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It’s easy to feel like you’re in a social rut when it comes to talking with your friends. The trick is to find something you both know or at least have an interest inβ€”a hobby, TV show, book, etc. β€” and get them talking about that.

It will make for an interesting chat because there are plenty of details and anecdotes to go around. Plus it makes for good bonding time since everyone has their own interests that can be shared with others who may not know how much they love Star Trek trivia or ferrets!

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How to Make a Conversation With Friends

The best way to start a conversation with friends is by asking them about their interests. This is where it gets easier. It’s no longer just one person speaking to the other person and then waiting for a response.

For example: “What’s your favorite movie?”

You can ask them what they’re interested in and then you can say, “I’m really into that too!”, and then they’re going to be more than happy to talk about it to someone who is interested and speaks the same language.

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Why are conversations with friends important?

Having conversations with friends is important for a number of reasons. First, it’s a way to stimulate your mind. Next, being good friends with someone means showing them that you appreciate them and want to hear about their lives. Finally, knowing people is one of the best ways to discover who you are and what you want in life.

A lot of people find themselves lacking in conversation with their friends. When you go a couple of days without talking, it’s easy to let your friendship fizzle out, presuming that your friend no longer wants to talk to you. Here are some ways you can easily get the ball rolling with someone and possibly start a new friendship or reignite an old one.

How to Make a Conversation Not Awkward

One of the most important things to do is to make sure the conversation stays interesting and not awkward. Easier said than done, we know. But here are some tips to help you start a meaningful conversation with your friends:

1. How to start a conversation!

The best place to start a conversation is during a routine, such as going to class or work together. Just say hi and then go from there! It’s simple and it works.

2. Focus on common interests!

If you’re looking for a specific topic to talk about, look no further than your interests. There are certain conversations that people only have when they’re deeply invested in certain topics. Talking about interests is always a good topic to bond over. And talking about common interests is even better! If you both like the same genres or shows, this will make it easier to find new things to talk about.

3. Talk about meaningful topics!

There are interesting, thought-provoking questions that can inspire conversations just waiting to be found. For example, people are often happy to talk about their childhoods. It’s one of the topics people are most willing to talk about. Getting mind-blowing answers to these deep questions will give you something interesting to talk about for sure. You might even get inspired by your friend’s words and their ideas!

4. Share your plans!

Find out if they’re planning on doing anything fun in the coming weeks. If they are, ask if you can come along. And if they want to do something else instead, ask them what their plans are and why they find them interesting. Mentioning future activities is a great way to get conversations started. You won’t have to wait long until the next opportunity arises, especially when the activity is something the two of you will do together.

5. Talk about recent events!

Ask them about their week. What’s new? Did anything exciting happen? You can even ask what they don’t like about their current situation and what they’d rather be doing instead. This works best if your friends are not complaining all the time (which we’re sure they’re not). Asking about recent events in the life of your friends is always a good topic. It doesn’t have to be anything big - it could be something small, but still fun or interesting for them. And you’ll get to know what’s going on in their lives better this way!

4. Dream together!

Knowing what your friends want out of life is good for them and good for you, too! You can only connect with someone so well if you don’t know what they care about or their passions. Try asking things like: “What do you want to do with your life?”

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Tips for Starting Conversations in Different Situations

1. How to Start a Conversation With a Coworker

When you’re talking to coworkers, it’s important to be on the same page. Find out if they are looking for conversation or just want to get their job done. If the conversation is what they are looking for, then you can ask them any of the following open-ended questions:

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • What did you think of that movie?
  • What are your thoughts on the new project?
  • How do you think this will turn out in the long run?

These are all great conversation starters because they don’t pressure your coworker into answering with an immediate response. They can take their time and give thoughtful answers, which ensures a better conversation flow.

2. Talking to Friends Without Much in Common

When you want to catch up with friends but don’t have much in common, it can be hard to find the perfect conversation topic. Here are some tips for starting conversations when you’re no longer interested in the same things:

  • Find out if they’ve been traveling recently and ask them about their experience.
  • Ask if they’re watching any interesting shows lately and what they think of it.
  • If you know each other very well, talk about your life aspirations and how you want to achieve those. This will give you a good idea of which areas might need improvement!
  • When you don’t have much in common, it might help to ask the other person about the things they like. You’ll definitely find a topic or two that interests both of you!

3. Talking to Neighbors

Talking to neighbors can be especially awkward since there is a small chance that you’re going to see them again anytime soon.

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  • Ask them if they need any help with something. This is a great opportunity to help your neighbor and also break the ice for future conversations. Make sure you’re not forcing this though - it should be genuine, not forced!
  • Find out if they’ve been traveling lately. If your neighbor is always gone, then you can ask about their plans for the upcoming weekend or holiday. This will give you an insight into what they do on a daily basis and how often they come home.
  • Make plans with them. Maybe you should invite them over for dinner or watch TV together.

4. How to talk to New Friends

Conversations with new friends can be scary because there is a chance that they don’t like you and don’t want to talk to you at all. However, if you’re interested in this person and think they’d like to talk to you, here are some good ways to start a conversation:

  • Ask them about their favorites. Find out what they like. This is a great question for new friends because it gives the two of you something in common right away! By finding out what your friend likes, you’ll both be able to relate and build
  • Talk about dreams. Talking about dreams is always a great way to bond! Maybe you even share your dreams?
  • Make new plans with them. What could be nicer than having a drink or going to the cinema together?

What are some good things to talk about with friends?

Well, I know you’re busy with your own life and don’t have much time for conversation. But when you do meet up with your friends, make sure to use this list of topics to start conversations. Everyone likes talking about what they like, so why not use it to your advantage?

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If you want to talk about books, try asking these questions:

  1. Is this book better than the last one you read?
  2. Do you prefer fantasy over sci-fi?
  3. What would be your favorite movie based on this book? 4. Do you like the author’s other works?

What should you talk about if your friends have different interests than you? Well, it should be pretty easy; just ask them questions. If they’re a pro at climbing, ask them how they learned to do it so well. If they love watching TV shows with dark humor, ask what makes them think it’s funny. Get to know your friends and you will enjoy spending more time with them!

If you want to talk about movies, try asking these questions:

  1. What is your favorite genre?
  2. Which movie makes you laugh the most?
  3. Who is the best actor or actress in this film?
  4. Is this film better than the last one you saw?

The best way to start a conversation with friends is by asking them what they are doing or how their day was. You could also ask about something that has been on your mind lately, like the latest news. If you want the conversation to stay interesting and not awkward, avoid talking about sensitive topics such as politics or religion.

And if you’re looking for more ways to keep conversations going after all these tips have failed, try listening more than speaking! This will make it easier for others to share their thoughts without feeling judged because people appreciate it when someone listens attentively instead of interrupting every few seconds.

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