin or watch you both interact as soon as you’re around, they know more: She likes you.

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9. She is waiting for others to leave to talk to you

She wants to talk to you undisturbed and waits for others to leave, so she the both of you aren’t distracted by others? Does she catch you just to have a relatively insignificant conversation?

Perhaps it all happens much more subtly so that you hardly notice it. Still, this behavior is usually a sign of interest.

10. She starts to be interested in the same things as you

Do you like soccer, video games, anime, art, whatever? And she paid little attention to one of these topics in the past, but now seems to be interested in it? Then it is pretty clear that she only does all of this to make her look more exciting for you or to have conversation topics with you.

11. She plays with her hair

Some consider this sign more of a myth, and others say it is legit. But what is it about?

12. She’s trying to get your attention

Women are usually much more subtle than men when they want to arouse the interest of their crush. They often try to make themselves extra pretty, wear a new, maybe even provocative outfit in your presence, or always adopt a completely different posture around you than usual.

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Does she stand there differently, especially in a sexy way? You know what attractive poses I mean: shoulders back, chest out, stomach in, buttocks emphasized. If she does something like this in your presence or during a conversation with you, she is almost certainly not averse to you.

13. Her posture is open

As already mentioned in the previous point, body language can reveal a lot:

  1. Open body posture: If she’s got an open body posture while speaking to you, it means she’s comfortable around you.
  2. Crossed arms: This signal is the opposite of what you want, but can also be a sign that she is listening extremely concentrated. If that is the case, you should usually be aware of it.
  3. Weird hand movement: If she doesn’t know what to do with her hands while talking to you and is even holding an object and playing with it a little, it can also be a sign that you are somehow relevant to her.
  4. Feet direction: The direction in which her feet are pointing also reveals a lot. If they’re aimed at you, that’s an excellent sign. If she crosses them while sitting opposite you or crosses them under the chair, it could be a sign of nervousness. If they point away, for example, in the direction of a door or another person, it can mean that she is only speaking to you out of courtesy and wants to take to her heels.
  5. Body mirroring: If a person mirrors the body language, then not only does the reflecting person find the mirrored person sympathetic, but also triggers sympathy in the mirrored one. So watch your dream woman: When she copies your movements - you touch your chin briefly, she touches hers; you drink, she starts to drink - then it’s a pretty safe bet that she’s somehow into you.

14. She’s nervous around you

As mentioned before, nervousness that arises when you are around can mean that she cares about you. But how does that express itself, apart from obvious things?

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There are some signs: If she touches her face a lot when she talks to you, is often blinking, pressing her lips together or - as already mentioned - playing with her hair, this can be a sign of nervousness. That, in turn, can mean that in some ways she likes you.

15. She interrupts conversations with others to speak to you

The title of this point is relatively self-explanatory. For example, if she is currently talking to friends, you enter the group, and she puts you in the center of her attention as soon as possible, it usually means that she likes you very much. So if she has the choice to talk to anyone, but prefers to speak to you, that’s a big plus.

16. She listens to you very carefully

She hangs on your every word and also remembers the things you told her? Then she definitely likes you.

17. She tries not to talk to other men around you

If she’s somehow ashamed when you enter the room while she is talking to another guy and the conversation ends as quickly as possible. It may mean that she doesn’t want you to think that she is interested in this man.

18. She pays attention to your reactions

For example, when she says something or tells a joke in a group of people, does she look at you to see your reaction? Then your opinion is very important to her, which usually also means that you are important to her. She wants to please you.

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19. She messages you all the time

But that doesn’t mean anything if you know that she’s addicted to writing with people and just needs the pleasing feeling of a new message on her phone. Some people just love attention. This is especially noticeable if she keeps making you wait a long time. On the other hand, if she’s also quick to respond to your messages and obviously appreciates talking to you, then she probably likes you.

20. She writes you drunk messages

Self-explanatory: When she writes to you in a drunken state, she thinks of you. Drunk people are often said to wear their hearts on their sleeves. So if she even makes something like a confession of love, she’s pretty much into you, or she is just feeling lonely right now.

21. She follows you on social media

And by that, I don’t mean the usual followings on Instagram and so on. If she looks at each of your stories, maybe reacts to them again and again and likes almost every new post, she likes you pretty much or at least would not be opposed to you.

22. She mentions being single or asks about your relationship status

No matter how she does it, but when she talks about being single in front of you or asking you whether or not you have a girlfriend, it can be very significant - especially if she asks you why you don’t have one.

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23. She compliments you, especially if you look good

Got a new hairstyle, and she’s the first person to comment on it positively? You dressed differently, and she has to express her pleasure? Then she could very well be into you. But it could also be out of courtesy.

24. She does everything to spend time with you

As I said, women like to be a little more subtle. You may not even notice the stones that she is clearing out of the way to pander to you. For example, if you ask the question in your WhatsApp group of friends whether someone wants to do something today and she answers immediately, she at least likes to spend time with you very much. And if you even know that she had other plans and is canceling them for you, she probably has a crush on you.

25. She opens up to you

When someone opens up to you and talks about their problems, it means that they trust you. However, this can also indicate that you have slipped into the friendzone or are on the best way to get there.

26. She plans something with you in the future

If you talk about any activity and she immediately says that you have to do it together, she may unconsciously see you already by her side. If that happens all the time and you already have a proper list of things to do, she either sees you as her very best friend with whom she can do anything, or she fancies you a lot.

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27. She teases you amicably

Well, that depends on the type of person she is. If she is a lively person who does this to everyone she likes, then your crush will at least feel comfortable with you. However, if she is rather a little shy and in your presence dares to come out of her shell and tease you, then she definitely likes you.

Is she just being nice or interested?

So you have rummaged through our points and are not really sure whether she is just nice, likes you in a friendly way, or is actually interested? Finding out is an even more difficult thing that no one but your beloved can probably tell you one hundred percent.

How do you determine now, however, whether there could be more between you? The only guarantee to find out is the following: Make the first move. Stop crushing your brain and ask her out on a date, tell her you’re interested in her.

Although more and more women are making the first move, many things are still very conservative these days, and most women expect the man to approach them. Take a risk. Rejection hurts less than you think. But if most of the above points apply, you will most definitely succeed.

Please note the following points:

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  • Make the first move! As I said, do not wait for her to make the first move but rather do it yourself. Just do it. Ask her about a date. Grit your teeth and get to it! You can do it!
  • Don’t impose on her! If you’ve misinterpreted her intentions and she has no romantic interest in you, let her go. No means no.
  • Don’t hold it against her! Just be a good loser. Bear up: There are countless beautiful women out there.
  • If she is in a relationship, then leave her be! You don’t want to cause bad blood. Even if she is dissatisfied with her partner, don’t push yourself between them. When a relationship begins with an ex-boyfriend’s jealousy drama, it can get tedious.
  • If she just wants to be friends, consider wheter that’s enough for you! You have to consider whether a friendship is enough for you. Never assume to get out from the friend zone through being kind etc. If you want her to be your partner, tell her that. If she can’t imagine it, sees you only as a friend, but friendship is not enough for you, then be brave enough to move on. It would only hurt you if you saw her with another guy, maybe even a friend of yours.

13 Steps: How to raise her interest

Mickey & Sylvia already said it: Love is strange. So you want to increase the interest of your crush in you because you are either still not sure whether she is into you or you just want to fan the flames. Of course, there is no guarantee that if you follow this advice, that she will fall fling her arms around your neck afterward, but it certainly won’t reduce your chances.

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1. Humor

Just about every woman likes guys who make her laugh. Just make sure not to be her clown, just prove that you don’t take life too seriously and have fun with it.

2. Pay attention to your body language

As mentioned in the tips above, body language is of enormous importance in love (actually in all of life). Get used to an upright posture: shoulders back (not too much), chest out, stomach in. It should all still look not too stiff.

This can be exhausting at first as your muscles aren’t used to it, but will feel natural over time and give you more confidence. Don’t look at the ground; look straight ahead. Take a dominant posture, especially when you are standing. The legs should be at shoulder width, both equally loaded.

And take your hands out of your pockets, especially when you’re talking to her. And as I said above: If you subtly mirror her gestures, it can also increase her sympathy for you.

3. Be active

Do some exercise and watch your diet. And even if it’s just a moderate workout before your daily shower, it can make a big difference in the long run. Don’t stuff yourself with fast food either, but be on a balanced diet.

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4. Other women

This advice may sound a bit contradictory, but it usually helps enormously. Meet or surround yourself with other women. Desired men are desirable men. While many guys are deterred when the number of competitors is high, it is usually precisely the opposite for women.

It’s like online reviews: if an item has umpteen reviews and is bought frequently, then there is definitely something to it - you don’t think twice about it and grab it. You don’t even have to flirt or date them if you think you’re going to offend the girl you’re into. But she will at least have her thoughts on the matter and believe that you are a good catch.

5. Live an exciting life

That sounds like horrible advice. How can you live an exciting life when your own is boring? You sit in the office for eight hours a day or more and then feel exhausted. You don’t experience anything, do you? Not correct.

Go through life with open eyes, have fun at work or school, collect great stories. Even there, surely, a lot happens. You don’t have to go skydiving or travel every week; basically, you don’t have to do anything crazy. It’s enough if you do things, pursue a passion, try new things, etc. If you don’t have all of that, it’s time to change that. You have always wanted to try one or the other, but it was always outside your comfort zone? Just do it! Pick something and deal with it for a long time until you are at least okay at it. Don’t give up too soon!

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6. Become your best self

Very few of us have what it takes to become a model or an actor in Hollywood. But that doesn’t mean that you have to let yourself go. Get all dressed up, a new haircut, new clothes, and above all, one thing: more self-confidence.

If you’re shy and have no idea how to become more confident, Google will be happy to help. There are countless exercises online. And pay attention to your hygiene. Take regular showers (at least once a day), put on fresh clothes every day, etc.

But it doesn’t stop with your looks: educate yourself, learn a new language, whatever. The sky is the limit. Just don’t drive yourself crazy with this self-improvement craze and have fun with it.

7. Don’t pretend, be yourself

If you are now wondering whether this advice does not contradict the previous one, then I will say in no uncertain terms: No.

Your personality and interests have nothing to do with whether you are more confident or lead a more exciting life. You just can’t pretend you’re someone else. You want her to fall in love with you, not the guy you’d like to be. Stand by the things you like, your strengths, but also your weaknesses. Just because you become more confident or make more of yourself doesn’t change the basic person you are.

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8. Be polite

Give her a friendly smile when you speak to her. Make eye contact, but don’t stare at her like a psychopath. Just be a person people like to have around them. Be positive and laugh. Life is too short to deal with negativity anyway. But also be kind to other people.

9. Remember what she says and listen carefully

Few things are as embarrassing as not remembering what she told you. Unfortunately, many are not gifted with outstanding memories or space out all the time (sadly I number among that too), but that just means that we then have to work harder.

10. Treat her like a good friend and don’t put her on a pedestal

This is arguably the most crucial piece of advice on this whole list. If you douse her with compliments, gifts, etc., you overwhelm her and give her the feeling that you want to buy her and aren’t actually playing in her league.

With a lot of bad luck, this will only throw you into the friendzone. Then she may take advantage of you as heart-balm, but have a crush on entirely different guys. Never put a person on a pedestal, especially if you want something from them.

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If you treat her like an extremely good friend and just have fun with her, you’ll take a lot of pressure off yourself, but you’ll also show her that you are at eye level.

11. Tease her in a friendly manner

Teasing is a sign of affection. This saying is true. Teasing her lovingly every now and then can pretty much fan the flames of her feelings. Should she jump on the bandwagon and do the same, then that is an excellent sign. Just don’t overdo it.

12. Don’t bash her

As already mentioned in the previous tip, it is often very helpful to tease your crush a little. As soon as you get mean, however, you will soon be able to say goodbye to her. See her as an equal, as someone who is on eye level.

And there is nothing more pathetic than people who run down other people just to feel better. Unfortunately, there are many who do this unconsciously. So be careful not to mess around with their shortcomings.

13. Talk to her more often and have great conversations

By that, I mean completely harmless conversations. Ask how the weekend was like, ask follow-up questions, talks about funny topics, listen carefully. If you are a person others like to chat with, you are probably someone they like to spend time with. If you need some help, here are some great articles for you:

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