Quiz: Which Owl House character are you?

Which Owl House character are you?

Are you ready to dive into the magical world of the Boiling Isles? Take our enchanting quiz and discover which character from Owl House you really are!

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Which Owl House character are you?

Are you ready to hop aboard the magical train and dive headfirst into the wonderfully weird realm of the Boiling Isles? If you’re a fan of visionary animation and relatable characters, chances are you’re hooked on the fantastic series that is Owl House!

Whether you’re a newbie who has recently stumbled upon this magical world, or a seasoned fan always on the edge of his or her seat, it’s time to take this spellbinding quiz and figure out which Owl House character mirrors your personality!

Meet the Owl House cast

On to the fun part! Let’s get to know each of these magical characters a little better. Each of them brings their own unique quirks, strengths, weaknesses, and of course, their own spellbinding magic to the show.

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Luz Noceda

Our very own fearless protagonist, Luz is a human girl who stumbles upon the Boiling Isles and stays! Luz is adventurous, brave, very empathetic and she isn’t afraid to be different. She is the perfect example of breaking stereotypes and coming out victorious.

Eda Clawthorne

Self-proclaimed ‘most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles’, Eda is a whimsical character. She is Luz’s mentor and friend, always ready with a wise word or a hilarious comeback. Eda is an incredible witch, despite her struggles, and is fiercely independent.


With big dreams of reclaiming his throne, King is the cute little demon with an even bigger personality. Despite his small stature, King is ambitious, slightly self-centered at times, but fiercely loyal to his friends.

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Willow Park

Meet Willow, the kind-hearted witch who’s great with plant magic. With her innate understanding of nature and her empathetic soul, she quickly becomes one of Luz’s closest allies.

Amity Blight

Once a rival, now a friend, Amity is a complex character. Packed with raw talent and a fiery spirit, Amity’s seemingly harsh exterior hides a soft heart that’s loyal to the bone.

Gus Porter

Gus is proof that age has nothing to do with wisdom! He might be young, but Gus is a gifted illusionist. His kind-hearted nature and love for his friends make him a key part of this fantastic team.

Which character fits your magic?

With such a delightful medley of characters, each with their own unique magic, you can’t help but wonder - which one would you be in this enchanting universe? Are you brave like Luz, wise like Eda, ambitious like King, kind like Willow, powerful like Amity, or a young prodigy like Gus?

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Whether you’re a wild witch or a daring demon, this quiz will help you find your magical alter-ego! So grab your staff, polish those glyphs, and get ready to cast your spell in this whimsical world!

What’s your personality potion?

Your unique personality traits will guide you toward your Owl House match. Is it your brave nature, your thirst for knowledge, your loyalty, or your nurturing spirit that will decide who you are? This breathtaking quiz is not just a fun activity, it’s an introspective journey that will bring you closer to your true self.

So, are you ready to turn these pages and reveal your true character? Take the plunge into the vibrant world of the Boiling Isles and let your Owl House spirit take flight!

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