Don't take this quiz!

Seriously, don't take this quiz! It's an adventure through your own mind, you can't handle! It's impossible to stay sane!

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Attention: This is not a quiz

Seriously, this is not a quiz, even if it is called one. Don’t take it. It will corrupt your mind and your soul. If you continue onward, you’ll be lost forever, and won’t ever be the same person.

Forget it. You have no control. You will never win. Only 1% manages to complete this task.

It’s well-advised to get a pen and a piece of paper to take notes. It’s extremely hard otherwise to keep track of what’s happening!

Text adventure and riddle

This quiz is built like a text adventure. Every answer you give will change the outcome, so decide carefully before you progress. There are four different endings, and only one of them is good. Proceed with caution!

Mental adventure

This is a mental adventure! Before answering the questions, close your eyes and try to imagine the situations! This way, the quiz will be more immersive and exciting. Good luck in defeating what’s lurking deep inside of you!

Dark and scary quiz

This quiz is best taken on a lonely and dark night when you’re alone at home. Put on some scary baroque music and continue. A breathtaking adventure filled with riddles awaits you!

Code encryption quiz

There are some questions written in a specific code. Can you crack the code and solve the riddles this quiz has to offer? And will you be able to stay sane? There is only one way to find out!

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