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Dinosaur Valentine Puns

Valentine’s Day is not just about giving flowers and chocolates to your special someone. You also need to choose the right words that will make their heart skip a beat.

If you’re looking for a unique way to ask someone to be your Valentine, try using any of these adorable dinosaur Valentine puns!

1. Happy Valentine’s Day! I think you’re dinomite!

And I’m fire. When we come together, it’s going to be an explosion! Do you agree?

2. You are t-rrific! Be my Valentine!

Yes, I want you to be my Valentine too! I think you’re also quite terrific!

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3. I think you’re totally roarsome! Would you be my Valentine?

I’m awesome? No, you’re the one who is awesome! I should be the one asking you to be my Valentine.

4. You’re my favorite Valentine boyfriendosaurus.

Hold up! I better be your only boyfriend!

5. I’m en-raptored by you.

I think you’re fascinating! Let’s have a fantastic Valentine’s Day together.

6. You are so adora-saurable!

There will be times when we annoy each other. Don’t forget you told me I’m adorable! Love you!

7. You make my heart saur!

You make me feel like I’m floating, even if it’s not Valentine’s Day.

8. I’m a nervous rex when you’re around.

Oh, is that why you keep fidgeting and blushing? That’s how I feel too!

9. I bet you can’t try-ceratop my love for you!

No! I love you more!

10. Di-no one compares to you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

That’s right. I’m the only one for you, babe!

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Dinosaur Birthday Puns

Want to make your birthday greeting extra fun? Why not wish them to live a long, happy life just like dinosaurs? Stand out from the regular birthday greetings with awesome dinosaur birthday puns. It’s a great way to make your friends laugh on their special day!

Take a look at these t-rexcellent dinosaur birthday puns!

1. Have a roarsome birthday!

We’re going to have an awesome time celebrating your special day!

2. Thanks for being so pterrific. Happy birthday!

Thank you! You’re a good friend! Nuff said.

3. I just can’t tricera-stop with the birthday cheer!

It’s fun to hear everyone’s birthday wishes! Keep ‘em coming!

4. Have a t-rexcellent birthday!

Of course! Everyone should have an excellent birthday!

5. Wishing you a dino-riffic birthday!

Birthdays are always terrific, but when dinosaurs are involved, it becomes even better!

6. Have a raptor-ous birthday.

It’s the day when you get to have whatever you want! I want you to have the best birthday ever!

7. I wasn’t sure if you wanted these raptor not, but I hope you like them. Happy birthday!

I like all the gifts I receive on my birthday!

8. Have a dinomite birthday!

Tell everyone to take cover because this birthday will be a blast!

9. I hope your birthday is the triceratops!

Spending your birthday with the people you love makes you feel like you’re on top of the world!

10. Wishing you a rawrsome birthday!

Where are all you party animals? It’s time to party!

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Dinosaur Love Puns

How do you express that your love is epic? One way to do it is with love puns about epic dinosaurs! How cute is it telling someone you love them while mentioning different kinds of dinosaurs?

It may not sound romantic on paper, but you’ll be surprised at how cute dinosaur love puns are!

1. I’m raptor round your finger.

I’m wrapped around your finger too, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

2. You’re triceratops on my list.

You’re always my top priority too.

3. I love you so much, I’ll punch a pterodactyl out the sky for you!

I know it’s an exaggeration, but I love it!

4. Rawr means “I love you” in dinosaur.

Rawr to you too!

5. Staysagaurus with me forever! I love you!

I’ll stay with you until we grow old!

6. I dino why but I love you.

Me too! I can’t explain it, but I love you so much!

7. You make my heart rawr!

My heart’s roar is as loud as a lion’s! I want everyone to hear how much I love you!

8. I bronto-swore I love you!

I swear I love you ‘til death tears us part!

9. I want to tyrannosaurus flex my love for you!

You don’t have to flex. I know you love me even if you don’t show it off.

10. Stegasaurme + Stegasauryou = Stegasaurus

This is the dinosaur way of saying, ‘You complete me.’

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Bonus: Funny Dinosaur Puns

Telling dinosaur joke puns is a surefire way to make people smile. You can easily make fun questions and answer jokes and riddles about dinosaurs because they’re just so many! Whether they’re funny or cheesy, they’re always witty enough to get a reaction from anyone.

It’s a good thing we’ve put together some funny dinosaur puns so that you don’t have to make up your own! Check out our list of funny dinosaur puns!

1. What do you call a dinosaur who never gives up? A Try-try-try-ceratops!

Perseverance is a great quality to have.

2. Why was the teenage dinosaur so moody? Because of roarmones.

Teenagers feel so many emotions because of their hormones!

3. Why can’t you hear a Pterodactyl when it goes to the toilet? Because the ‘P’ is silent!

I’ll be scared if I hear them!

4. What do you call a dinosaur car accident? A tyrannosaurus wreck!

That wreck must be massive!

5. Where did the dinosaur clown get a job? At the carnivore.

Can you imagine a carnival with dinosaurs?! That would be so awesome!

6. What do you call a dinosaur that only has one eye? An eye-saur!

I don’t think it will be an eyesore. Having one eye makes it unique and awesome!

7. What type of tool did prehistoric carpenters use? Dino-saws!

Are these saws made from dinosaur bones?

8. What do you get if you cross a pig with a dinosaur? Jurassic pork!

That’s going to be quite a juicy pork barbecue!

9. What’s a dinosaur’s favorite drink? Rex on the beach!

Sounds delicious! Do dinosaurs like sunbathing too while drinking cocktails by the beach?

10. How do dinosaurs like their burgers? Medium rawr.

I like my burgers well-done. I guess I’m not a dinosaur!

11. What do you call a dinosaur after a breakup? Tyrannosaurus ex!

If it’s a bad breakup, you’ll wish your ex becomes extinct too!

12. What do you call a group of singing dinosaurs? A tyranno-chorus.

A group of singing dinosaurs sounds terrifying!

13. What do you call it when a dinosaur can’t perform in bed? A reptile dysfunction.

I never thought that dinosaurs would have this kind of problem!

14. What do you call a t-rex who can’t accept defeat? A saur loser.

Being a saur loser doesn’t show anyone in a good light. Good sportsmanship builds character.

15. Where do dinosaurs go on vacation? The dino-shore!

Everyone loves the beach, even dinosaurs!

16. Why do museums have old dinosaur bones? Because they can’t afford new ones!

I’ll be surprised if they can find new dinosaur bones!

17. What do you call a British dinosaur? A tea rex.

You know how the British love their tea!

18. Which dinosaur sleeps all day? The dino-snore.

It must have such a loud snore! No one would like to sleep beside a snoring dinosaur.

19. What do you call a gigantoraptor that won’t stop talking? A dinobore.

It won’t be so boring if they just let the others talk every once in a while!

20. What do you call a dinosaur with clean teeth? A Flossaraptor!

Because it’s really good at flossing its teeth after meals! I wonder if it’s carnivorous?

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