Quiz: Does he have a crush on me?

Does he have a crush on me?

Dive into a world of romance and longing! This quiz will help you crack the code and find out whether he's smitten with you!

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The “Does he have a crush on me?” quiz

Does he endlessly tease you or is he always there to brighten your day? The maze of love and admiration can confound even the wittiest among us!

From secret admirer to just friends, uncover his feelings for you by taking this heart-throbbing quiz.

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The intricate labyrinth of crushes

Crushes are tricky, to say the least! That pounding heart, that flutter in your belly, those stolen glances that convince you they are into you or perhaps not?

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Secret admirer

A secret admirer is someone who harbors a special inclination for you, but keeps it under wraps. Their feelings are intensely bottled up and they find sly ways to be close to you without directly revealing their affectionate sentiments.

Presently, it might be flowers on your desk, anonymous “I like you” notes, or even their lingering gaze. They might not publicly express their affection, but they look at you like you’re the only person in the room.

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Smitten kitten

Oh, the one who’s head-over-heels for you! These are the guys whose admiration for you is so evident it could be spotted from the moon. With their blushing cheeks, stolen kisses upon your hand, and their inability to say a straightforward sentence when you’re around, they’re pretty much your own love-struck puppy!

Smitten kittens will go to great lengths to make your day. Whether it’s standing up for you before your bullies, helping you with your arduous tasks, or laughing at your jokes louder than anyone else, they make their crush on you incredibly clear.

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Just friends

Just friends, ah! Here the feelings are amicable, yet platonic. The guy in question supports you, spends time with you, is always excited to hang out, yet there’s no romantic inclination, perhaps just deep friendship.

The boundary between friends and crush can sometimes blur. Still, the nuances remain - the lack of butterflies in the stomach, the absence of the irresistible need to constantly impress. This category might be a little bit disappointing for you, but it’s also a testament to the strong bond of friendship!

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Innocent crush

Ah, the innocent crush. Sweet, transient, and heart-warming. It’s the guy who thinks the world of you, but in a fleeting manner. Maybe it’s his stolen admiring glances, his sweet compliments, or even the way he listens intently when you speak.

The innocent crush is usually harmless, brief, and full of respect. It might not turn into a full-blown romance, but it’ll leave an impression of warm admiration.

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On the fence

The one who is unsure, ambivalent, dithering between friendship and romance. He enjoys your presence, your humor, the conversations with you. However, he’s not sure if it’s love, infatuation or just deep platonic connection.

Sometimes, these ones just need a nudge, a hint, or an eye-opening moment to decipher their feelings. Who knows? Maybe your quiz results will ignite the spark!

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Unrequited crush

The unreciprocated love, the longing one-sided affection. It’s the guy who likes you, but you see him just as a friend. His feelings remained bottled up, with you being clueless of his affection.

Unrequited love can be painful, sweet, and hope-filled, all at once. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions but also makes for some epic love stories.

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Are you ready to unravel his emotions?

Navigating the sea of potential crushes can seem like a mammoth task. This magical quiz is here to ease your worries and guide you along the unpredictable storm of crushing, falling, and longing.

If you’re ready to step into our romantic love lab, tighten your seatbelt! With fiery passion, sheer innocence or deep friendship, unravel what feelings he harbors for you!

Remember, no matter the result, you’re an amazing person who deserves all the love and respect in the world. And who knows? Perhaps he’s just around the corner, waiting for a sign to express how much he really likes you!

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