Quiz: Which Umbrella Academy character are you?

Which Umbrella Academy character are you?

Discover which member of the Hargreeves family reflects your personality! Are you more Luther or Five? Allison or Vanya? Take this quiz to find out!

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Which Umbrella Academy character are you?

Ever wish you could join the ranks of the gifted Hargreeves siblings? The Umbrella Academy, with its blend of superpowers, time travel, and deeply complex characters presents an enthralling universe that’s left us all wishing we could teleport into our screens.

Get ready to join the motley crew of the Umbrella Academy. Take our quiz to unravel which member of the Hargreeves family you’re most like!

Meet the Umbrella Academy cast

Superpowers and eccentric childhood, anyone? The Umbrella Academy introduces us to a host of diverse characters, each more fascinating than the last.

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Luther Hargreeves

Loyal, determined, and a tad naive, Luther Hargreeves is the quintessential ‘big brother’. As Number One, he’s the muscle of the family, quite literally. A man of few words, Luther is a steadfast leader who’s always there for his siblings, even if they don’t always appreciate it.

Diego Hargreeves

Hot-headed Diego might be rough around the edges, but he has a heart of gold. A master knife thrower and rebel at heart, he’s always ready to jump into action and doesn’t shy away from a fight, especially if it’s for a good cause.

Allison Hargreeves

Allison isn’t just a TV star — she’s a woman of presence and power. Her rumor-driven powers can sway anyone to her will, but it’s her loyalty and protective nature that truly define her character.

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Klaus Hargreeves

The free spirit of the family, Klaus never fails to keep things interesting. Gifted (or cursed) with the ability to commune with the dead, he’s also a charm magnet with more than his share of personal demons.

Number Five

He’s an old man in a teenager’s body but don’t let that fool you. Hopping through time and space is his gig, and he’s sharp, cynical, incredibly resourceful — and oh, he can stop time, so there’s that!

Vanya Hargreeves

Last but not least, meet Vanya — the seemingly ordinary member of a remarkable family. She’s thoughtful, shy, and incredibly empathetic, with a depth of character that surprises everyone by the season’s end.

Unleashing your Hargreeves likeness

Do you see yourself as the natural leader like Luther or the rebellious hero like Diego? Maybe you empathize with Vanya’s feeling of not belonging, or Klaus’s struggle with his unique gift? Or perhaps you see your own wit and determination reflected in Five’s wide, knowing eyes.

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Whichever way your heart sways, this quiz will help you find your place in the Hargreeves family! And remember, just as in the show, every single member of the family, with all their quirks and oddities, is essential to the whole.

The Umbrella Academy: More than just a series

The Universe of The Umbrella Academy is as diverse as it is fascinating — filled with superpowers, emotional undercurrents, delectable music, and time-jumping adventures that shock and delight in equal parts.

Remember, as you inch closer to discovering your Hargreeves alter-ego, this is about way more than superpowers. It’s about your temperament, your quirks, your strengths, and the inimitable quirks that make you, you.

The ultimate question: Which Hargreeves are you?

Ready to discover your place at the Umbrella Academy dinner table? Dive into this personality quiz that’s as bizarre and fun as a day in the life of the Hargreeves siblings.

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Break out your vinyl records, put on those dancing shoes, and let’s do the ’time warp’ to the end of the world — and back! Who knows which Hargreeves sibling is waiting to bond with you? Happy quizzing!

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