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What Warrior Cat are you?

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Warrior Cats

Every Warrior Cats fan has dreamt of being one of the Warrior Cats, right?

Warrior Cats is a breathtakingly written story consisting of six main novels written by “Erin Hunter.”

Erin Hunter is not one person but a collective pseudonym used by several writers, including Victoria Holmes, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Clarissa Hutton, Inbali Iserles, Tui T. Sutherland, and Rosie Best.

Warrior Cats books

There are around seven sub-stories, each with six books of their own! You do the math; how many books is that?

As the title already suggests, the story follows the lives of cats (shocking, I know). However, they live nothing as we expected and instead live complex lives just like us humans. All the cats in this world are divided into several clans, namely:

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Riverclan: These cats have adjusted to the rivers. They are great swimmers and spend plenty of time in the river, the complete opposite of all other cats.

Thunderclan: These cats live in the forest, hunting, and living as one with nature.

Windclan: These cats live in the windy parts of the grasslands. They are agile and quick thinkers and are great hunters.

Shadowclan: These cats live in dark and murky environments, like marshes. They’ve adjusted to living in these bleak environments and are strong-willed cats.

Skyclan: These cats are all well respected for one particular reason, they’re all dead. This is the clan of the dead.

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In this world of the Warrior Cats, each and every single character has a unique personality, and they have their own problems. The story follows the dramatic feud between the Warrior Cats and their clans.

This quiz also includes eight different Warrior Cats for you to be matched with. Take the quiz and find your match now!

Warrior Cats characters

There are countless amazing characters in the Warrior Cats books. Here are the eight fan favorites:


Firestar is one of the most courageous Warrior Cats in this series. He’s constantly seen fighting for what’s right and will ensure he does the right thing, even if it goes against the Warrior Cat code.


Ravenpaw is a timid cat. He’s incredibly loyal but prefers to be alone as he finds himself in an awkward position around others; he’s quite shy, after all.

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Lionblaze is a mighty and confident Warrior Cat. He’s a strong-willed cat and will do things impulsively if he believes it’s the right course of action.


Leafpool is a very quiet and reserved cat. She’s an excellent listener and is extremely honest. She easily empathizes with other cats and helps comfort them.


Jayfeather is a sharp and cold cat. He constantly makes witty remarks, and other cats find it difficult to get along with him. Although this may be the case, he is a loyal friend and is highly trustworthy.


Dovewing is a sweet and kind Warrior Cat. She ensures that everyone around her receives their fair share of love. She’s a warm cat who loves being around others.


Bramblestar is a strong leader. He ensures that everyone in his clan gets treated fairly and gets the best of the best. He is also a very trustworthy companion to those around him.


Squirrelflight is a feisty and passionate cat. She loves to playfight and have fun; she has a burning spirit like fire and is very talkative.

Warrior Cat names

A true Warrior Cats fan needs their own Warrior Cat name! Try out our Warrior Cat name generator and discover your identity in the world of the Warrior Cats!

Warrior Cats movies

On November 19th of 2016, David Heyman—producer of the Harry Potter movie franchise—was signed on Alibaba pictures to produce the Warriors film.

Not much is known about the film, but it will be 3D CGI. The first live-action film will be an origin film following the main character Rusty, a pet cat raised by humans, and him joining a wild cat clan deep in the forest.

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