Friday Night Funkin Quiz: Which character are you? Find out!

Friday Night Funkin' Quiz: Which character are you?

Funky! Ever wondered which character of Friday Night Funkin' is most like you? Find out now with this fun quiz!

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Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Funkin is a unique fusion of music, comedy and retro-style animation!

In this 2D musical adventure, players control our hero, Boyfriend, as he tries to win the heart of his Girlfriend by battling her ex-rockstar father and other quirky characters through a series of rhythm-based challenges.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Friday Night Funkin also has a thriving community with fan-made mods, songs and even its own Discord server.

So if you ever feel like taking your skills to the next level or just want to connect with other players, there’s always something new and exciting waiting for you in the world of Friday Night Funkin!

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Friday Night Funkin’ quiz

This quiz will take you through a series of fun and engaging questions, each one designed to uncover your true Friday Night Funkin’ character!

So whether you’re an avid player or just discovering this game for the first time, there’s something for everyone in this quiz.

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Which Friday Night Funkin’ character are you?

The characters of Friday Night Funkin’ truly bring the game to life! Each character has their own unique personality, design, and backstory that make them stand out from one another. Get to know them!

Boyfriend - The main protagonist of the game, Boyfriend is a cool and confident rapper who is determined to win over his girlfriend’s strict father.

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Girlfriend - The love interest of Boyfriend and a talented singer in her own right. She always supports Boyfriend and joins him on stage for duets.

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Daddy Dearest - Girlfriend’s overprotective father who doesn’t approve of Boyfriend’s relationship with his daughter. He challenges Boyfriend to a rap battle to prove his worth.

Pico - A tough and mischievous schoolboy who loves causing trouble. He becomes one of Boyfriend’s rivals and challenges him to a rap battle at the schoolyard.

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Mommy Mearest - Daddy Dearest’s wife and Girlfriend’s mother. She’s a calm and collected woman who helps Boyfriend with his dance moves.

Senpai - The heartthrob of the school who catches Girlfriend’s eye and becomes one of Boyfriend’s rivals. He challenges him to a rap battle at the beach.

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There are a lot more characters to be revealed in this quiz. Take it now and discover which of them are you!

Game modes

In addition to the main Story Mode, Friday Night Funkin’ also offers additional modes for players to challenge themselves with.

These include a Free Play mode where you can choose any song and difficulty level, as well as a Week Selection mode where you can replay your favorite levels.

There are also custom mods and fan-made levels that add even more variety and challenges to the game. With a constantly growing library of content, there’s always something new to discover in Friday Night Funkin'!

Where to play Friday Night Funkin'?

You can play the game on Newgrounds or for free!

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