Anime quiz: Which character would be your ultimate BFF?

Which anime character would be your best friend?

Take our fun and exciting quiz to discover which popular anime character would be your BFF in a parallel universe where anime is reality!

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Which anime character would be your best friend?

Ever wished you could hop into an anime show and interact with your favorite characters? Anime is known for its elaborate storytelling, unique artwork, and a wide variety of characters with whom we relate on a personal level.

How about taking our fun quiz to find out who your anime best friend would be? Remember, best friends share a special bond. They are our cheerleaders, our critics, our shoulder to lean on, and sometimes the voice of reason we need.

Understanding the world of anime

Anime, originally a Japanese art form, has left its mark across the globe. Its expansive universe hosts characters of all kinds – the courageous, the strong-willed, the goofy, the intelligent, the leaders, the villains, and much more.

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Comic relief or someone who challenges you to be better, shares your interests, or someone who helps you explore new territories? The world of anime has a range of characters that could fit the title of ‘Best Friend’ depending on what you’re looking for.

What makes a best friend?

Before we get into the quiz, let’s clarify what makes a best friend. Is it shared interests? Shared secrets? Someone who’s always there for you – no matter what? Each of us might have a slightly different definition of a best friend.

However, the unanimous consensus is that a best friend is someone who understands you, respects you, and looks out for your well-being. But remember, it’s a two-way street – a best friend is someone you would do the same for.

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Anime characters who could be your potential best friend

Our quiz includes a variety of characters showcasing diverse characteristics that resonate with different types of friendships. Would you prefer an adventurous and fearless best friend by your side, or are you more in sync with a pragmatic and logical friend?

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto is the epitome of an enduring and resilient spirit. Despite the tough hurdles and challenges he faced, he always persevered and never gave up. If resilience and determination inspire you, Naruto could well be your anime BFF.

Sailor Moon

Known for her loving nature, Sailor Moon is an iconic symbol of love and justice. Her heroic spirit combined with her compassion make her a great choice for those who seek a kind-hearted friend, who also won’t shy away from a good fight!

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The ever-optimistic and audacious captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy. He would be the perfect BFF for those who value loyalty, courage, and a great sense of humor in their best friend.


Goku’s friendly nature, unyielding spirit, and love for a good fight are well recognized. If you value a best friend who is ever ready to accept challenges, Goku could be the one for you.

Mikasa Ackerman

The loyal and protective Mikasa would make for a steadfast, dependable best friend. Her unwavering determination coupled with her skills make her a reliable and trustworthy companion.


Totoro, a lovable spirit of the forest, embodies warmth, joviality, and innocence. If you’re someone who cherishes a sense of wonder, a calm disposition, and a light-hearted sense of humor, Totoro might be your ideal anime best friend.

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Dive into the quiz

Are you ready to discover who your anime best friend could be? Hop onto our exciting quiz and answer the highly engaging set of questions carefully crafted for you.

Here’s your chance to bond with a fellow anime character in a parallel universe. Because remember, with the power of friendship, anything can be achieved in the anime world and beyond! So get ready, and start quizzing!

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