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History has proven time and again that boys are attracted through what they see while girls are easily attracted through what they hear. Yup, ladies can sometimes be defenseless against the charms of any Casanova, that’s why you boys should up your game when it comes to talking to girls!

There’s nothing more sexy than a guy who can hold an interesting and engaging conversation long enough and still have you pining for more time with him. The aura, the words and the vibes guys exude when girls talk to them are definitely key to making girls like them.

If you are not so sure about how to start talking to girls or how to make them laugh and feel good, no worries! Here are some of the best pick-up lines guys should use to get girls:

Funny Pick-Up Lines for Girls

Do you want some jokes or punch lines that can lighten the tension between the two of you? Make your girl laugh with these pick-up lines that will certainly guarantee you both a good time:

1. You know what’s on the menu? ME-N-U

You can try this while you’re at a restaurant trying to pick your food.

2. It’s time to pay your rent, missy. You’ve been spending too much time in my mind.

One way to say that you’re always thinking about her. Girls secretly like that because they’re always overthinking whether boys think about them or not.

3. You must be a booger because I’d pick you any time.

It might be gross but it’s actually sweet and funny if you think about it.

4. Wanna play Titanic? I’m the ship. You’re the iceberg and I’m gonna go down.

This might have a dirty side to it but it’s kinda witty and anything related to the Titanic movie will spark something in ladies’ hearts.

5. You’re like a bank loan, babe. You got my interest!

Talking loans and money never sounded this good!

Cute Pick-Up Lines for Girls

Boys who can be witty and cheesy at the same time can, indeed, make the girls go crazy and fall head-over-heels. Here are some of the lines to make them girls giggle:

1. Hey babe, you wanna know what I’m made of? Boyfriend material.

This might sound a little bit cocky but it can do the trick to get girls’ attention. They’ll subconsciously want to be your girlfriend with this one!

2. Hey girl, I need a band-aid. I scraped my knee falling for you.

Now, here’s a line that would shock them if you do it while also faking that your knee hurts.

3. If I were a superhero, I’d be called YOURMAN!

Superman, Spiderman and Batman, step aside and make way for the real superhero!

4. You’re looking kinda pale, you need some vitamin ME.

This will make them giggle and maybe ask for today’s dosage of you. Don’t make them overdose!

5. Just like a camera, you really know how to make me smile!

Make the girls know that they make you smile, they’ll like it sooo much.

Good Pick-Up Lines for Girls

Girls are downright defenseless when you’ll use these lines on them. Here are some good pick-up lines to get the girl of your dreams to notice and remember you big time!

1. Can I ask for your name or can I call you mine?

Aggressive and assuming but with the right vibe and timing, you’ll be one for the books, honey.

2. I think I know you. You look exactly like my next girlfriend!

The stranger girl will be flattered with this line and will be bragging about you.

3. Knock-knock? (Who’s there?) When where! (When where who?) Tomorrow brunch, at the cafe, me and you.

Knock-knock jokes that will take them aback will earn you some major points!

4. Do you know CPR? Help me because you are taking my breath away!

Does CPR involve any tongue? Get ready for some oral action!

5. Call 911, I think I’m gonna fall for you.

This is a romantic emergency, you guys! My heart is gonna explode with so much love!

Dirty Pick-Up Lines for Girls

Are you feeling lucky enough to pull some dirty jokes and eventually make the girl get your message and jump in bed with you? Here are some dirty pick-up lines you can use on girls.

1. Your mommy must have been a baker because you got yummy-looking buns.

This is a great and slightly dirty line to compliment a girl’s fine, fine ass.

2. I have been trying to find the treasure, let me look at your chest!

If the girl obliges, you’re gonna see not one but two treasures!

3. Your shirt and pants need to go but you can stay.

Getting a girl to remove her clothes has never sounded this subtle yet sexy!

4. There must be a mirror in your pants, baby, ‘cause I can see myself in them.

This line has helped guys get into a girl’s pants on the second date, boy!

5. The word of the day is “legs”. Be a good girl and spread the word.

Oh my, if this would work, imagine all the legs you’ll be spreading. Attaboy!

Sexy Pick-Up Lines for Girls

Girls like it hot and sexy, too. Sure, they wanna be respected and all but there are times when they like boys to talk dirty to them. It makes them feel desirable, strong and sexy. It can boost their confidence and surely feel closer to you!

1. I think it’s hot in here, or is it just you?

They’ll give you a smile and a big thank you for your surprising compliment.

2. Did you come from a vending machine? ‘Cause you a snack, babe!

The ladies kinda like the image in their heads of you devouring them. wink, wink!

3. If you were a song, you’d be Spotify’s hottest single!**

To be called hot when a girl is single can be quite a turn on…

4. Did you know that your body is made up 70% of water? And I’m so thirsty I could drink you up!

Since we’ve covered eating up, it’s time for you to have a tall glass of that sexy lady!

5. Baby, I can’t seem to taste my lips. Can you?

It’s a trick question that’ll leave the girl breathless and hungry for the touch of your lips.

Best Pick-Up Lines for Girls

The rest of the pick-up lines previously mentioned are of no match to the best pick-up lines that can work on girls. This list has sexy, cute, romantic and sensitive all rolled into five questions that can tug at the heartstrings of any beautiful lady.

1. Oh, your hand looks pretty heavy! Let me hold it for you, my lady.

A great way to make an excuse to hold her hand. Smooth move, smooth move! Bravo!

2. I’m a genius when it comes to Algebra. I can easily replace your X without you overthinking Y!

A tad cocky but it’ll make them flattered and feel oh-so-beautiful!

3. Roses are red, Violets are blue. I’m kinda crazy and I think it’s because of you.

The roses and violets line has always been a classic and all it needs is some substance and rhyming.

4. I’m a sailor and I’d ship you and me any day!

There’s something about sailors that always makes girls squirm and blush.

5. You’re almost perfect, love. All you’re missing is my last name.

Another cocky and assuming line but girls love guys who take control, too. Just work it as you deliver this line then afterwards, remember to walk your talk!

Girls might act all demure and delicate when it comes to meeting new guys but all they really want is to feel the connection. The quickest way into their hearts is assurance and humor. This means that you gotta know how to talk to them and make them feel things with your connection during your conversation. Never underestimate the power of a great conversation!

In need of more ideas on how to start the conversations of a lifetime through awesome pick-up lines? Follow this link and have some fun: More Pick-Up Lines!

✍️  July 20, 2021

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