GTA VI Quiz: How hyped are you for the new Grand Theft Auto VI?

How hyped are you for GTA VI?

Ready for the next wave of action-adventure gaming? Put your anticipation level to the test with this engaging quiz and see how ready you really are for GTA VI!

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How psyched are you for GTA VI?

Feeling the energy, the hype, and the anticipation for the latest installment of the legendary Grand Theft Auto series? The whispers about Rockstar Games’ new wonder have been flying around for quite a while now. With the official confirmation, players worldwide have their eyes set on the grand 2025 release.

Let us help you figure out how your excitement holds against other eager fans. Take this quiz and find out your excitement level!

Brush up on your Grand Theft Auto history

GTA VI isn’t just another addition to the franchise; it signifies a return to a familiar place with fresh eyes and new protagonists. After the gritty streets of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V, we’re heading back to the sun-soaked Miami-inspired Vice City. And if that’s not enough to pump up your adrenaline, let’s remind you, Vice City was last seen in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories way back in 2006.

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This time around, we follow the criminal duo, Lucia and her male partner, navigating their lives through crime-defined landscapes of Vice City and the open world state of Leonida.

Meet your match from the criminal duo

With Lucia, the series’ first female protagonist since 1999, and her yet-to-be-named male partner on the roll, expect a drastic shift and never-seen-before perspectives and storylines! Witness Lucia’s story unfold as a prison inmate in the first trailer and feel the rush of stepping into her shoes, ready to conquer the criminal world of Vice City.

Pair up your persona with Lucia or her partner. Who’d you pick when it comes to standing on the wrong side of the law? Will you conquer Vice City or sail under the radar in Leonida?

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Tracking the development of GTA VI

Following years of anticipation and speculation, Rockstar finally confirmed the development of Grand Theft Auto VI in 2022. With intriguing codenames, leaked footages and journalists’ reports giving peeks into the game’s setting in Vice City and partly in South America, the excitement is just ramping up.

Imagine an evolving game. Awesome, right? The self-titled ‘Project Americas,’ as suggested by journalist Tom Henderson, implies the game’s map could morph akin to Fortnite Battle Royale, making for an ever-engaging gaming experience.

Inside Rockstar’s vault of expectations

Through the years, the GTA series has been known for pushing the boundaries and testing new waters. Liberty City, San Andreas, Los Santos, and now Vice City – each location brought dynamic characters, exciting narratives, and unforgettable moments. With GTA VI, this trend is only expected to elevate to unseen heights.

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From being a ‘moderately sized release’ that will expand over time to subverting the series’ trend of joking about marginalised groups, Rockstar has us all sitting on the edge of our seats.

Are you prepared for the GTA VI thrill?

The adrenaline is pumping; the anticipation is skyrocketing. But the question is, are you ready to take the ride? Will you reign as a Vice City mogul or cautiously explore as a Leonida local? Perhaps, you’re an armchair enthusiast, merely intrigued by the buzz, or just a casual cruiser curiously peeking at the new release.

Plunge into the instant-classic-to-be universe, trust your instincts, and discover your GTA VI hype level! Remember, the fun is not just in the game, it’s in the wait, the thrill, and anticipation too. Embrace it while you can, gamers!

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