Which April Fools' prank should you pull?

Are you looking for the perfect prank to pull on April Fools' Day? We've got you covered!

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April Fools’ quiz

Gather, all you fools! This quiz is for you! If you’re looking for the perfect April Fool’s Day prank to pull, this quiz will be of great assistance! We’ve got mean, scary, funny, and harmless pranks in our repertoire! If you need more inspiration or aren’t satisfied with your result, just redo the quiz! There are plenty of pranks in here!

April Fools’ pranks

The true origins of April Fools’ Day are a little bit mysterious. This day of hoaxes and pranks dates probably back to 1392 to Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales”, even though this is up for debate if this is the real origin. But nevertheless, to this very day, we love to make practical jokes or create hoaxes. Especially nowadays we need fun more than ever! This quiz helps you out a lot if you’re in desperate need of a prank!

When is April Fools’ Day?

April Fools’ Day is annually on April 1st. Don’t forget that! Even if you don’t plan to pull any pranks, it’s good to know when to be very cautious. Your friends and family may be up for something!

Which kind of prank do you want to pull?

  1. A classic
  2. A harmless
  3. A brutal one!

Do you often pull pranks?

  1. Yes
  2. No

How should your prank leave your victim?

  1. Humiliated
  2. Disgusted
  3. Scared

How old are you?

  1. Younger than 15
  2. 15-25
  3. Older than 25

Do you want to teach your victim a lesson?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Who do you want to prank?

  1. Kids
  2. Teenagers
  3. Adults

Which kind of humor should your prank belong to?

  1. Mean
  2. Gross
  3. Scary

Is this prank actually for April Fools' or another day?

  1. April Fools'
  2. Halloween
  3. Another day

Describe your potential victim.

  1. Always on the computer
  2. Loves to eat
  3. Loves to drink
  4. Is really mean sometimes
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  1. Fake orange juice


    Use dried pasta and cheese powder or egg yolk and mix it with water. Just don't add anything harmful. You can also add a little bit of actual orange juice to hide the smell a little bit. Put that crazy cocktail in the orange juice container and cool it in the fridge. Now watch as your victim grabs themself a drink, which upsets their stomach.

    If your potential victim isn't much of an orange juice drinker, you can definitely come up with another recipe for their favorite drink.

    This prank is perfect if your family members or roommates tend to drink your stuff without permission!

  2. Fake shaver

    For vain victims!

    Get a recording of a shaver or download an app on your phone and surprise attack your victim with your fake razor. Act like if you actually shaved a part of their head. They will flip!

    Please, just act like you shave their head and don't actually do it with a real shaver. Firstly, you could hurt that person. Secondly, that's just mean and can even be seen as a bodily injury by law.

  3. Mailbox surprise

    Surprise attack!

    Does your victim check the mailbox regularly? Put a toy dinosaur, lizard, or rat in your mailbox. Ideally in attack position! Just don't put a real animal in there!

    Alternatively, you could send them a seemingly innocent video containing a jump scare!

  4. Fake gum

    Make them spit!

    Use Play-Doh (or anything else non-toxic) in the color of the chewing gum of your desire, try to reconstruct the stripe, and wrap it. Offer that chewing gum to your friend and make yourself ready for a scream!

    Just make sure it is really a non-toxic product you're using!

  5. Horror photo

    Surprise attack!

    Tape a darkish image of a horror clown or any other horrible creature (ideally, something you know for sure they are terrified of) at night time to the window of your victim. They will jump from fear!

  6. Good morning, darling

    Nothing better than waking up screaming, right?

    Put a creepy mask or doll on your victim's pillow, so the first thing they see is something horrible when they wake up. They'll be screaming for sure!

    Alternatively, you could also hide in their room and make creepy noises. When they finally go looking for you, JUMP SCARE!

  7. Mouse prank

    Office shenanigans!

    Tape a piece of paper over the laser of your victim's mouse! You can write a message on it or even print out something like a funny meme! Additionally, you can unplug the mouse as well! So as soon as they remove the paper, it still isn't over. You could also hide a toy spider or something similar at the end of the wire.

  8. Caramel apples?

    A not so sweet surprise!

    Instead of making actual caramel apples, use onions! This prank is perfect for kids or lovers of caramel apples. Harmless, yet fun when you see your victim's face!

  9. Mentos ice cubes

    Put a twist on the Mentos prank!

    Put Mentos in ice cubes for a victim that loves to drink their soda ice cold. Just imagine their surprised face!

    The great thing about this prank is that it happens suddenly when the ice has melted just enough for the soda to touch the Mentos. Then there will be a fountain!

  10. Cardboard schnitzel


    Pretend to cook a meal for your victim. Cut a piece of cardboard to your desired shape, coat it with breadcrumbs and serve it! Just imagine their face!

    This is perfect if your victim loves to eat and you cook for each other regularly. That way, they won't notice anything suspicious until they take their first bite!

  11. Fake chainsaw

    This may go much too far!

    First of all: Remove the chain! Otherwise, you can kill someone and go to jail! You just want to pull a prank and not hurt anybody. After that, play a psychopath and chase your victim.

    This prank may go way too far. Please, don't pull it on kids; it may traumatize them forever. Generally speaking, we'd advise against it. Especially if you don't know how to handle a chainsaw.

    Alternatively, you can just dress up as a psychopath and scare or chase your victim.

  12. Classic cake prank

    You know the drill!

    We all know this infamous prank. Serve cake to your victim, ask them to smell, and push their face into the cake.

    This prank works best if it's a creamy and not crumbly cake because it hurts less, and more stuff sticks to their face!

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