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You need to exercise everyday in order to be physically healthy. However, you are sometimes so focused on your body that you forget your mind also needs some form of exercise! Mental exercises sound too stressful but it does not have to be!

One great and fun way to work your brains out is by answering riddles!

What are riddles?

Riddles are statements or questions with double meanings that are meant to be puzzles to be solved. There are different types of riddles that you can try to solve with family and friends.*

We made a selection of the various types of riddles (with answers) that will surely tickle your brains, leave you guessing and challenge you to look beyond what is stated!

Easy Riddles

Here are simple riddles that will warm up your brain and get it started for the day. Don’t be too relaxed though, there might be traps in the questions that would lead you to the obvious but wrong answer.

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These riddles are best for kids who are very interested in puzzles and trick questions. You never know, you might be molding young geniuses with these riddles!

1. Rey’s mother has four children: January, February, March, and _ _ _ _ _?

Answer: Rey, of course!

2. What can you hold in your right hand but not in your left?

Answer: Unless you have some extraordinary flexibility, your left hand could never touch your left elbow!

3. There’s only one word in the dictionary that’s spelled wrong. What is it?

Answer: W-R-O-N-G!

4. What has a neck but no head?

Answer: A bottle!

5. It flies without wings.

Answer: Time flies.

6. What has a bottom at the top?

Answer: Your leg!

7. What is so fragile that when you say its name, it breaks?

Answer: Silence.

8. I am an odd number but if you take away a letter, I become even. What am I?

Answer: I am the number SEVEN. Take away S and I become EVEN.

9. What’s always in front of us but we cannot see?

Answer: The future.

10. After a tragic plane crash, every single person died. Who survived?

Answer: The couples did!

11. If I was walking on the street without my umbrella but didn’t get wet, how did it happen?

Answer: It was not raining at all!

12. It goes up but never comes back down!

Answer: Age!

13. There’s a rooster on top of a barn, if it lays an egg, which way would it roll?

Answer: Roosters don’t lay eggs! Only hens do!

14. How many months have 28 days?

Answer: 12! They all do!

15. What does everyone have and can never lose no matter what you do?

Answer: Our shadows, of course!

16. Why did the girl bury her flashlight?

Answer: Because the batteries died!

17. Which letter in the alphabet is full of water?

Answer: The letter C(sea)!

18. When is a door not a door?

Answer: When it is a jar!

19. Bianca threw a ball as hard as she could. It came back to her, even though nothing and nobody touched it. How was it possible?

Answer: She threw it upwards to the air!

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20. Why did Mickey Mouse become an astronaut?

Answer: Because he wants to visit Pluto!

21. Why is my teddy bear never hungry?

Answer: Because it’s always stuffed!

22. What did the beach say to the tide when it came in?

Answer: Long time, no sea!

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23. What’s common between an island and the letter T?

Answer: Both are in the middle of the water!

24. What are the two things you could never eat during dinner time?

Answer: Breakfast and lunch, of course!

25. It sounds like it could cut you, but it’s actually quite comfortable. It can be green or yellow. It can be stiff or soft. It’s a friend to bugs and also bare feet.

Answer: A blade of grass!

26. How can you satisfy your sweet tooth after midnight?

Answer: Eat some choco-LATE!

27. It’s meant to absorb. Even though it is full of holes, it’s still able to hold liquid! What is it?

Answer: A sponge!

28. What is always on the dinner table but you never get to eat?

Answer: The plate and utensils (forks and spoons!)

29. What can eat a lot of iron but never get sick?

Answer: Rust!

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30. Which is heavier? A ton of feathers or a ton of concrete?

Answer: They both weigh exactly the same, a ton!

What Am I Riddles

Here are mind-boggling descriptions of day-to-day things that we use or encounter. You will be amazed at how simple these things are compared to the way they’re described. These riddles will trick you into overthinking things and answering something else!

1. I have a bottom at the top. What am I?

Answer: Legs.

2. Don’t keep me and I’ll break. What am I?

Answer: A promise.

3. I am white when I am dirty. What am I?

Answer: A blackboard!

4. I have only four fingers and a thumb. What am I?

Answer: A glove!

5. I have no eyes but I can cry. What am I?

Answer: Clouds

6. I am an animal which is black and white and blue. What am I?

Answer: A sad zebra. :(

7. I happen once in a lifetime, twice in one moment, but never in a hundred years. What am I?

Answer: The letter “M’.

8. I need to be broken before you can use me. What am I?

Answer: An egg!

9. I begin with a T and end with a T; and I also have T in me. What am I?

Answer: A teapot.

10. When everything goes wrong, you can always count on me. What am I?

Answer: Your fingers!

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11. I am tall when I am still young but get shorter when I get old. What am I?

Answer: A candle!

12. I have no life at all and yet I can still die. What am I?

Answer: A battery.

13. Take more of me and the more you leave behind. What am I?

Answer: Footsteps.

14. You can find me in Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. But you can never find me in Venus nor in Neptune. What am I?

Answer: The letter R is in Mercury, Earth, Mars and Jupiter but not in Venus and Neptune!

15. I start with P and end with E; I also have a thousand letters! What am I?

Answer: Post Office!

16. I come out at night without being called. I am lost during the daytime without being stolen. What am I?

Answer: Stars!

17. I am the invention that lets you look through the wall! What am I?

Answer: A window!

18. I have four wheels and flies. What am I?

Answer: A garbage truck!

19. I have 88 keys but I can’t open a single door! What am I?

Answer: A piano!

20. I get bigger the more you take away. What am I?

Answer: I am a hole!

21. I can travel at nearly a hundred miles per hour without leaving the room. You can cover me up, but that won’t slow me down a bit. You will not know if I come only once or twice or thrice or more. What am I?

Answer: A sneeze!

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22. Not very many people have stepped on me, only the greats. I never stay full for long and I have a dark side of me. What am I?

Answer: The moon!

23. I look exactly like you, but I am not you. You may blow me up or find me in your wallet. You can share me or frame me, whatever you prefer. What am I?

Answer: I am a photograph of you!

24. I may be red or blue—I am forever changing. I might ruin your day or make it bright. I am constantly with you except at night when you’re asleep. What am I?

Answer: I am your mood.

25. I have a stem even though I am not a flower. I have a foot, but I cannot walk. Children are still too young to hold me. What am I?

Answer: A wine glass!

26. I may be open or closed, or big or small. I will reveal the truth or hide it. I am almost always welcoming and can spring up anytime, anywhere. Everyone has me, but I am sometimes not shared. Laughter comes right after me. What am I?

Answer: A smile!

27. I can be a round sphere or an oblong but then I become something else. I can also be one hundred yards long, or even longer but sometimes shorter. What am I?

Answer: A ball of yarn!

28. I may not have money, but I do have banks. I feed others, but I don’t really eat. Cross me if you want and if you can, I won’t be mad. What am I?

Answer: I am a river!

29. You may play me with cards, but please don’t burn me. You may rest glasses on me or walk across me, whatever you prefer. What am I?

Answer: A bridge!

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30. You are always living with me no matter how time passes. I am forever here and now. What am I?

Answer: The present moment!

Hard Riddles

Try these challenging riddles that will definitely make you scratch your head! These will exercise and push your brains to the limit. Their difficulty might be on a different level but get the correct answer and you’ll feel like a true champ!

1. You can measure my life in hours and I will serve you by expiring. I am fast when I’m thin, slow when I’m fat. The wind will forever be my enemy.

Answer: A candle.

2. Two fathers and 2 sons spent the day fishing, but only caught 3 fish. This was enough for each of them to have one fish. How is this possible?

Answer: There are only three people in the riddle! Each son has the same father so there’s son number 1, son number 2 and the father.

3. What is always running, but never gets tired or hot, no matter how long?

Answer: The refrigerator.

4. What has a neck much longer than its shorter but bigger head, and is played and picked at all the time?

Answer: A guitar!

5. My name seems harsh, but I am just still and quiet. People are supposed to eat me, but some just display me. What you call me is not easy to do to me because I am hard on the outside. What am I?

Answer: A squash!

6. You answer me even though I never asked a question. What am I?

Answer: I am a knock or a doorbell!

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7. What do the numbers 11 and 88 have in common, aside from the fact that they’re both double digits?

Answer: Both look the same upside-down and backwards!

8. What is very much easy to get into but very hard to get out of?

Answer: Trouble is!

9. A boy fell off a 50-foot ladder. He wasn’t hurt. How is this possible?

Answer: He fell off the last step!

10. You cannot see me but if you do, you cannot unsee me. I can make the impossible possible. Because of me, all your wildest dreams can come true for a bit of time but then everything will be back to the way they were. What am I?

Answer: I am your imagination!

11. If a dog says, “All dogs are liars”, is the dog telling the truth?

Answer: A dog can’t talk!

12. You stepped into an empty room and found a man hanging by his neck from a rope tied to the ceiling. There was no table or chair beneath the man. There was, however, a poodle beneath him. How did he hang himself?

Answer: He stood on a block of ice.

13. Name the english word with five letters that has the same pronunciation even if you take away four of its letters.

Answer: Queue

14. What’s greater than God and badder than the devil? Rich people need it, poor people have it. Eat it and you’ll die!

Answer: Nothing

15. My maker sells me. My buyer never uses me. The one who uses me never knows he’s using me. What am I?

Answer: Coffin

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16. I start with E and end with E but I only have one letter inside of me. What am I?

Answer: Envelope

17. You carry me wherever you go. Even if I’m sometimes long, you’ll never tire of carrying me.

Answer: Your name!

18. A bowl weighs a hundred pounds. What can I put in it for it to weigh 80 pounds?

Answer: Put a HOLE in it to make it weigh less!

19. What is at the end of a rainbow?

Answer: The letter W is at the end of the word “rainbow”.

20. Even if you can always see me in the water, I will never get wet! What am I?

Answer: Your reflection!

Math Riddles

Not everyone loves Mathematics because they say it’s boring! In fact, a lot of you hate it and numbers. These riddles are both fun and mathematical. Maybe your anxiety about math will vanish through these questions that will definitely make you a math whiz in the end!

1. A girl has the same number of brothers as sisters. Each brother has only half as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers and sisters are part of the family?

Answer: Four sisters and three brothers.

2. If one hen and a half lay one egg and a half in one day and a half, how many eggs will six hens lay in half a dozen days?

Answer: Two dozens of eggs! Increase both the number of hens and the amount of time available four-fold, the number of eggs increases 16 times. 16 x 1.5 = 24.

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3. A small number of cards was lost from a complete pack. If I deal the cards among four people, three cards remain. If I deal the cards among three people, two remain and if I deal among five people, two cards remain. How many cards are not lost from the pack?

Answer: 47 cards!

4. Imagine you have a very long ribbon. Extremely long enough that it can wrap comfortably around the circumference of our entire planet. Let’s just pretend that the Earth is perfectly round!

Naturally, you’re very proud of your ribbon. But then your sister, Mariel, shows up—and to your disgruntlement, she produces a ribbon that’s just a bit longer than yours. She brags her belt is longer by exactly her height: 6 feet.

If Mariel were also to wrap her ribbon around the circumference of Earth, how far above the surface could she suspend the ribbon if she pulled it tautly and uniformly?

Answer: Let’s call Earth’s radius “R,” measured in feet.This means your ribbon is exactly the length of Earth’s circumference:

Your belt/ Formula for circumference = 2𝛑R

Mariel’s ribbon is 6 feet longer than yours:

Mariel’s ribbon = 2𝛑R+6

Imagine pulling up on Mariel’s ribbon so it’s truly suspended above Earth’s surface. The question now is how high above Earth’s surface is it? Or, in other words, how much longer is the radius of the circle that it encompasses?

Let’s call the height we’re looking for “H.” Then, the radius of the circle that Mariel’s ribbon encompasses is R+H. So the length of Mariel’s ribbon must be its circumference, or: 2𝛑(R+H). But we already know Mariel’s ribbon is 2𝛑R+6.

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Eureka, here’s your equation!

2𝛑R+6 = 2𝛑(R+H)

The 2𝛑R drops out on both sides, and you get:

H = 3/𝛑

Since 𝛑 is equal to 3.14. then H is about 1 foot! Or, to be exact, H is 0.95 feet. Amazing, isn’t it?

5. Old Granny Grahams left her belongings and one-third her money to her favorite granddaughter and another one-third of that to her grandson. She left the remainder, $3,000, to the cats’ shelter. How much did she leave altogether?

Answer: You can answer this by using the formula below. Let “x” be the amount of money left behind by Old Granny Grahams.

X -x/3 -x/3 = 3,000

Multiply both sides of the equation with the least common multiple denominator (LCD) of the fractions which represent the various portions of the money. LCD is equal to 3.

(3)(X -x/3 -x/3) = (3)(3,000)

3x-x-x = 9,000

3x -2x = 9,000

x= 9,000

The money left behind by Old Granny Grahams was $9,000.

Scientific Riddles

Everyone loves nature and the things around us because it’s all just so amazingly magical and relaxing. You’d never imagine that there are riddles about science. These questions add a nice spice and touch to this wonderful world of ours!

1. I own seven rings made of rock and ice, I am the only one who can wear them because you cannot wear them on your fingers. They are way, way too big too big for you. What am I?

Answer: I am the planet, Saturn!

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2. I may run, but I can’t walk. I can drip and drop, but I can never pick myself up. You have to consume me and sometimes I surround you. What am I?

Answer: Water

3. You can hear it, though you can never see it or touch it. But you are always in control of it! What is it?

Answer: Your voice!

4.When the son of the water comes back to the parent, it slowly dies, what is it?

Answer: Ice

5.What did the lion scientist name his laboratory?

Answer: DEN-sity

6. Christian priests have a favorite part in Physics. What is it?

Answer: Mass!

7. What is the most uninteresting of all the elements in the periodic table?

Answer: Boron (Boring hehe)

8.What is a god, a planet and at the same time can measure heat?

Answer: Mercury!

9. These 23 gifts were given to you by your mommy and daddy when you were born. They’re thread-like and important in determining who you truly are!

Answer: Chromosomes

10. What should be your reaction when you find two atoms of helium?

Answer: You laugh like this, “HeHe”!

11. I am a chemical who really hates to follow anyone. You should follow me!

Answer: Lead!

12. I am originally black. Use me and I turn red. Throw me away when I turn gray. What am I?

Answer: I am charcoal!

14. Ronaldo’s homeroom adviser told him that he and his classmates all had to dress up as a part of the body for the school’s play. The adviser also said it couldn’t be the same old thing, it had to be something new. Ronaldo had the perfect idea. What costume did he come up with?

Answer: Neuron( New Ron!)

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15. If the gravity comes from the center of the Earth, what is in the center of gravity?

Answer: The letter “v”

Animal Riddles

Don’t you just love the cuteness and awesomeness of all the animal creatures in the world? Here are some riddles that are all about the animals we all know and love. You might find them confusing and perplexing but they’re just testing how much you really know about animals!

1. Tame me if you can. When I came, every other animal ran. King of the jungle, that’s who I am. Retreat and hide if you are a lamb!

Answer: Lion

2. My shell slows me down. I am stuck on the ground. Wanna find me? In the garden, that’s where I’ll be!

Answer: Snail

3. Thanks to my long, long neck, full is my belly. Leaves of the tallest trees I can reach so easily.

Answer: Giraffe

4. I look cute but I am too big to be your pet. My large ears and huge trunk are something you’ll never forget.

Answer: Elephant

5. You owe me your rich milk and juicy steaks. I graze your farms and barns without breaks.

Answer: Cow

6. I am known for my stripes. Everything about me is black and white. Who am I?

Answer: Zebra

7. I have nine lives and whiskers. If I was a man, dogs wouldn’t be my best friend. Who am I?

Answer: Cat

8. I croak and hop around. You find me icky and slimy. Kiss me and I might turn into a prince. What am I?

Answer: Frog

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10. I am very close to the ground. I have no legs nor hands but I can still climb trees. I slither and you scream. What am I?

Answer: Snake

Wordplay Riddles

Here are riddles that will test you and make you focus on how everything is stated. A lot of people overthink it instead of reading between the lines and paying more close attention to every detail. One simple word can alter everything about the whole way you understand the riddle!

1. What is the English word whose first two letters signify a male but first three letters signify a female. The first four letters also signify something great, while the entire world signifies a great woman. What is the word?

Answer: Heroine

2. Mississippi has four S letters and four I letters. Spell that without using S or I?

Answer: T-H-A-T

3. Which letter of the alphabet appears at the start of questions?

Answer: The letter Y (Why)!

4. When will achievement ever come before drive, goals, and pursuit?

Answer: Achievement comes before drive, goals, and pursuit in the dictionary!

5. Take away one hand and some of it will remain.

Answer: Handsome

6. If it takes 50 workers up to 50 hours to build a garage from start to finish. How long will it take 20 workers to complete the same project?

Answer: It will take no time at all! The job is complete!

7. A doctor drops off a young girl at school every morning before work. The doctor is not the child’s mother, but the child is the doctor’s daughter. Explain.

Answer: The doctor is the girl’s dad!

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8. Imagine the following: You wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat. You hear a roar so you run away and find yourself inside a dark cave. Bats are flying towards you and you just saw that the creature roaring was a huge lion. How do you escape?

Answer: Stop imagining that scene and think of something else!

9. What happens once in a second, twice in a decade, but just a single time in a century?

Answer: The letter E!

10. What is bright orange with green on top and sounds like a parrot?

Answer: It’s a carrot!

11. There’s a one-story house where everything is purple. The walls are purple. The doors are purple. Even all the furniture is purple. The house has purple beds and purple couches. What color are the stairs?

Answer: There are no stairs because it’s a one-storey house!

12. Which word in the dictionary has 26 letters but only three syllables?

Answer: Alphabet!

13. What did the broom say when asked why it was late?

Answer: I overswept!

14. What are elves’ favorite lesson in English?

Answer: they love the elf-abet!

15. Where should I enroll to learn how to make ice cream?

Answer: Go to SUNDAE school!

16. I am big and yellow and I visit you everyday! What am I?

Answer: The school bus!

17. When can’t you call homework as homework?

Answer: When you do it in school!

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18. How do bees go to school every day?

Answer: They ride the school buzz!

19. What will always end everything?

Answer: The letter G!

20. I am a 7-letter word. If you take out 4, only 1 will be left!

Answer: someone

Famous People Riddles

Let’s see how much you know of the famous people and what they’re famous for. Here are riddles that you will surely enjoy with your family and friends! Not only will these test you but also let you know your idols more!

1. I served in the United States army, but I am known as a famous musician. An anagram of the bad doings that Satan did is my first name. Who am I?

Answer: Elvis Presley

2. Men have fought in my honor and for my love. I have a face that could launch a thousand ships. Who am I?

Answer: Helen of Troy

3. No matter what you do you will never know the mystery behind my smile. Who am I?

Answer: Monalisa

4. History tells you that I am the one who discovered one of the United States although myth would tell you that I was looking for something else. If the myth was true, I would have spent my entire life looking for something that never existed. Who am I?

Answer: Ponce de Leon (said to be looking for the Fountain of Youth)

5. Nothing could ever trap me, I could always escape and get away, I had no equal back in the day.Halloween always seemed to be my foe, I was finally finished with one great blow.

Answer: Harry Houdini

6. I was a businessman, and my original business is still currently running as of today. People still say that what I sell is “Finger Lickin’ Good."

Answer: Colonel Harland David Sanders of KFC.

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7. Date me, I’ll write a song about our love story. Break up with me and you’ll find teardrops on my guitar. Who am I?

Answer: Taylor Swift!

8. Everyone loved me ever since I was a country pop star in Disney, then I went rogue when a wrecking ball ruined my life. Who am I?

Answer: Miley Cyrus

9. Lightning struck my forehead. I have two best friends. I talk to animals and use a broom but not for cleaning.

Answer: Harry Potter

10. You love our knitted shirts and haircuts as much as you love our classic pop songs. We walk across the pedestrian lane and everyone stares. Who are we?

Answer: The Beatles

Dirty Riddles

These riddles are strictly for adults only. Kids and teens are too young to understand and too innocent to even answer these green, tricky questions that will surely stump you and make everyone giggle with embarrassment…

These will reveal how dirty your minds already are!

1. Which four-letter word ends in “k” and means the same as intercourse?

Answer: Talk (Why? What were you thinking?)

2. What do you play with at night before going to sleep, can’t get caught fiddling with at work and only let a select few people touch??

Answer: Your phone, of course!

3. My first letter is “v” and every woman has me. She can even use me to get what she wants. What am I?

Answer: Your voice!

4. What comes in a lot of different sizes, sometimes, drips a little? If you blow it, it feels really good. What is it?

Answer: Your nose!

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5. I am long and hard; and I have cum in me. What am I?

Answer: I am a cuCUMber!

6. Once I miss, I would hit your bush. It’s my responsibility to fill your box. It’s certainly news when I come. Who am I?

Answer: The paperboy!

7. In and out, all day long! I discharge a lot of loads from my shaft. Boys and girls go down on me all the time! What am I?

Answer: I am the elevator. (What else were you thinking?)

8. This word starts with the letter “p” and ends in “orn”. It’s a major player in the film and cinema industry. What is it?

Answer: Popcorn!

9.What word starts with the letter “f” and ends with “u-c-k” and can be connected to something hot?

Answer: Firetruck, of course!

10. What is great for protection and will need the use of your fingers to come off?

Answer: Gloves

11. I get longer if you pull me, I will fit snugly between your breasts, I slide neatly into a hole, I unintentionally choke people when I am not used correctly, andI usually work better when I am jerked. What am I?

Answer: A seatbelt!

12. What can you find in a guy’s pants which is about six inches long, has a head, and some women love to blow?

Answer: A twenty-dollar bill!

13. If I go in, I cause you pain. I fill your holes everytime you ask me to. I always tell you not swallow but to spit! Who or what am I?

Answer: I am your dentist!

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14. Play with me wherever and whenever and I might vibrate in your hand. What am I?

Answer: I am your cell phone, you green-minded little creature!

15. I go in hard and come out sticky, squishy and wet. What am I?

Answer: Bubblegum!

Christmas Riddles

Deck the halls with tons of riddles, falalalalalalalala! You can play these riddles during Christmas eve, while enjoying hot cocoa around the fireplace, waiting for Santa and his gifts to arrive. This will definitely add to the merriment of the holiday, and will boost your christmas spirit like never before!

1. I am a special type of plant that looks good with twinkling lights and ornaments in December. Stand under me and you will get a kiss you’ll remember! What am I?

Answer: Mistletoe

2. I am the baby boy born in the manger. You always see me and my family in December.

Answer: Baby Jesus

3. You do good things all year to be on my list. I have a beard and I always wear red. I come down your chimney while you’re asleep! Who am I?

Answer: Santa Claus

4. I make toys with my brothers and sisters for you. I have pointy ears and shoes. I follow my father who is fat, has a beard and always wears red. Who am I?

Answer: Santa’s Elf

5. On this day, we rejoice. On this day, we have this cheery voice. On this day, we exchange gifts and sing merrily. On this day, we are thankful to be with our family.

Answer: Christmas

6. I drop from the sky but I am not the rain. I am far prettier than that. I bring the cold and whiteness to the world. What am I?

Answer: Snow

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7. I am where the big, bearded guy lands after his travel. I am found beneath the chimney. You gather around me to tell stories and drink hot cocoa. What am I?

Answer: Fireplace

8. I come before springtime. I freeze your lawns and turn your lakes into ice. But you are still excited to see me.

Answer: Winter

9. I hate Christmas and being nice. I ruin the best time of the year for everyone. Who am I?

Answer: The Grinch!

10. I am one of the eight chosen ones. I can walk, run and fly. I help in delivering your gifts to you every December. Everyone knows my nose is red!

Answer: Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer

Our daily lives don’t have to always be black and white. We can have fun with these perplexing and brain-teasing riddles that add just enough spice to energize our brains and make us think more than we usually do (but not in a stressful way!).

What are you waiting for? Start asking these riddles to your family and friends, and get ready for an awesome bonding time that will be unlike any other!

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