Do I love him?

Maybe it's love. But maybe you're just attracted to him. Take this quiz, and we'll tell you if you really love him.

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Am I in love with him?

If you have asked yourself this question recently, then it’s time to think about it. Love is a complicated thing. It’s not always easy to tell if you’re in love with him or if you just attracted to that person.

Do I really love him?

Have you ever been in love before? If not, how can you tell if you’re in love if you don’t know how it should feel like.

We’ve created this quiz to help you find out if you’re genuinely in love with him. Try to answer every question as honestly and truthfully as possible.

But please don’t take this quiz too seriously. Its primary purpose is to have fun. Don’t break up with your boyfriend only because this quiz tells you to.

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Which romantic duo are you most like?

  1. Never really thought about it
  2. Maybe Romeo and Juliet, without all the dying I guess
  3. Taylor Swift and that one guy
  4. We are totally Michelle and Barak Obama
  5. My mom and dad

What do you feel comfortable wearing around him?

  1. I usually enjoy wearing nothing around him
  2. As long as it does not have sweat stains I am okay with it
  3. There is no way he is seeing me with no makeup and just sweats on
  4. I don't usually worry about what I am wearing with him

When someone sees you daydreaming and asks what you're thinking about, what is your answer?

  1. That guy at the gym with the incredible abs
  2. I don't know, nothing in particular
  3. Him, always him
  4. Work, bills, money, ugh life

Do you find yourself reading books or watching movies, he said he liked?

  1. We don't really talk about those things
  2. I know what I like so I try to stick with those
  3. I have watched more hockey in the past year, than I had watched in my entire life combines
  4. He has some really good recommendations

He just texted and is dropping by unexpectedly. You have ten minutes, what are you doing?

  1. Finishing the episode of whatever I was watching
  2. Running around and cleaning up, I don't want him to know I am a slob just yet
  3. Looks like it is time for the world's fastest shower and makeup application

How old are you?

  1. 18-25
  2. Under 18
  3. 26-30
  4. Over 40
  5. 30-40

When you talk about your feelings, he usually...

  1. Gets a glazed look in his eyes
  2. We don't really talk about feelings much
  3. Asks me to wait until after the game is over
  4. Listens and responds meaningfully

When you make a list of his great qualities, which comes first?

  1. Have I told you about his butt yet
  2. Smart, handsome, funny, kind...this could take a while
  3. You should see him play with his puppy
  4. You should see the bracelet he bought me
  5. He is really punctual

When you go out to dinner how often are you picking between the same items?

  1. Literally every time we go out to eat
  2. If happens even once I would be surprised
  3. We don't really go out to dinner, most of our dates are post-dinner time

How many times do you say goodbye to each other before one of you actually hangs up?

  1. I am too embarrassed to say, it is a lot
  2. We usually just text one another
  3. Usually just the one time
  4. Once, I am not in high school any longer

Do you ever find yourself scrolling back through your old text messages from him?

  1. Way more than I would like to admit
  2. I have my phone set to autodelete text messages
  3. I have every message saved but I don't spend much time looking at them
  4. Only when I am looking for texts to prove him wrong

How old is he?

  1. 26-30
  2. 18-25
  3. Under 18
  4. Over 40
  5. 30-40

Do you ever catch yourself just staring at him and smiling?

  1. No that is weird
  2. I am not sure if there is a lot of smiling
  3. It's mostly just staring at his great butt
  4. Blushing right now just thinking about it

It's Friday night. What are you two doing?

  1. He'll let me know if his other plans fall through and we might hang out
  2. Probably just watching a movie and snuggling
  3. He is always finding interesting new bands or restaurants for us to go to
  4. He goes out with his friends on Fridays

Do you find yourself comparing him to an ex?

  1. Pretty frequently especially when he does something that makes me happy
  2. Never
  3. Pretty frequently especially when he does something to annoy me
  4. Sometimes, both good and bad

His favorite quality of mine is...

  1. My body
  2. My sincerity
  3. My honesty
  4. I don't really know, he doesn't talk about his feelings very much

How much do you know about him?

  1. Everything, all we do is talk
  2. He doesn't really talk about himself much
  3. The usual, his job, what school he went to, his siblings names, etc.
  4. Well, I know his first and last name

Think about him. What just popped into your head?

  1. This morning, when he texted me to just tell me to have an amazing day
  2. Our last date together
  3. I can't believe he didn't put that cup in the dishwasher
  4. His butt

How does his family feel about you?

  1. Don't know have not met them yet
  2. I think they like me
  3. He says they are not ready to meet me yet, he is trying to keep me away from the crazy
  4. His sister and I do yoga every Sunday morning
  5. No thanks, too early to have that awkward meeting

If he suggests something intimate you have not tried before, how do you react?

  1. We have not been together yet
  2. I don't think my body can bend that way, but let's give it a shot
  3. I don't think we are that comfortable with one another
  4. I don't think he would ask

How long have you been more than friends?

  1. Over a year
  2. A couple of days
  3. A little less than a year
  4. A few weeks
  5. A couple of months

How do his friends feel about you?

  1. We prefer to just spend time with each other alone
  2. They are okay, having a hard time breaking their inner circle
  3. I drink them under the table every Saturday night
  4. I think they like me

Do you share any of the same hobbies?

  1. Not at all
  2. Yes, it is how we met
  3. No, but we love to try each other's hobbies
  4. One or two
  5. Not that I have found yet
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  1. You love him!

    You shouldn't be surprised by your result.

    When you love someone as you love him, everyone knows it is love.

    You are one of the fortunate few who has found the ever-elusive love of your life.


  2. It might be time to move on

    Sometimes falling in love with someone is just not in the cards.

    It is probably time to move on, or at the very least time to realize he is not the one.

    Keep looking. You deserve to find the guy you deserve.

  3. Time will show. It's just too soon to tell, but all signs are pointing to yes

    It could be love, but it is just too soon to tell.

    In the short term, infatuation can seem a lot like love, that does not mean it is not love, but you need to be cautious.

    Give it a little bit of time and the answer will be obvious.

  4. Time will show. It's too soon to tell, but unfortunately all signs are pointing to no

    It could be love or it could be obsession; it is just too soon to tell.

    In the short-term infatuation can seem a lot like love, that does not mean it is not love, but you need to be cautious.

    Give it a little bit of time but it looks like you might not have found the one just yet.

  5. I could be love...

    You can call it infatuation or physical attraction, but it does not appear to be love.

    Love and lust both trigger the same dopamine release in your brain.

    Dopamine is that high you are feeling, which seems an awful lot like love.

    Unfortunately, that feeling will go away, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying it while it lasts.

    Just be careful that you are not making decisions you will regret a couple of months from now.

  6. He loves you, but is not in love with you

    To him, you are more like a sister or best friend.

    That doesn't mean he does not love you because he does.

    While you might be hoping for romantic love, it is just not how he thinks about you.

    While you might be a little bummed to find out he doesn't love you that way, you should be grateful that you have a friend that will be there when you need him most.

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