Pokémon Unite: Which Pokémon should you play as? Find out now!

Pokémon Unite: Which Pokémon should you play as?

Pokémon Unite's roster is filled with fan favorites. But does your favorite Pokémon also suit your playstyle? Find out now which Pokémon you should choose in Pokémon Unite!

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Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is finally out, and players old and young are in love with it. But a question a lot of people bothers is: As which Pokémon should I play? Which one suits my playstyle best?

This question will finally be a thing of the past with this quiz. Take the Pokémon Unite: Which Pokémon should you play as? quiz now!

What is Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Unite is a multiplayer online battle arena game by Tencent in the style of League of Legends. The goal is to score more points than the other team while battling it out as well.

Each team chooses five different Pokémon, such as Charizard, Pikachu, Blastoise, Lucario, Gengar, or many more. Pokémon Unite’s roster is filled with many fan favorites and some rather unusual Pokémon like Cramorant, Crustle, or Wigglytuff.

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The game is suited for everyone owning an Android, Apple phone, or Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Unite Pokémon

As already mentioned, there are plenty of different Pokémon to choose from in Pokémon Unite. But the roster is regularly updated, so new Pokemon show up every now and then. Because of that, the following list may or may not be complete:

Pokemon Unite download

You can download Pokémon Unite for Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS! Just search for it in the Google Play Store, the App Store, or Nintendo Switch’s Game Store.

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