Quiz: Uncover your zombie apocalypse survival plan!

Select your morning routine essentials to uncover your zombie apocalypse survival plan

Are you more of a stealth survivor or a warrior waker when it comes to zombie attacks? Start your day right and survive the apocalypse one morning at a time!

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What’s your zombie apocalypse survival plan?

Have you ever watched a down-and-dirty gritty apocalypse movie and wondered how you’d make it through a zombie takeover? Well, you’re in luck because today we’ll determine your survival plan based on nothing else but your morning routine.

Step into our world of fun and gore as we uncover whether you are a stealth survivor, warrior waker, resourceful rebel, brainiac bunker, pacifist protector, or a community champion. This zombie apocalypse survival quiz will reveal your true stakes in a ravenous world ruled by the dead!

Coffeemaker or apocalypse baker?

Do you dive straight for the coffee machine in the morning, or do you don your apron and soulfully bake a breakfast with all the works? Your answer might determine if you’re more of a brainiac bunker or a resourceful rebel.

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The key to surviving an apocalypse is to stay ready and whimsical. Who knew your survival instincts were brewing in your very own morning routine?

Energized exerciser or balanced meditator?

Are you an early bird who would do a hundred burpees or run a marathon to kickstart your day, or a balanced yogi perfectly content with a calming meditation session? In the land of the undead, being an energized exerciser could mould you into a warrior waker, while the zen-like calm of a meditator might translate into a pacifist protector approach.

Knowing how to balance your skills could make all the difference once the zombies start knocking on your door!

Radio listener or book reader?

In the not-so-average morning of your life, are you tuning the dial of your vintage radio or diving nosedive straight into a fascinating book? This aspect of your morning routine might determine whether you’re a community champion or a brainiac bunker.

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In an apocalypse, information is power. Either way, you’re going to have an edge over those brain-eating fiends!

Quick dresser or grooming master?

Do you hastily throw on the first available clothes or painstakingly prepare your outfit and grooming routine? Quite possibly, the quick dressers are the stealth survivors, ready to move at a moment’s notice. And the grooming masters? You’re our resourceful rebels, blending perfectly into any situation, zombie outbreak or not.

Looks like vanity might have a purpose after all!

Are you ready to face the undead?

The final revelation is upon us! Pick your favorite morning mug, your preferred brand of cereal, and your go-to breakfast jam. Let’s start brewing your Zombie survival plan!

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Embark on this fun and thrilling quiz, be true to your choices and brace yourself for your ultimate survival plan! You might be surprised to discover that you’ve been a zombie apocalypse mastermind all along, or perhaps, you’re just on the brink of becoming one! Get ready to face the undead with a smile and bedhair. It’s time to wake up and survive!

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