Which Nintendo character are you? Quiz

Which Nintendo character are you?

In the Nintendo Universe there are plenty of different characters. Which Nintendo character would you be?

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Find out which Nintendo Switch character you are!

So you’re a big Nintendo fan? But have you ever asked yourself: Which Nintendo character am I?

Nintendo created so many different characters that it can be a quite daunting task to find the character that is most like you! But with this quiz, it’s gonna be easy!

Are you good old Mario, a chubby yet athletic plumber with a kind heart? Or are you Link, the hero of Hyrule, slaying enemies with his sword? Maybe you’re the electric mouse Pokémon Pikachu? Perhaps you’re even a baddie like the evil sorcerer Ganondorf?

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Which Super Smash Bros. character should you play?

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even find out which character in Super Smash Bros. you should play and main via this quiz?

Super Smash Bros. is a lot of fun. Yet there are plenty of characters to choose from, so the decision can be quite tricky. This quiz will definitely help you to find someone that matches your personality!

Which Nintendo character are you?

Take this quiz and answer every question as truthfully as possible to get the most accurate result. If you’re not happy with your result, just retake it.

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