Political compass quiz: What's my political ideology?

Political compass quiz: What's my political ideology?

Where are you on the political compass? What's your political ideology? Find out now with this quiz!

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Political compass quiz

The political compass is an excellent way of finding out what your political ideology is! Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint to which side you tend. While right-wing parties often tend towards economics, left-wing parties focus more on the needs of society. But that’s only half the truth! The political compass also checks if you’re rather on the authoritarian or libertarian side.

Where do you stand on the political compass? Find out now!

Political ideology quiz

This quiz is the best way of finding out where you’re standing, politically speaking. With straightforward questions and only two answers to choose from, this quiz is made for everyone. Politics can be very overwhelming and overly complicated. That’s why this quiz tries to use easy-to-understand words and only two choices.

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If you’re not happy with your result, redo the quiz. It is possible that you’re a mix of more than one result.

What is my political ideology?

There are a lot of different political parties around the world, but all of them can be divided into right-wing vs. left-wing parties and authoritarian vs. libertarian parties. So there are two different axes on the political compass.

Right-wing vs. left-wing

The first axis of the political compass contains right vs. left. Generally speaking, left-wing parties are characterized by an emphasis on society, freedom, rights, progress, and internationalism. Right-wing parties are rather the opposite and are characterized by an emphasis on authority, order, duty, tradition, and nationalism.

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Most of the time, leftists are more progressive and rightists more conservative. Meaning, leftists want that society progresses and evolves into something better, while rightists want to uphold tradition and want everything to stay as it is.

Rightists want the economy to flourish, and leftists want the people to flourish.

Authoritarian vs. Libertarian

The other axis of the political compass contains authoritarian vs. libertarian. The want for more personal freedom defines libertarianism. People and freedom are the highest goods in libertarianism. On the other hand, authoritarianism is defined by the belief that authority should be obeyed and that total freedom can’t coexist with its ideas.

The extreme of libertarianism would be anarchism, the extreme of authoritarianism would be fascism.

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Some believe, that authoritarianism is a pure right-wing thing and libertarianism a pure left-wing thing. But it can also occur the other way around.

So if you combine these political ideologies, it is possible to be an authoritarian leftist, authoritarian rightist, a libertarian leftist, or a libertarian rightist.

Who should I vote for?

This is a question nobody can answer for you. The best tip you can ever get is to see for yourself which parties stand for what thing. Of course, it’s easy to vote for the same party as your friends or family, but you’re better than that. You’re not a parrot. Form your very own opinions, educate yourself and compare politicians and always check if a source is trustworthy or not. If you’re not sure if you like left-wing or right-wing parties, just take this quiz. It will be very beneficial for you!

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