What should I build in Minecraft? | Minecraft quiz

What should you build in Minecraft?

Don't know what to build in Minecraft? Well this is the perfect quiz for you!

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With hundreds of blocks to choose from, an almost infinite world, there’s so much you can build and so much you can do. Minecraft is one of the most famous games published, with over 238 million copies sold to date!

There are hundreds upon thousands of things you could build, a house, a ship, maybe even a castle! It may become overwhelming with the sheer number of things you can create, so why not narrow your selections down by taking this quiz to find out what you should build?

What should I build?

To solve your problem, we have created a quiz just for you; based on your answers, we will determine what you should build; will it be the mighty mansion? Perhaps a sophisticated modern house? Maybe a boat to venture the vast oceans or possibly a grand castle for you to display your riches. (Or perhaps even a dirt house, who knows?)

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Whatever it may be, make yourself a part of it, and you will see something truly spectacular bloom out of it.

What are you waiting for? Stop wasting your time and do the quiz!

Building is a form of art

Building things in Minecraft is not just something you do, but a means of expressing yourself. Display your creativity and imagination through this intricate art form.

It takes skill and hard work, dedication, and time. Though your first build may not come out how you may have imagined it, it surely can be refined through practice!

Like everything in life, talent can only get you so far; the rest is up to your own dedication and willpower. Whether you want to become a better artist, singer, writer, or Minecraft builder, it all takes practice, practice, and practice! Let your imagination run loose in this creative sandbox!

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What should I build in Minecraft?

Build the tallest skyscraper any Minecrafter has set their eyes on, build the biggest swimming pool anyone has swum in, build the biggest mountain anyone has climbed, and build the biggest city anyone has lived in! The only limit is your imagination (and maybe the build height limit 😂).

With endless possibilities, it may become too much for casual players; so much to do, but the question still remains: What do I do? Minecraft has three main game modes; creative, survival, and hardcore.


Creative mode is about being imaginative, freely expressing your artistic intentions, and molding the world around you to your will.

With complete power and control over your world, you can build monumental fortresses to accommodate a worthy leader like you, nifty Redstone contraptions like automatic doors and elevators, and the power to wreak havoc – if that’s what you desire.

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Survive, explore, fight. Survival mode sets you into a world full of friends and foes, starting off with nothing but your bare fists.

This game mode requires you to explore the vast world, collecting resources from all kinds of structures, biomes, villages, and mobs. As the sun sets, bones begin to rattle, and zombies begin to groan; the night is dark and full of countless fiends awaiting you.

Embark on your journey throughout this unknown world, collecting the best weapons and armor, slaying all enemies in your path, and building the greatest of cities.


This is not for the weak; only those who want a challenge should attempt this. Hardcore is just like survival, the difference being the game difficulty is locked onto hard. There’s more; once you die, it’s all over.

The respawn function does not exist in this game mode; instead, you are ruthlessly forced to delete your world, the only other option being to spectate it.

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