Which Pokémon are you?

If you were a Pokémon, which one would you be? Take this quiz to find out!

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Pokémon Quiz

Pokémon is great, right? And probably every Poké Maniac has asked themself once in their life which Pokémon they would be in the fantastic world of Pokémon. Take this quiz and find out which Pokémon you are!

Ever wondered which Pokémon you are?

Take this quiz and we will guess which Pokémon you are.

If you were a Pokémon, which one would you be?

We all love Pokémon. Now it’s the time to find out which Pokémon you are!

What do you like about a university?

  1. the opportunity to do things you're interested in
  2. that you can do whatever you want
  3. that I can be myself and I can be successful
  4. to hang out with friends after class
  5. the sporting events
  6. the partying

You see someone drowning in water. What do you do?

  1. jump in and help
  2. can't help but think that they are a fish
  3. send my Pokémon for the rescue
  4. use my rope I always carry to rescue them
  5. throw my Pokéball at them
  6. call the police

What is your favorite kind of meat?

  1. beef
  2. deer
  3. goat
  4. chicken
  5. pig
  6. I only eat plants

What is your favorite type of clothing?

  1. my pants, which are always wrinkled and stained with blood
  2. my white shirt
  3. the green t-shirt my dad gave me
  4. a suit
  5. my blue suede shoes
  6. my baggy pants

What do you think of wrestling?

  1. great sport
  2. don't like it, too brutal
  3. just the kind of exercise my Pokémon need
  4. cool sport, weird outfits
  5. too sweaty, I prefer polo
  6. boring to watch, but fun to do

What is your favorite style of music?

  1. hard rock
  2. punk
  3. rap
  4. metal
  5. hip-hop
  6. pop

What is your favorite movie genre?

  1. action
  2. comedy
  3. horror
  4. drama
  5. sci-fi
  6. romance

What is your favorite part of Halloween?

  1. the trick or treaters
  2. getting dressed up as a scary character
  3. the fear
  4. the atmosphere
  5. when I'm scared
  6. when I go trick or treating and see all the different costumes and decorations

Who would you want to ask for advice on how to train your Pokémon?

  1. Miley Cyrus
  2. Anna Kendrick
  3. Sandra Bullock
  4. the Rock
  5. Tom Hanks
  6. Harrison Ford
Show Result


  1. Gengar

  2. Pikachu

  3. Rayquaza

  4. Jigglypuff

  5. Turtok

  6. Magikarp

  7. Charizard

  8. Mew

  9. Mewtwo

  10. Bulbasaur


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