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You need a new Gamertag? This quiz will help you out!

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Gamertag Generator

This generator is probably the best and most sophisticated on the entire internet. While others only have a couple of results, this one is filled to the brim! Just answer the following questions and claim your new Gamertag! You’ll be surprised! If you’re not happy with your result, just redo the quiz!

This quiz features handpicked Gamertags. If you prefer random and personalised ones, you should definitely check out our brand new Gamertag Generator!

Good Gamertag Ideas

The Gamertags this quiz has to offer are great in every way. If you struggle to come up with your own Gamertag, this quiz will give you plenty of input and ideas! And keep in mind that you can always redo the quiz if you’re not satisfied with your result. Some tags can be a little bit – let’s say – bold, depending on your answer.

Gamertags for Girls and Boys

This quiz offers results for boys and girls as well! You can also choose a genderless Gamertag if you want to! Just tick accordingly!

Gamertags for PS4 and Xbox Live!

This sophisticated quiz is also of great assistance if you need a new Gamertag for PS4, PS5, or Xbox Live!

Which gender do you identify as?

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. Queer

Which gender should your Gamertag reflect?

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. No gender
  4. I don’t care

How filthy are you?

  1. Very filthy!
  2. A little.
  3. Not at all.

Which of the following games do you prefer?

  1. Call of Duty
  2. Animal Crossing
  3. Pokémon
  4. League of Legends
  5. Grand Theft Auto V
  6. Hearthstone

Describe yourself.

  1. Introverted
  2. Laid-back
  3. Extroverted
  4. Cute
  5. Dreamy
  6. Offensive

What kind of gamer are you?

  1. Serious gamer
  2. Casual gamer
  3. Troll

What’s your biggest hobby besides gaming?

  1. Eating
  2. Making love
  3. Sports
  4. Social media
  5. My pets
  6. Nothing

You’ve spent a lot of time on your latest quest but failed miserably. What’s going on in your mind right now?

  1. Fuck it.
  2. Better luck next time!
  3. I would have won if the others didn’t suck so much!
  4. I should eat something.
  5. I hate this game!
  6. Nothing.

Pick one.

Pick a word.

  1. Filth
  2. Bizarre
  3. Bumblebee
  4. Indigo
  5. Vermillion
  6. Gluttony

What do you like most?

  1. Memes
  2. Making fun of others’ parents
  3. Trolling
  4. Cute animals
  5. Destroying noobs!
  6. Candy
  7. Food
  8. None of the mentioned

How should your Gamertag be?

  1. Casual
  2. Oscene
  3. Cute
  4. Cool
  5. Random
  6. Don’t know
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  1. M3m3L0rd

  2. Psych0Th3R4pist

  3. B0welM0ver

  4. B4ckd00rBust3r

  5. T34B4gger

  6. InsignificantEggplant69

  7. EjacuLarry69

  8. GamerBoy1

  9. MrCupcake321

  10. Just4Z0mbi3Boy

  11. MrBAMF99

  12. YourF4th3r

  13. LazyBoy4

  14. M3m3Qu33n

  15. HairyNScary

  16. WAP1234

  17. NutCr4cker

  18. EatMyP123

  19. InsignificantPeach69

  20. GiveM3Th3Nut

  21. GamerGirl1

  22. MrsCupcake321

  23. YourZ0mbi3Girl

  24. MrsBAMF99

  25. YourM0th3r

  26. LazyGirl4

  27. ProN00b123

  28. N00bDestroyer89

  29. ChickenRamen3

  30. LazyP4nd4

  31. LazyH4mst3r

  32. Crazy0wl

  33. PotatoeNibbler3

  34. InsignificantRockstar7

  35. CyberCupcake69

  36. SharpKnife123

  37. DragonHunt3r

  38. SlimNibbler8

  39. CandyCastle11

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