Quiz: Which Chainsaw Man character would be your arch-enemy?

Which Chainsaw Man character would be your arch-enemy?

Navigate through the chaos and demonic danger of the Chainsaw Man world! Take our wildly entertaining quiz and discover who among the Chainsaw Man cast will be your ultimate nemesis!

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Which Chainsaw Man character would be your arch-enemy?

Ever watch Chainsaw Man and wonder which character you’d have a major beef with in their chaotic world? In this thrilling universe teeming with blood-latching devils and enigmatic humans, there’s plenty of room for feuds, grudges, and riveting rivalries.

Now, buckle up! Get ready to plow through this quiz slashing past devils and determining who your major adversary would be in the Chainsaw Man world!

Who are the Chainsaw Man characters?

Alright, before we dive into devil-hunting business, let’s scope out the possible rivals! Chainsaw Man boasts a diverse and compelling character roster, each with their own unique quirks, motivations, and devilish abilities.

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Denji, the protagonist and our Chainsaw Devil himself. Living a life on the edge, he battles devils in hopes of earning a living. With his rowdy attitude and dogged determination, many find themselves butting heads with him.

Having Denji as your nemesis means serious trouble - his chainsaw-wielding skills and devil powers make him a formidable opponent. Be ready to face off against this wild card!


Meet Power, the fiery and fierce Blood Devil. Her volatile temperament coupled with her capricious nature can make her a tough foe to get along with.

She may have a soft spot for Denji, but that doesn’t mean she won’t hesitate to clash with others.

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Aki Hayakawa

Can’t forget Aki Hayakawa, the hardened devil hunter. His stern demeanor and unyielding devotion to duty often put him at odds with those who aren’t quite as disciplined or goal-oriented.

Aki is more of a no-nonsense kind of guy, so expect some heated confrontations if you were to cross paths with him.


Then, there’s the mysterious and formidable Makima. As the handler for our devil hunters, she’s known for her ruthless tactics and manipulative ways which make her a formidable adversary.

You probably don’t want Makima as your nemesis, but if you do, prepare for a cunning and strategic battle.

Angel Devil

Our soft-spoken yet ruthless Angel Devil. Despite his seemingly calm demeanor, he’s got a cold side that could easily make him your nemesis. His angelic powers mixed with his devilish nature make him a formidable enemy.

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Last but certainly not least, we have Kishibe. This veteran devil hunter’s no-nonsense attitude, coupled with his tough-love strategies, can easily shake up any alliance and create some powerful feuds.

Don’t let his age fool you - Kishibe is one devil hunter who shouldn’t be underestimated.

How to find your Chainsaw Man arch-enemy?

Now that you’ve met the possible contenders, how do you find out which Chainsaw Man character would be your arch-enemy? That’s where our fun quiz comes in. Based on your responses, we’ll determine who you’d likely clash with the most in Chainsaw Man universe.

So, are you ready to tangle with devils and face off against some fierce personalities? Take our Chainsaw Man arch-enemy quiz and find out who you should be wary of if you ever find yourself in their gritty world!

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Chainsaw Man cast: A peek into manga madness

Chainsaw Man is renowned for its eclectic and fascinating cast of characters. Each character has been fabulously crafted by Tatsuki Fujimoto, fleshing out both their human personas and their devil alter-egos in a way that strikes a perfect balance between the heckin’ weird and the deeply human.

Whether it’s Denji’s dogged determination, Power’s erratic energy, Makima’s cryptic charisma, or any of the other character’s standout traits — they each bring something unique and exciting to the table.

So, which Chainsaw Man character’s negative traits might just rub you the wrong way? The answer awaits in this addictively amusing quiz!

So, who’s your Chainsaw Man arch-enemy?

Ready to dive into the devilish duels of Chainsaw Man and discover your rival? Get set to take a plunge into the dark and witty world of Chainsaw Man and unveil your ultimate antagonist.

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Prepare yourself, follow your intuition, and gear up for a fiendish face-off of epic proportions! Who knows, by the end of the quiz, you might discover that you’ve got a major Chainsaw Man feud awaiting you!

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