Fursona Quiz: Which animal should be your Fursona?

Fursona Quiz: Which animal should be your Fursona?

You want your very own fursona but can't decide on an animal? Then this quiz is made just for you!

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Hey, you little furry! Are you having a hard time coming up with your own fursona? Then you’ve come to the right place!

With all these different animals out there, it can get quite tough to decide on one for your fursona. But with this quiz, it’s becoming a breeze! It only takes five minutes and is pure fun!

What are you waiting for? Take the Fursona Quiz now!

Which animal do you share the most traits with? Take this quiz to find out!

What is a furry?

Don’t you know what a furry is? Well, then let me introduce you to the magnificent world of furries!

A furry is a person that is interested in anthropomorphic animals – meaning animals that look and act like humans. Most of us grew up with cartoons, comics, or video games in which anthropomorphic animals starred, so it’s no wonder that many people still like these characters.

But a furry is more than just an animal-person enthusiast. Most furries also create their own furry alter ego, a so-called fursona, which is like the avatar that they take on in the furry community.

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What is a fursona?

So, what is a fursona? A fursona is a personalized anthropomorphic animal character the person identifies with. Since animals are always said to have certain character traits, furries often lean towards animals similar to them in behavior. But a fursona can also be based on mythological creatures. There are little to no limits!

A fursona is either drawn by the furry themself or commissioned by an artist. A lot of furries even create their own costumes and like to dress up as their fursona!

But sometimes, it’s quite hard to come up with your own fursona. There are just so many fascinating animals out there that would be perfect to become a fursona. That’s why this quiz was made!

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Fursona quiz

This Fursona quiz will definitely help you! This quiz will help you with just ten questions to find the one animal that is most suited to becoming your new fursona! We focus heavily on questions about your personality so you can get the one animal that is most like you!

We’ve added common animals a lot of people like but also some more extravagant ones so you can shine like a diamond!

If you’re not satisfied with your result, you can always redo the quiz! It may very well be that there is more than just one animal that would suit you perfectly.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the Fursona Quiz now and get your furry alter ego! You won’t regret it!

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Common fursonas

Here’s a list of the most common fursonas:

Not all of these animals are suitable for everyone, but they’re definitely popular choices! We have also included some less common fursonas in the quiz so you can find something more unique!

And if you want to be extra-special, you can always create a hybrid of two animals! Just take the quiz twice and change some answers! Let’s see what your hybrid is!

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