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Kpop, or Korean pop, is music that hails from South Korea. The spread of Kpop worldwide began in 2009, when Wonder Girls entered the Billboard Hot 100 with their hit song Nobody.

After that, all kinds of K-Pop groups have emerged and all took the world by storm.


Bangtan Sonyeondan (commonly known as BTS), is a Korean-pop group that made their debut in 2013. Coming from a small entertainment company, HYBE (previously known as BigHit), everyone overlooked BTS and simply viewed them as underdogs.

Yet as of December 2021, this all-boy group has released 9 studio albums and won 63 daesangs (the highest awards a group/artist can achieve), which makes them the only artist in South Korean history to do so.

Aside from their great success, BTS members have also won the hearts of many around the world; men and women! Their adorable personalities and genuine humbleness have been something that ARMYs (Fans of BTS) love about them!

BTS members

BTS has consisted of 7 members since their debut. Let’s briefly get to know the BTS members!

Kim Namjoon

Kim Namjoon, or famously known as RM, is the group’s leader. He is the 2nd member to be put into BTS. Namjoon is part of the rap line and contributes a lot to the writing of the group’s songs.

Kim Seokjin

Kim Seokjin, a.k.a Jin, refers to himself as Worldwide Handsome. Can’t complain, right? 😉 He’s also the 3rd person to join BTS (after RM) and is part of the vocal line. Jin was discovered when he was simply getting off a bus stop as he was on the way to school one day.

Min Yoongi

Min Yoongi, a.k.a Suga, is the last member to be put into BTS. Suga is a part of the rap line and is mainly the one who produces the songs of the group. Suga got his nickname from the first 2 syllables of Shooting Guard (슈팅 가드 in Korean), which is the position he played in basketball when he was a student.

Jung Hoseok

Jung Hosek, a.k.a J-Hope, is the 1st member to be put into BTS and is currently part of the rap line. J-Hope was already part of an underground dance crew called Neuron and was well-known in the scene before deciding to become a trainee.

He is best known for his bubbly personality and his positive energy, which is the main reason why he got “hope” in his nickname. He is the type of person to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Park Jimin

Park Jimin famously goes by just Jimin, but it was revealed that his stage name was supposed to be Baby G. Jimin is the 6th member to join BTS and is currently part of the vocal line. He’s best known for his amazing dance moves, as he used to study contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts!

Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung, better known as V, is a charming person with one of the most unusual stories. V is the son of farmers and had initially only accompanied his friend who had the intention to audition. Yet upon walking the hallways, he was approached by staff who had encouraged him to audition as well. He ended up getting accepted while his friend did not.

V is currently part of the vocal line and had lately been included in the dance line due to his improvement and impeccable performances.

Jeon Jungkook

Jeon Jungkook, famously known as JK, is the 4th member to be put into BTS. He initially didn’t want to stay but was simply amazed by RM. Yes, you read that right! JK stayed because of Namjoon.

He is currently the lead singer and the group’s Golden maknae (which means the youngest member). Jungkook is a jack of all trades and can do everything so well!

Curious enough to see who you share the most characteristics with? Take the quiz now and find out which of the 7 members in BTS you’re most alike!

What would people often describe you as?

  1. I'm the leader of the group
  2. I'm the one who takes care of everybody
  3. I'm usually the cold and emotionless one
  4. I'm the sunshine and the happiness of the group
  5. I'm the sexy and silly one
  6. I'm the classiest member
  7. I'm the one who can do everything

What color would you decorate your mic?

  1. Light blue
  2. Pink
  3. Black
  4. Red
  5. Orange/Gold
  6. Green
  7. Purple

Which drink would you always have with you on tour?

  1. Soju
  2. Red wine
  3. Water
  4. White wine
  5. Beer
  6. Gin
  7. Any alcohol

What kind of instrument do you play?

  1. None
  2. Ukulele
  3. Piano
  4. Beatbox
  5. Guitar
  6. Saxophone
  7. Drums

Why would you want to become an idol?

  1. I genuinely just want to become an idol
  2. I wanted to create and share my music
  3. I was just approached by someone because of my good looks
  4. I actually want to become a producer
  5. I want to be a great dancer

Who is your favorite American artist?

  1. Kanye West
  2. Shawn Mendes
  3. Eminem
  4. A$AP Rocky
  5. Justin Bieber
  6. John Legend
  7. Ariana Grande

Would you rather be a part of the rap line or the vocal line?

  1. Rap line
  2. Vocal line

You're out travelling on a trip with your members, what's a dilemma you'd probably encounter?

  1. I'd forget my passport
  2. My passport probably expired
  3. I just want to stay in the hotel
  4. People are approaching me but I can't, because i'm on important business.
  5. No one wants to go out and roam around with me
  6. I just want to look for an Oreo McFlurry
  7. I would forget my camera or its charger

Are you the adventurous type?

  1. Yes
  2. No

How would you spend your vacation in another country?

  1. Visit the country's museums
  2. Stay in the hotel and go to the spa/pool
  3. Stay in the hotel and sleep
  4. Go with whoever's doing something fun
  5. Go to a party and drink at night
  6. Drive around and go to the beach
  7. Go to their theme parks

Which halloween costume would you go as?

  1. Bunny
  2. Cowboy
  3. Ryan (KAKAO Talk Character)
  4. Be a skeleton
  5. A cabbage costume
  6. A sailor costume
  7. Traditional wear

Would you rather be a dancer or a singer in the group?

  1. Dancer
  2. Singer
  3. Either one

You're on stage, receiving an award, and your members are talking amongst themselves. What do you do?

  1. You pull them apart
  2. You join in on the conversation
  3. Just remain emotionless on the side
  4. Ignore them and start thinking of what next to say
  5. Keep reminding the members to mention ARMY
  6. Just listen in but keeping a straight face
  7. I'm probably the one who's talking

What's your favorite thing about performing?

  1. Hearing the crowd and their cheers
  2. Getting to interact with the fans again
  3. Hyping up the crowd
  4. Dancing and just having fun
  5. Running around the stage and dancing
  6. Playing with the confetti
  7. Watching the fireworks at the end of the show

If not an idol, what would you want to have as a career?

  1. Business man/woman
  2. Actor/Actress
  3. Producer
  4. Dancer
  5. Talk show host
  6. Farmer
  7. Pro-Gamer
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  1. Kim Namjoon

    You are the leader of 6 amazing boys!

    You always know the right thing to say and you work incredibly hard to keep the group together. Namjoon is the type of person who has an incredible amount of patience and is just overflowing with love for his members.

    You also have the biggest heart and are extremely protective of the people you love. Not to mention you're incredibly smart!

  2. Kim Seokjin

    You are the leading visuals of the group.

    You are also the oldest, meaning you have an innate instinct to protect the people around you. While your looks and impeccable charm are the first thing that people notice about you, they also can't help but fall in love with your kind personality.

    You also bring everyone together by making everyone laugh with your dad jokes. You are truly an important member of any team!

  3. Min Yoongi

    While you may be deemed as cold and emotionless, your members bring out your soft side.

    You let your guards down when you feel you're around people you can be comfortable with and you know you're safe. Because of the struggles you've faced, you are filled with wisdom and people naturally go to you for advice.

  4. Jung Hoseok

    You are the happiness and sunshine in this group.

    While many people take you for granted, your members know that they'd be completely lost and hopeless without you. You also bring the sickest moves to the dance floor! #HopeOnTheStreet!

    While you are best known to be the group's ray of sunshine, people often rely on you for being the responsible one as well! Yet underneath your optimism, people know you that you have a strict side and no one dare crosses that!

  5. Park Jimin

    You are the sassiest member of the group.

    You're also very much aware of the appeal you have and you use it well to your advantage! However, your duality is also unreal. While you put on the meanest looks while dancing, when you're out having fun with your members, you bring so much joy and laughter to the group.

    You're one of the strongest people and you handle criticism quite well. People around you greatly respect you for that!

  6. Kim Taehyung

    You are the classiest member of the group.

    Everyone knows you for your unique style and elegant moves. You're also known for *having your own world* and often getting lost in it. While that's not entirely a bad thing, people around you often wonder a lot of things about you.

    You're also the most gentle person. You're often very subtle with your words and you're often quiet. Sometimes, with how gentle you are, people around you often care for you a lot more. Isn't that fun?

  7. Jeon Jungkook

    You are the group's golden maknae.

    The ultimate jack of all trades. Your members are often so proud at everything you do because you do it so well!

    Yet even though you're the youngest, you can easily get along with everyone and have created a special bond with each of the members.

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