Quiz: Which One Piece character would be your best friend?

This One Piece quiz can reveal which Straw Hat Pirate would be your best buddy!

Time to navigate through the seas of personality traits! Discover your One Piece best friend by taking our exciting quiz now!

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Which One Piece character would be your best friend?

Ever wondered who’d be your sailing buddy in the One Piece universe, joining you on a quest to find the greatest treasure - the One Piece? Set sail for an amazing adventure through this quiz and unearth your One Piece bestie!

No need to swim the treacherous waters! Just dive into this One Piece character quiz and find out who you’d embark on high seas exploits with!

Meet the One Piece crew

Let’s drop anchor and take a moment to introduce the crew! One Piece features a variety of unique and colorful characters, each with their individual quirks, dreams, and backgrounds. Among all the exciting faces, who’ll be your best mate?

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Monkey D. Luffy

The captain himself, Monkey D. Luffy would be a goofy and fun-loving friend. A true dreamer, Luffy is prepared to go to the ends of the earth to fulfill his aspirations. With Luffy as your sidekick, your life would always be filled with laughter and relentless optimism.

Roronoa Zoro

Come meet the perfect boisterous companion, Roronoa Zoro! Known for his unwavering determination and unmatched sword fighting skills, this no-nonsense swordsman would be your reliable companion, always ready to face any bash or crash.


Nami, the clever navigator, would make a smart and resourceful best friend. Always planning several steps ahead, this courageous and crafty map-maker truly has a heart of gold.

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Nico Robin

For those drawn to wisdom and mystery, Nico Robin might just be your perfect match. This enigmatic archaeologist is well-read and strives to unearth the truth about the world’s history and secrets.


Bring on the charm with Sanji! This suave and sophisticated ship cook knows how to whip up a storm in the kitchen. Besides, who could resist a friend who can treat you to a gourmet meal whenever you like?


If spinning tales and cracking jokes are your thing, then Usopp is the friend for you. Usopp is a skilled sniper and a cunning liar, and life with him would definitely be full of unexpected surprises and laughter.

What does your One Piece character say about you?

Your favorite One Piece character can reveal a lot about your own personality. Are you an adventurous dreamer like Luffy, or a patient strategist like Nami? Do you relish a challenge and enjoy a hearty laugh like Usopp, or are you more serious and steadfast like Zoro?

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Time to reveal your fate and find out who your One Piece bestie is! Dive into our interactive quiz and discover who you would be sailing the high seas with!

One Piece characters: A splash into the seas of friendships

One Piece has a cast full of colorful and unique characters, each with their captivating quirks and interests. Getting to know them is a fun journey in itself, but figuring out who would be your bestie adds a new layer of excitement.

Whether it’s Luffy’s relentless determination, Zoro’s silent strength, Nami’s smart strategies, Robin’s wise words, Sanji’s incredible cooking skills, or Usopp’s unexpected valour, each character brings something unique to the table. So who’s going to be your sailing buddy in the Grand Line?

Ready to find your One Piece bestie?

An adventure awaits! Just buckle up and take a leap with our quiz! Navigate through the questions and see which One Piece character resonates with you! Whether you end up with a goofball like Luffy or a smart planner like Nami, undeniably, a great adventure awaits!

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Happy sailing, brave explorer, and may the winds of fate guide you to your One Piece best friend! By the end, you might just find out you’ve been a pirate at heart all along!

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