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What K-pop Idol am I?

Discover your K-pop Idol twin! Take this quiz now and find out which K-pop idol matches your unique personality! Are you like Lisa or Jimin?

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What K-pop Idol am I?

Are you captivated by the heart-stopping performances, electrifying melodies, and mesmerising choreography of K-pop? Ever find yourself mimicking the dance steps of BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” or humming the infectious tunes of BTS’s “Dynamite”, all the while pondering, “Which K-pop idol am I?”

This is your chance to find out your K-pop alter ego. Are you the charismatic leader like Jin from BTS, inspiring others with your vision? Or perhaps the alluring artist like Lisa from BLACKPINK, setting the stage on fire with your dynamic performances?

Join us in this thrilling exploration of your K-pop identity. Whether you connect with the vibrant energy of J-Hope from BTS, the magnetic charm of Jennie from BLACKPINK, or the elegant allure of Cha Eunwoo from ASTRO, one thing is certain – this journey is going to be awesome!

Let the rhythm of K-pop guide you to your idol persona. It’s your time to shine, K-pop fans!

The stage is set, the spotlight is on – are you ready to find your idol match? Take this quiz now!

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K-Pop Groups

K-pop is an exciting universe of catchy beats and stunning performances. It brings together millions of fans worldwide, all sharing a love for this thrilling music style. But who are the real stars behind this spectacle? The amazing K-pop groups, each bringing their unique style to this colorful music scene.

Imagine BLACKPINK: these amazing women don’t just make music; they make statements, delivering powerful tunes with a mix of strength and style. They’re not just singing songs; they’re starting a movement, breaking the rules with each melody.

And then there’s BTS, a group that has changed the game. They’re winning hearts around the world with their touching music and exciting dance routines. They show us the power of working together and have become a beacon of hope in the K-pop world.

But the K-pop universe isn’t just about these two big names. Think of ASTRO, with their uplifting tunes and smooth dance moves that feel like a breath of fresh air.

Think about GOT7! A band that pushes the boundaries of K-pop, their bold music and passionate performances are a thrilling rollercoaster of emotions.

Let’s not forget BIG BANG - the original pioneers. They’re the group that changed the way K-pop is with their unique style and bold authenticity. Their impact lasts as long as their music, inspiring every new group that dares to dream big.

These fantastic groups not only top the charts but also bring fans together. They’ve made K-pop more than a music genre; it’s a shared journey, an exciting adventure, a world that keeps us all hooked, always ready for the next beat.

Ready to find out which K-pop idol you are? What are you waiting for, take the quiz now!

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K-Pop idols

There are a ton of K-pop idols. Here are some of the most popular ones:


Lisa is a K-pop superstar whose edgy style and performances set the world alight.


Jennie’s expertise spans singing, songwriting, and rapping, making her a beacon of limitless potential for girls worldwide.


Jisoo, known for her radiant positivity, has a voice like an angel and a personality that can brighten any room.


Rose pairs her remarkable vocals with warmth and kindness, making every performance feel like home.


V charms with his multi-faceted talent and humility, remaining grounded despite his stardom.

Jungkook – BTS

Jungkook, BTS’s ‘Golden Maknae’, spellbinds with his talent, humility, and respect for others.

Jimin – BTS

Jimin, the heart of BTS’s charm, shines both on and off stage with his caring nature.

J-Hope – BTS

J-Hope inspires with his positive vibes and unmatched rapping skills, embodying hope.

Jin – BTS

Jin, the eldest BTS member, mixes smooth vocals and humour, proving dreams can be achieved with a laugh.

Cha Eunwoo – ASTRO

Cha Eunwoo, the prince of ASTRO, impresses with his charm and ease in singing and acting.

Jackson Wang – GOT7

Jackson Wang stands out with his dynamic performances and fan-friendly attitude, keeping the K-pop party alive.

G-Dragon – BIGBANG

G-Dragon, the legendary leader of BIGBANG, is a trendsetting icon who continually redefines K-pop stardom.

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K-Pop fans

When it comes to the magic of K-pop, the fans are the backbone, the dynamite, the heart, and the soul! These international devotees aren’t just fans, they’re a vibrant, global family bound together by their shared love for all things K-pop. The fans, they’re the dynamo, the driving force, the unstoppable wave that carries K-pop’s Hallyu wave far and wide.

From BTS’s ARMY to BLACKPINK’s BLINKs and GOT7’s iGOT7s, fans immerse themselves in the music. They fill stadiums, break records, and rally together for causes. They master dance choreographies, decode foreign lyrics, and spread positivity within their fandoms. That’s you!

Are you the dynamic Lisa or the charismatic Jin? Take this quiz now and discover your K-pop idol persona!

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