Rate these 10 statements to find out what your dog really thinks of you!

Have you ever asked yourself what your dog thinks of you? It's time to answer this question once and for all!

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We all love dogs, right? And that’s probably also the reason why there are almost 500 million dogs kept as pets worldwide.

But as amazing as dogs are, they often leave us behind flabbergasted. Sometimes, we dog-owners ask ourselves: What does my dog think of me?

And that’s a good question! Dogs often act as if we’re not their owners, but more of a can opener, they don’t have to obey.

What does my dog think of me?

This is probably a question that every dog owner has asked themselves once in their life. And it’s a great question indeed! Take this quiz now and find out what your dog thinks of you now!

In this quiz, all you have to do is answer ten questions by agreeing or disagreeing with certain statements. That way, we can accurately determine what your dog thinks of you!

What do you think? Does your dog really like you as much as you want it to? Or are you just a failed dog in its eyes? Let’s find out!