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Funny Wine Puns

Making people laugh is so easy when there’s wine involved. Add in puns about wines, and you’ll have people laughing like you’re the best thing since sliced bread!

Everyone’s in for a grape time with these funny wine puns! Enjoy our favorite wine puns!

1. Avoid unnecessary confrontations and drink away your hurts and cham-pain.

A bottle of champagne will make you forget your pain!

2. Gone with the wine.

My sensible self is gone with the wine. Time to make some pour decisions!

3. Sorry, I’m tipsy. Alcohol you later.

How much alcohol did you drink? You better call me when you sober up later!

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4. Time to wine down.

After a tiring day at work, I am excited to wine down and relax.

5. Wine flies when you are having fun.

Where did all the wine go?! I think you drank more than me!

6. Wine improves with age. I improve with wine.

Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with growing old, and I get more fabulous every year!

7. Once upon a wine.

That’s how the craziest stories always start!

8. Our book club only reads wine labels.

We read the labels after we drink the wine!

9. You had me at merlot.

Some people would say, “You had me at hello.” But I’m a sucker for a bottle of merlot!

10. Some you wine, some you lose.

That’s life.

11. Tonight’s forecast… 99% chance of wine.

It’s the perfect time to hang out with the girls!

12. You’re the wine that I want.

You’re the one for me!

13. On cloud wine.

This bottle of champagne makes me so happy. I feel like I’m on cloud nine!

14. Which wine is known for making people drowsy? Sauvignon yawn blanc.

It’s great if you’re looking for a nightcap that will put you right to sleep.

15. Wine a little, laugh a lot.

You’ll laugh a lot once you have enough wine.

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Wine and Cheese Puns

If you want to take your beer and pizza night up a notch, try a wine and cheese night instead to feel a little more sophisticated.

Even if you feel all grown up sipping wine while eating different kinds of cheese, don’t forget to share wine and cheese puns that will have you and your friends giggling like crazy!

1. #WCW stands for Wine Couch Wednesday right?

Yes! Every Wednesday, I have a standing appointment to drink wine and eat cheese while relaxing on my couch.

2. Chardon-hey!

Hey there! Can you give me a glass of chardonnay too?

3. Everything happens for a riesling.

This is absolutely true. If you have a riesling, you have a reason to drink!

4. German wine is Gewurzt!

Are you sure? How can any wine be the worst?

5. The hardest decision today: glass or bottle.

Hold on. I need more time to think. This is such a tough choice!

6. I’m in the right place at the white wine.

I have great luck! Pour me a glass, please!

7. Read between the wines.

You read between the lines! I’m too busy drinking wine.

8. Red my lips – we need more wine!

If my lips are not red enough, we need more wine!

9. Sauvignon blanc out.

Drink responsibly! Be careful not to black out!

10. Winesday Wednesday.

My favorite day of the week aside from Thirsty Thursday!

11. You can’t sip with us.

Go sip wine with the others.

12. We’re on an all-grape diet.

It’s an all-liquid diet too.

13. How do I decide how much wine to drink? Take it case by case.

Drinking wine should not be a race! Just take it one case at a time.

14. What do we call too much wine hangover? The grape depression.

I think I’ll be depressed if I run out of wine.

15. Wine sips, sink ships.

Because everyone’s too busy to take care of things!

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Wine Puns Captions

Enjoying a nightcap with your partner or having a night out with the girls? Be sure to capture the moment and share it on Instagram! (If you don’t document it, did it even happen?!)

Here are the best wine captions that will show you’re on cloud wine while enjoying your favorite bottle of wine with your friends! They are for all the wine lovers out there!

1. Life is wine-derful!

A life full of wine. What more can one ask for?

2. Love the wine you’re with.

Of course, I chose this bottle of wine like I chose someone I want to be with.

3. My wine or die.

No one can take my wine away from me.

4. No wine left behind.

No bottle not emptied! That is my promise to you!

5. Oh, sweet child of wine.

That’s what I sing during karaoke! Amirite?

6. I enjoy long romantic walks down the wine aisle.

This is a romantic walk I can even do by myself! But I won’t mind walking with someone along the wine aisle.

7. Wine not?

One of the best puns about wine! Is your humor dry like your favorite wine?

8. Everything happens for a riesling, right?

There’s a reason why you need a bottle of riesling. Do you like your wine sweet too?

9. Pour decisions are a mind thing and cannot be blamed on wine.

Don’t blame the wine when you made your decision! The wine is innocent!

10. Go chard or go home.

This is not hard. I’ll take the chardonnay and go home later. And what’s your favorite type of wine?

11. Cheers to pour decisions.

You know there’s a 50-50 chance you made the right decision!

12. Giving you more reason to wine.

Drinking too much wine can make people whine more!

13. I need to re-wine my life.

In other words, I need to drink more wine! Cheers!

14. Just got off work. Time for me to uncork and unwind!

I need a corkscrew to open this bottle then can start unwinding.

15. You’re my partner in wine.

We all have that friend who always says yes to wine! Don’t ever let them go!

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Rosé Wine Puns

If you can’t decide between red or white wine, go pink instead! Rosé is a kind of wine that comes in a cute pink color which makes it perfect for sharing on social media. It tastes great too!

While all wine jokes and puns are awesome, rosé wine puns feel like they’re a little bit more classy and elegant. For people who are in love with rosé, here are rosé wine puns to make your day lovely!

1. Rosé colored glasses.

When you drink a lot of rosé, everything looks rose-colored and pretty!

2. My neck, my back, my rosé, and my snacks.

This just became my favorite song!

3. Will you accept this rosé?

Yes! I’ll take the whole bottle! What’s better than wine gifts? Birthday wine!

4. Rosé to the occasion.

Drinking rose makes me feel ready to face anything!

5. I rosé above it.

The only way I can rise above this mess is with a bottle of rosé.

6. Pretty in pink.

Some think of a pink dress. I think of rosé wine.

7. Yes way, rosé.

I’ll always say yes to rosé on my dining table!

8. Roses are red, rosé is pink. Pour me a glass and just let me drink!.

Nuff said. I’ll take a glass of rosé over roses anytime!

9. My superpower is making rosé disappear. Wanna see?

I don’t even wanna share. That’s part of my superpower!

10. A wine that is pink in color makes me happy.

In other words, rosé makes me happy.

11. I need this vacation to help me un-wine. Hakuna Moscato!

Everyone needs to unwind with a glass of rosé every once in a while.

12. Stop and smell the rosé.

The smell is heavenly!

13. Where there’s a will, there’s rosé.

I can make a way with a glass of rosé!

14. La vie en rosé

I want to live a life in pink while drinking all the rosé I want!

15. Fifty shades of rosé

If you’re saying there’s a pink room with bottles of rose and all sorts of cute pink stuff, sign me up! No safe word is needed!

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