The Impossible Quiz: Trick Questions

Answering all questions to this quiz correctly is impossible! Don't believe us? Then take the quiz now and prove us wrong!

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How this quiz works

Welcome to our impossible quiz!

In this quiz, you will be given 20 questions to answer. But this is no ordinary quiz; it is just impossible to succeed and answer every question correctly! Don’t believe us? Prove us wrong!

Since it’s so hard, we’ll show mercy: You may have three questions wrong. Otherwise, you lose! But there is no knowing in which questions are right or wrong! In order to succeed, you’ll have to think outside the box. Read every question and answer carefully.

Pro-tip: DON’T CHEAT! It will only take away the fun 😉

Trick questions

The questions in this quiz are all trick questions. So don’t answer them too fast without thinking! This quiz is hard, and we know it, but you’ll have to use your smarts!

Brain teasers

Brain teasers are fun, right? And we’ll bet you haven’t heard most brain teasers from this quiz before taking it! Are you ready to test your skill in thinking outside the box? Prove to everyone how smart you are by taking The Impossible Quiz: Trick Questions now!

The Impossible Quiz

So, to be honest, this quiz isn’t really impossible; it’s just very hard. Some answers might not make much sense to you, but in actuality, they do a lot.

We bet you’ll have a lot of fun with this quiz! Don’t forget to share it with your friends and watch them struggle! 😁