Where should I live?

Do you want to move but don't know where? This quiz will tell you the perfect place to be for you!

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Where should I live? Quiz

Are you unhappy about where you live right now or just want a change in your life? Stop pondering and act now! This quiz was specifically designed for people like you! It doesn’t matter what you prefer, urban or rural areas, this quiz got all you could wish for! Start now and find out which place you should live based on your personality. You’ll be surprised about your result!

Best places to live

There are a lot of great places to live, but which are the best? There is a list of the most livable cities in the world, you can find some of its entries in the results, but a lot of people can’t stand cities, to begin with. Meaning, it depends on your very own preferences what you consider a good place to live. That’s why this quiz has so much more to offer. Do you want to live by the ocean or in the mountains? In hot or cold climates? You’ll be amazed by your result. Take our Where should I live? quiz now!

What city should I live in?

Our planet has a lot of great cities to offer. But what kind of cities do you prefer? Big metropolises or small towns? Do you prefer lively New York over the cultural Vienna or vice versa? By taking this quiz, you’ll find out which city was made just for you!