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Tim Burton characters

In all of Tim Burtons movies, a plethora of interesting characters made their appearances. From Jack Skellington to Emily, the Corpse Bride, there are many fantastic characters. But have you ever wondered, which Tim Burton character is most like you? Find out with this funny but weird quiz!

Tim Burton movies

Tim Burton has already a ton of movies on his register. His most famous ones are probably the following: - Beetlejuice (1988) - Edward Scissorhands (1990) - A Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) - Mars Attacks! (1996) - Sleepy Hollow (1999) - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) - Corpse Bride (2005) - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) - Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Who is Tim Burton?

You stumbled upon this page without knowing? Well, let me introduce you to Mr. Tim Burton as brief as possible. Tim Burton is an American film director, writer, producer, and artist. He is best known for his gothic fantasy and horror films. (A List of his most famous ones are above.) Often, he partnered with the actor Johnny Depp and the composer Danny Elfman. Both of them worked on almost every film with Tim Burton.

If you could be Tim Burton for one year in order to create his next movie, what would that movie be like?

  1. A stop-motion film playing in a distorted reality
  2. A live-action movie with characters that do morally reprehensible things
  3. A film about love and death and everything between

How are you most likely to die?

  1. Being killed
  2. Of old age
  3. By accident

You're invited to a party. What's your present for your host?

  1. Exotic sweets
  2. Expensive wine
  3. 😁
    Myself, duh!

What're your favorite animals?

  1. 🐶 Dogs
  2. 🐱 Cats
  3. 🐞 Bugs
  4. 🐦 Birds
  5. 🐠 Fish
  6. ☠ Dead animals

You fell into a coma and wake up in a Tim Burtonesque world. What does it look like?

  1. Like the real world but something feels odd
  2. Like the world of the dead but everyone is actually quite nice
  3. There are swirls and slim figures everywhere! All is black and white

If you would be part of a movie production, what would be your role?

  1. Lead
  2. Supporting character
  3. Cameraman
  4. Villain
  5. Caterer
  6. Director

What is more enjoyable: Being a child, a teenager, or an adult?

  1. Child
  2. Teenager
  3. Adult

What's your biggest wish?

  1. To fill the void inside my heart
  2. To marry
  3. To do whatever I want
  4. 😅
    I don't know

What's your goal?

  1. To make others happy
  2. To be happy myself
  3. To force my will on others
  4. I dont’ know

What do you see yourself as?

  1. Ruler
  2. Prankster
  3. Conqueror
  4. Loser
  5. Lover
  6. Creator

What's better?

  1. Life
  2. Death
  3. 😬
    I don't know

Imagine you're one hundred years old and on your dying bed. You get a vision of your deceased parents. What do they say?

  1. We're finally back together!
  2. You've wasted your life!
  3. Back to Start, kid!
  4. It's time to wake up.
  5. Now the real journey begins!
  6. Life was fun, wasn't it?


  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Stars
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  1. Jack Skellington

    You're like the Pumpkin King from A Nightmare Before Christmas!

    As the ruler of Halloween Town, you'd assume you're quite the scary fellow. But that's not entirely true; you've got a very soft spot and are a true gentleman! You're very patient and a bit dreamy. Even though you're the patron of Halloween, you fell in love with Christmas.

  2. Betelgeuse

    You're the Bio-Exorcist from Beetlejuice!

    You're a trickster and a mischievous ghost. You're rude, crude, and a little perverted. At times, you can get very crazy as well. Others don't really like being around you.

    Even though the movie is called "Beetlejuice", your name is not actually spelled that way. Betelgeuse is the actual name, and well, that's pronounced exactly like "Beetlejuice". It's a play on words.

  3. Martian

    You're like a Martian Conqueror from Mars Attacks!

    Your goal is to take over Earth because it is way nicer than Mars, and you stop at nothing! You're crazy, without morals, but still somehow funny. Your sole weakness is music, though, which kills immediately.

  4. Edward Scissorhands

    You're the artificial human from Edward Scissorhands!

    You've been created by an eccentric inventor, who died before he could give you real hands. You're misunderstood often and a bit cowardly. Even though you look very scary, you're a nice being and possess real feelings and love for the ones you care about, despite your artificiality.

  5. Emily

    You're the Corpse Bride!

    You were the most beautiful and rich person in your village before your tragic murder. Because you were deeply in love with someone who betrayed you, you try to force your love onto someone else in the Underworld. But you'll see soon enough that love can not be forced.

  6. Tim Burton

    You're like Tim Burton himself!

    Who would have thought! You own a great and creative mind and are able to create entire worlds. Even though you're a little morbid, you fill others' hearts with a lot of joy.

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