Find out now! Which April Fools' prank should you pull? Quiz

Which April Fools' prank should you pull?

Are you looking for the perfect prank to pull on April Fools' Day? We've got you covered!

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April Fools’ quiz

Welcome to the most mischievous quiz for all you pranksters out there!

Are you ready to discover the perfect prank to pull off this April Fools’ Day? Look no further, as **this fun-filled quiz will guide you through a series of questions to determine your perfect prank match.

From silly and harmless pranks to elaborate hoaxes, this quiz has them all.

So, grab your whoopee cushion and get ready to find out which prank will bring laughter and joy to all those around you on April Fools’ Day!

Be warned, this quiz may inspire some devious ideas, so proceed with caution.

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If you need more inspiration or aren’t satisfied with your result, just redo the quiz! There are plenty of pranks in here!

When is April Fools’ Day?

April Fools’ Day is celebrated on April 1st every year. It is a day filled with pranks, jokes and hoaxes, where people try to fool and trick their friends and loved ones.

The true origins of April Fools’ Day are a little bit mysterious. This day of hoaxes and pranks dates probably back to 1392 to Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales”, even though this is up for debate if this is the real origin.

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In some countries, such as the UK, Canada, and Australia, it is only acceptable to play pranks before noon. After that time, the prankster becomes the “fool” themselves.

Even if you don’t plan to pull any pranks, it’s good to know when to be very cautious. Your friends and family may be up for something!

Hop on to this quiz if you’re in desperate need of a prank!

Prankster persona

Are you a mischievous mastermind or a subtle trickster? Understanding your prankster persona is the first step to planning the perfect prank.

The Classic Prankster - You’re a traditionalist, and you love the classics. Whether it’s a classic whoopie cushion or fake spider, you know these tried and true pranks will always get a laugh.

The High-Tech Hacker - You’re tech-savvy and always looking for ways to incorporate technology into your pranks. From fake texts to hacked websites, you’re always one step ahead of the game.

The Creative Con-Artist - You have a wild imagination and love coming up with new and unique ways to prank others. Your creativity knows no bounds, and your friends never know what’s coming next.

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Now that you’ve chosen your prankster persona, let’s dive into finding out the perfect prank for you!

The Ultimate Prankster Checklist

To help you prepare for April Fools’ Day, here is a checklist of things every prankster should have in their arsenal:

Now that you’re all prepared for April fools’, take the quiz to know which prank to pull!

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