Which food do you look like?

Everybody looks like some sort of food. Which food do you look like?

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Food quiz

Food – we quite literally couldn’t live without it. And it comes in many different shapes and sizes. But have you ever wondered which food you look like? Take our quiz to find out!

Which food do you look like?

Everybody has a food doppelganger. To find out, simply answer the following questions and get one of many possible results. You could be a juicy strawberry, a tasty burger, or even a healthy salad!

So, which food are you? Find out now!

Food and personality

Food is not only essential for our survival, but it can also say a lot about our personality. For example, people who like spicy food are often seen as adventurous, while those who prefer sweet food are often seen as more easy-going.

But the food you choose to eat does not just tell you something about your personality – humans like to associate objects with personality traits. That means food also seems to have its own kind of personality to most of us!

Or don’t you think a strawberry seems cheerful while a pumpkin looks a bit grumpy but also fun?

Do you have a food doppelganger?

Take our quiz to find out which food you look like! It’s quick, easy, and fun – and you might be surprised by the result because everybody has a food doppelganger!

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