Danny Phantom: Which character are you?

Which Danny Phantom character are you? Find out now with this quiz!

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Danny Phantom

You’re a Danny Phantom fan and stumbled over this quiz? Lucky you!

Danny Phantom is one of the greatest shows hitting Nickelodeon in the lastest years. It’s about Danny Fenton, a teenage boy, that turns into a half-ghost/half-human hybrid. He defends his hometown and Earth from all the evil ghosts!

The show already has three seasons! You should start watching right now!

Danny Phantom characters

Danny Phantom’s characters are one-of-a-kind. Like Danny Fenton, Sam Manson, Ember McLain, Paulina Sanchez, or Vlad Masters! There are just so many interesting ones!

But have you ever wondered which of these fascinating characters is most like you? Well, this quiz will tell you!

Which Danny Phantom character are you?

So, you want to find out Which Danny Phantom character is most like you? Don’t hesitate any longer and take this quiz!

This quiz features the main characters as well as some villains. You’re in for a treat. Have fun!

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