What dog should I get?

Looking for a dog but can't decide which one? Take this quiz and find your dream dog!

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Dog quiz

Are you in love with dogs as much as we are? Dogs are just perfect little buddies and companions, able to brighten every rainy day with unconditional love. No matter what, they are by your side and will take care of you.

But what to do if you don’t own a dog? The answer is, of course: get one! But which dog is perfect for you? There is only one way of finding out: Take our What dog should I get? now! Find your dream dog in a matter of minutes!

What dog should I get? Quiz

This quiz perfectly suits anybody who desperately wants to get a dog but can’t decide between all the different kinds of cute puppies. So, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz now and find out what dog you should get!

Find a dog that suits your personality

Dogs and their owners often not only look alike but also share very similar personalities. Often, this not only depends on the dog breed but also the dog itself. So choose wisely when picking a dog.

This quiz can tell you which dog breed would probably be best for you. With 15 quick questions, you’ll find the dog breed of your dreams in no time!

If you’re not happy with your result or want even more suggestions, just redo the quiz! It won’t do any harm to know all the different dog breeds that would be great for you!

Which dog breed should I get?

There is a myriad of different dog breeds under the sun. So it’s quite tricky to choose which one is best for you. But that’s why this quiz was made! Have fun!

Retake the quiz as often as you like to get more suggestions!

Disclaimer: Dogs are no toys!

Before getting a dog, please make sure you can take good care of it for up to 20 years. A dog is a living being with its own needs and feelings, so don’t forget that before getting yourself a dog. And please consider adopting one from the animal shelter before you opt to buy one from a breeder. There are many very cute and friendly dogs that deserve a loving home ♥

What size should your dog be?

  1. Tiny
  2. Small
  3. Medium
  4. Large
  5. Gigantic
  6. I don't care

How should the fur of your dog look like?

  1. Short
  2. Medium
  3. Long
  4. I don't care

Do you want your dog to protect your property?

  1. No
  2. It wouldn't hurt if he barks if someone tries to break in
  3. Yes, totally

How big is your yard?

  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large
  4. I don't have a yard.
  5. I don't have a yard, but there's a dog playground around the corner.

For how long would your dog be alone each week?

  1. Not at all
  2. 10-20 hours
  3. 20-40 hours
  4. More than 40 hours

How old are the children living with you?

  1. No children
  2. Under 5 years
  3. 6-11
  4. 12 or older

How active are you?

  1. Infirm
  2. Not very active
  3. Moderately active
  4. Very active

How old are you?

  1. Younger than 10
  2. 11-15
  3. 15-20
  4. 21-30
  5. 31-60
  6. 61 or older

How big is your home?

  1. A small apartment
  2. A cozy house
  3. A large house

Describe the personality of your dream dog.

  1. Funny
  2. Lazy
  3. Cute
  4. Wild
  5. Confused

Where is your home?

  1. Downtown
  2. Suburbs or small town
  3. Rural area

Describe how your dream dog should look like.

  1. Delightful
  2. Cutesy
  3. Majestic
  4. Dangerous
  5. Clumsy

Have you owned a dog before?

  1. Yes
  2. No

How energetic should your dog be?

  1. Very lazy
  2. Moderate
  3. Above average
  4. Very Energetic

How much money on food for your dog are you willing to spend each week?

  1. A small amount
  2. A medium amount
  3. An amount above average
  4. A high amount
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  1. Bernese Mountain Dog

    Large, sturdy, loyal, affectionate

  2. German Shepherd

    Intelligent, watchful, confident, curious

  3. Great Dane

    Friendly, loving, confident, gentle

  4. Golden Retriever

    Intelligent, reliable, trustworthy, kind

  5. Poodle

    Intelligent, active, alert, adaptive

  6. Husky

    Outgoing, gentle, alert, friendly

  7. Shiba Inu

    Charming, keen, fearless, faithful

  8. Rottweiler

    Fearless, steady, good-natured, calm

  9. Bulldog

    Docile, friendly, gregarious, willful

  10. Dachshund

    Playful, stubborn, lively, courageous

  11. French Bulldog

    Playful, lively, bright, keen

  12. Pug

    Clever, loving, attentive, docile

  13. Corgi

    Playful, tenacious, outgoing, bold

  14. Chihuaha

    Devoted, alert, quick, lively

  15. Pomeranian

    Playful, friendly, extroverted, intelligent

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