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People don’t have the attention span that can last an entire day. That’s why icebreakers were made to energize everyone and spice up the mood of the activity. Here are 10 best icebreakers you can use for events with a lot of participants:

Top 8 Best Icebreakers for Large Groups

1. Icebreaker Game - The Human Knot

This is definitely a great icebreaker game that is both interactive and fun! The rule of the game is pretty simple but finishing it is a bit of a challenge. You need to work together! This game is best for a large crowd divided into big groups of around 15-20 people per group.

All you need to do is raise your right hand and hold the hand of another player, then raise your left hand and hold the hand of another different player. The whole group will be in a giant human knot! The goal is to untangle the knot without letting go of each other’s hands. The first group to untangle and form the circle wins!

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2. Icebreaker Game - Mingle, Mingle!

This is a great get-to-know-you game that works best for a big number of strangers.

You just have to stand up and wait for the orders of a game master. The game master will call out a number and you will group yourselves by the number called out. The game master will then call out a category like “favorite color” and you will need to group yourselves according to your favorite colors. Hold hands with your group!

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Here are some categories you can use for this game:

  • Favorite ice cream flavor
  • Favorite subject
  • Favorite fruit
  • Favorite Singer
  • Favorite fast-food chain
  • Favorite shoe brand
  • Birth month
  • Where you last went for a vacation
  • What do you want to be when you grow up
  • First letter of your last name

The players who fail to group themselves after the time runs out will be out of the game!

3. Icebreaker Game - Group Juggle

This is yet another great game to get to know people you have just met. All you need is a ball and all players to sit in a circle.

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Everyone must first introduce themselves. You need to be able to memorize all their names. You name another player and throw the ball to him/her. The next player says your name and the name of the next person he’s throwing the ball to. You can’t throw it back to the person who threw the ball to you.

4. Icebreaker Game - Gotcha!

This is a very interactive game that will test your focus.

All you need is for everyone to stand in a circle and raise both hands to the side. Point your right index finger towards the palm of the next player. Everyone will count to three and try to catch the index fingers pointing towards you. At the same time, try your best not to get caught!

It’s thrilling and will have everyone on the alert then burst into laughter after the count of three!

5. Icebreaker Game - Object Stories

This verbal game can quickly turn into the most hilarious and crazy thing you’ve ever heard from your friends/colleagues. All you need is a big bag full of random stuff.

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You will each have your turn to randomly pick something from the bag. Tell everyone an interestingly made-up story behind that object.

Here are some cool objects and a sample intro for each that you can use:

  1. Pen- This pen was a gift to me from my mother and I always bring it with me wherever I go.
  2. Handkerchief- I found this hanky while I was having one of the worst days of my life.
  3. Book- This is my favorite book. I got it when I was still 13.
  4. Baseball- This baseball was given to me by a famous athlete.
  5. Stone- This piece of stone was once part of a great temple in Greece, I got it when our went to Athens for a vacation.

Everyone will ask questions about it and you have to answer them as best as you can to continue your story!

6. Icebreaker Games - Animal Sounds

All you need for this game is a box full of strips of papers with animal names written on it. You need to pick a strip from the box and think about the sound of that animal. When a signal is given for you to start, imitate the sound or noise of the animal you picked.

Using your animal sound, find other animals you belong with! The game ends when everyone has found their groups.

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7. Icebreaker Games - Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors

Everyone knows how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors! But you’d be surprised to know that it’s even more fun to play with a large group of players. All you need to do is play a Best of Three Rock, Paper, Scissors with another player. Whoever wins moves on to another winner. All losers are out of the game. Continue playing until there’s only two of you left for the championship game!

8. Icebreaker Game - Time Capsule

This is a fun game with no winners or losers! You just need to write on paper strips different life events or memories and put them all in a box.

Here are great life memories you can use for this game:

  • Prom
  • High School
  • Career
  • First Date
  • First Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  • College
  • First Job
  • Wedding
  • Vacations to other Countries

You pick a strip of paper from the box and share your most memorable experience related to what’s written on the paper. Share what you would have done differently if you can turn back the clock. Make sure you share with all your heart but don’t steal the show for too long!

9. Icebreaker Game - Bigger and Better

You will need judges for this extremely challenging yet fun game. Divide everyone into groups of 3-5 people per group. Give each team a paper clip (or something else with a small value like a pen or pencil).

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You will be given thirty minutes to an hour to go around the area and try to trade the paper clip (thing of small value) for something of greater value! You need to work as a team to persuade others to give you something in exchange for just the paper clip!

When the time is up, all groups come back and present what they have. The judges will decide who wins based on size, quality, and creativity!

10. Icebreaker Game - Paperplanes

All you need for this getting-to-know-you game are papers and pencils for each player. You should each write your names on your own paper. Write two personal questions on your paper.

After writing, fold your paper and turn it into a paper airplane! Together with the other players, throw your plane into the air and let it fly around the room. Then pick another plane that’s not yours and let it fly again. Take time to pick other planes and let it fly around the room until the planes are all shuffled.

A game master will tell you when the time for flying is up. Pick the fallen paper plane closest to you. Find the owner of the plane and ask him/her the questions written on his plane. When everyone’s done, each of you should introduce that person to the group and share his answers, too!

You will be amazed by how effective these icebreakers can be! Say goodbye to boring classes and seminars. These games will save you from boredom and will give you the good vibes you need for the day!

Are you ready to have some fun? Follow this link for more icebreaker ideas. Icebreaker Games

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