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Inuyasha is a Japanese manga and anime series from the late 90s. The story revolves around Kagome, a fifteen-year-old school girl falling into a well and being transported back in time. Arriving in the Sengoku period of Japan, she meets the half-human, half-dog demon Inuyasha.

After accidentally shattering the sacred Shikon Jewel, Inuyasha and Kagome go on a journey to recover the fragments scattered across Japan. On their quest, they are joined by various characters and fight Sesshomaru, Inuyasha’s half-brother, and the evil half-demon Naraku.

Inuyasha characters

Inuyasha has a broad set of different and unique characters. There is the titular hero Inuyasha, a half-human, half-dog demon, Kagome, a brave and kind girl from modern Japan, Miroku, a young and lecherous monk, and many, many more!

Take this quiz now to find out which fantastic character of the Inuyasha universe is mot like you!

How many episodes of Inuyasha

Inuyasha’s episodes are based on the 56 volumes of the manga series. There are seven seasons for the anime; all of them have between 26-29 episodes, making it in total 193 episodes.

Inuyasha sequel

There is good news for every Inuyasha fan out there. If you haven’t heard it before, there is already a sequel out for Inuyasha that is currently running! Yep, you heard me right!

The anime series that serves as a follow-up to the original Inuyasha is called Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon


Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is a sequel to Inuyasha. The story revolves around the children of the main cast, the twin daughters of Sesshomaru and Rin – Towa and Setsuna – and Inuyasha and Kagome’s teenage daughter Moroha.

The show has 28 episodes so far and is still running!

Someone hits on your secret crush. How do you react?

  1. I go over and confess my love.
  2. I pretend as if I don't care. But deep down, I go nuts.
  3. I don't care.
  4. I have no idea what to do!
  5. I go over and start a fight.

Describe the love of your life.

  1. Rude, but fun.
  2. I don't need love.
  3. Handsome and cute.
  4. Delicious ... oh, you didn't mean food?
  5. Shy, but loyal.


  1. Dawn
  2. Dusk
  3. I don't know

What’s your favorite pet?

  1. Cat
  2. Hamster
  3. Snake
  4. Bird
  5. Dog

Choose a weapon.

  1. Sword
  2. Staff
  3. My fists
  4. Shield
  5. Shuriken


  1. Forest
  2. Town
  3. Mountain
  4. Beach
  5. Plane

Your mortal enemy is in front of you and is sound asleep. You could do anything to them, and they'll never know who it was. What do you do?

  1. I poison my enemy.
  2. I pull a prank on my enemy.
  3. I rob my enemy.
  4. I kill my enemy.
  5. I do nothing.

Choose a weekday.

  1. Monday
  2. Friday
  3. Sunday
  4. Tuesday
  5. Thursday
  6. Saturday
  7. Wednesday

Which ice cream flavor do you like most?

  1. Vanilla
  2. Chocolate
  3. Strawberry
  4. Stracciatella
  5. Cookie dough

What is your personality?

  1. Stoic but loyal.
  2. Short-tempered but fearless.
  3. Stubborn but kind.
  4. Coldhearted but confident.
  5. Childish but determined.

In a world like Inuyasha's, what would you be?

  1. I would be a prankster.
  2. I would be something demonic.
  3. I don't know.
  4. I would be a demon slayer.
  5. I would be a monk.

What do you like about your name?

  1. My name is very melodic.
  2. I don't like my name.
  3. My name is pretty cool.
  4. My name is special.
  5. My name is very old.
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  1. Inuyasha

    You're like Inuyasha!

    If there is a word that describes you best, it's "fighter". You refuse to back down, and your enemies, of which you have a lot, are taken aback by your unorthodox style.

    You're very determined and have a lot of guts. But you're rather childish and are easily agitated.

  2. Kagome Higurashi

    You're like Kagome!

    You're pure of heart and kind to most people. But you're never afraid to voice your opinion and are pretty stubborn if someone goes on your nerve. Even though you're very empathetic and respectful most of the time, your lack of self-control often gets you into a lot of trouble.

  3. Sesshōmaru

    You're like Sesshōmaru!

    If a word describes you best, it would be "cool" – in more than one way. You're very confident in yourself, making you seem very laid-back to others, but you're also coldhearted. Most of the time, you're very calm and calculating, aloof and indifferent, but sometimes you get outraged.

    You act as if you don't feel anything, but you have feelings for a special someone.

  4. Miroku

    You're like Miroku!

    You're a brave person, willing to sacrifice a lot for the people you love. But you don't feel any shame in giving up if it is the best option available. You're calculating and wise, friendly and kind, but also quite short-tempered.

    You're also horny a lot.

  5. Kikyo

    You're like Kikyo!

    You're compassionate, kind, and considerate. You can find sympathy for anybody, even for your enemies. But you rarely show any emotions and have built a hard shell around your soft heart. To most people, you seem quite apathetic, but to certain people, you open up.

  6. Sango

    You're like Sango!

    You have a strong sense of responsibility and are very brave. Although you're very compassionate, you do not tolerate any nonsense. You're fearless and show a lot of fighting will most of the time, but even you have your limits.

    You like to encourage others a lot.

  7. Naraku

    You're like Naraku!

    You're evil and like to manipulate others for your own goals. You rarely take any responsibility for your actions and like to twist details to make it seem like others are to blame.

    You're power-hungry and self-obsessed but also jealous a lot.

  8. Shippo

    You're like Shippo!

    At first glance, you might seem like you're weak, but you have a strong spirit. You're very determined and would do a lot to reach your goals.

    You like to be around people a lot and are a courageous person. Your ability to analyze situations is exceptional.

  9. Kirara

    You're like Kirara!

    You like to eat, sleep, play, and repeat! You're exceptionally patient and would do everything for your friends. But you're also more intelligent than you look and are a very loyal companion to those you trust.

  10. Rin

    You're like Rin!

    You're a simple and innocent person. You love your life, even though it's a tough one. You're very stoic and prefer to be alone most of the time. With your gentle heart, though, it's easy to forge outstanding bonds with others.

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