Which Grey's Anatomy character are you? | TV Show Quiz

Which Grey's Anatomy character are you?

Do you think you'd survive with a career in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital? Take the quiz and find out which Grey's Anatomy character you are!

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Which Grey’s Anatomy character are you?

First airing in March 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has been a show that took its viewers on a crazy ride. From insane highs to the lowest of lows, Grey’s Anatomy has given everyone one heck of a ride for their emotions.

Each character in Grey’s Anatomy is special and unique, each playing an integral part in the growth of the show’s story. Many fans think the story would not be as good if the characters were given a different circumstance.

Are you like Meredith Grey, the strong woman who can overcome any obstacle thrown her way? Or maybe you’re more like Cristina Yang, the determined and fierce woman who knows how to get what she wants?

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Take the “Which Grey’s Anatomy character are you?” quiz now to find out!

Grey’s Anatomy

First airing in 2005 with 18 seasons (as of writing), Grey’s Anatomy has been one of those shows everyone loves! Considering that the show has been around for so long, you would feel that you’re growing alongside the characters.

Grey’s Anatomy revolves around the personal and professional lives of the surgeons working in the titular hospital, Seattle Grace Mercy West. The focus is on Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo), one of the surgical interns who becomes a surgical resident, and her relationships with the other doctors around her.

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The show has been praised for its representation of women in medicine and has been a huge success, with many viewers tuning in every week to see what happens next. Due to the show’s success, it was given spin-off shows such as Private Practice and Station 19.

Why do fans love Grey’s Anatomy so much?

The question is, what is there not to love about Grey’s Anatomy? Each episode of Grey’s Anatomy always leaves you on the edge of your seat, just waiting and wanting more!

The show has romance, a bit of comedy, and loads of drama. Now let’s face it, how else would any show draw in some viewers right? However, one of the things that set Grey’s Anatomy apart is that it doesn’t just focus on the love and relationships between the characters.

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You also get to see how these doctors grow as professionals. You see them make life-changing decisions, and sometimes, you feel like you’re in the room with them, experiencing everything they’re experiencing.

Warning: Spoilers up to Season 18 may be mentioned in the following text!

Especially with the show addressing real-life issues (such as rape, the Black Lives Matter movement, mental health, and of course, the Corona Virus pandemic), it was evident how they tried to show how these issues affected the medical community. After some time, you would feel the relevance of the messages behind each episode.

From mundane issues about the love lives of these doctors to emotionally heavy episodes that genuinely leave you in awe and deep thought after every ending. Grey’s Anatomy ensured that they still deserve the same craze they were getting when they first started.

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Characters of Grey’s Anatomy

Throughout the current 18 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy (yes, the show is still ongoing!), there have been plenty of characters that have come and gone. However, each of these characters has unique traits to them.

So which Grey’s Anatomy character are you? Take the quiz now to find out!

Warning: Some spoilers may be mentioned!

Meredith Grey

The main character is, of course, Dr. Meredith Grey. The show started with Meredith Grey as a first-year medical intern who caught herself in a love triangle with one of her bosses.

Despite this, Meredith is a strong woman who knows what she wants and is determined to get it. You could see her development from a meek intern who followed orders to a confident woman who knew how to stand up for herself.

Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang is Meredith’s best friend. Because of how close they are, the two have eventually coined the term “The Twisted Sisters”.

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Cristina is someone who is very ambitious and driven. She always wants to be the best and is very competitive. This was seen when she tried to get into Derek Shepherd’s neurosurgery program.

Cristina is also not afraid to speak her mind and will tell you exactly what she thinks, whether you like it or not. This is a trait that many fans have found very endearing of Cristina.

Alex Karev

Alex Karev was one of the original surgical interns who started working at Seattle Grace Mercy West with Meredith and Cristina.

Alex is very loyal to those he cares about. He is also very protective, especially regarding his friends and family. This was seen when he punched DeLuca for trying to kiss Meredith and when he defended Jo from her abusive husband.

Alex is also known for being a bit of a ladies’ man and has had his fair share of relationships throughout the course of the show. However, fans think that Alex was given one of the best character growths throughout the whole show.

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George O’Malley

George was known for being a bit shy and awkward. He was also very sensitive and compassionate, which was seen when he comforted a patient who was dying of cancer.

George sadly failed his boards and was forced to leave the medical program, but because of his determination, he re-applied and eventually became a surgical intern again.

George was also in love with Meredith but never had the guts to tell her. However, fans will always remember him for his selfless act of saving a woman.

Izzie Stevens

Izzie was known for being the kind and compassionate one in the group. She was one of the most cheerful characters and cared for everyone there.

However, don’t let her sweet smile fool you. Izzie is incredibly feisty and is not afraid to stand up for herself. Isobel Stevens had it rough in the past, making her work harder than anyone else in the program.

Those were only the original five interns! Looking for the other characters?

Take the quiz and find out if you’re like any other character on Grey’s Anatomy!

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